10 Questions: Chris Crawford, Republican Candidate for PWC Chairman

By Colin B.

Chris Crawford is challenging longtime incumbent Corey Stewart for the Republican nomination of the at-large position of Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Crawford is a government contractor and first time candidate.

Vote in the Republican Firehouse Primary on Saturday, April 25th 10:00AM-3:00PM  –CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR VOTING LOCATION.

1. Has Corey Stewart’s political aspirations (Rule of Law PAC in 2011, U.S. Senate in 2012, Lt. Governor in 2013) caused him to neglect his responsibilities as Prince William County Chairman?

I don’t know if his political aspirations have caused him to neglect his responsibilities or not… What I know is that when I look at the results he has produced during his time as chairman they are not what you would expect, or what is acceptable for the people of PWC. Based on the Board’s strategic plan, they are not doing well against any of the stated goals, whether it’s bringing new businesses to PWC or if it improving the schools performance on the SOL/SAT exams.

2. Would you support or oppose Prince William County Police Department officers to wear a body camera? Why or why not.

I support allowing PWC Police to wear a body camera if they wish, however, I don’t think it should be mandatory.

3. In the last decade Prince William County has become one of the most diverse communities in Virginia, is there an assimilation problem with the growing immigration population?

I see where some immigrants have successfully integrated into the community quite well, and I see where some struggle. While I am strongly against illegal immigration, I think it is critical that we ensure legal immigrants who chose to live in our great county are able to be successful members of society. I believe there are a lot of resources available to assist new immigrants with assimilating to our country, charities that provides ESL training and other kinds of support. The county’s role in this is to ensure our policies do not discriminate against legal immigrants.

4. What is your vision for the Chairman position?

First, I don’t believe that leadership is positional, I think it’s behavioral. As chairman I will work to lead the BOCS to accomplish the goals it has laid out and to ensure we constantly striving to improve the quality of life for the citizens of PWC. Having said that, I have no desire to seek any changes in the structure of the board.

5. How will Prince William County be affected should President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration move forward?

It’s hard to predict the future, but one thing that I believe will happen is that we will finally be able to get a clear picture of the reality of who is living in PWC. At this time, there is a lot of speculation, which creates uneasiness in people. As the Chairman, I would at least want to know exactly what the county is dealing with in terms of an illegal population, which at this time, we cannot seem to nail down definitively.

6. Does your faith impact your decision making process?

Of course. Anyone that attempts to say their faith doesn’t impact their decision making is either lying or doesn’t understand what faith is about… I do however find it interesting that this seems to be a question that is exclusively asked of republicans, and specifically Christian republicans… has anyone ever asked Joe Lieberman how his faith impacts his decision making? As any public servant, my actions will be guided by the rule of law and what I believe is best for the people of this county, and that fits well within the parameters of my belief system.

7. Name the top three infrastructure projects you feel need to be addressed in Prince William County within the next four years.

Route 28, Route 1, VRE to the Western side of the county.

8. How can the Board of Supervisors improve transparency in local government?

I think there are several ways to improve transparency. I’m a believer in results. One easy way to improve transparency is to publish the counties strategic plan that outlines the objectives of the Board, and show the performance against the states objectives… just like in any business, that typically has a “scorecard” that shows their performance against key metrics, the county should do the same. There is also a lot we can do with the type and frequency of communication.

9. Was there any viable alternative to the 4.5% raise in real estate taxes the Board of Supervisors and Chairman Corey Stewart voted for?

I would assume so, given they voted for a budget guidance of 1.3%… if there was no viable alternative, why would they have ever voted for the 1.3% in the first place? I’m working under the assumption they actually did some research prior to voting and not just playing games. As for specifics alternative, I am not privy to all the info the supervisors reviewed in their decisions, and can’t sight specific examples of wasteful. It think this goes back to the question of transparency.

10. How would you grade Corey Stewart’s tenure as Chairman?

I’ll leave the grading up to the voters, but when I looked at his performance it made me enter this race.



10 Questions: Brian Schoeneman, candidate for Sully District Supervisor in Fairfax County

By Colin B.

Brian Schoeneman is one of three Republican candidates running Supervisor in Fairfax County’s Sully District. Mr. Schoeneman previously served as Secretary of the Fairfax County Electoral Board and is a Maritime labor lawyer.

Sully District Republicans will meet on April 25, 2015 from 10:00AM to 3:00PM at Westfield High School to select their nominee.

1. What are your thoughts on the handling of the Greer Shooting? Do you support Chairman Bulova’s creation of a commission to reexamine the case?

I’m concerned with the handling of the Geer shooting, particularly the transparency issues. Given the heightened scrutiny involving law enforcement and the use of deadly force nationally, I would have pushed for greater transparency about the case from the beginning. This is best for both the police and the general public, because transparency – where we show the good and the bad – helps create trust. That trust is sorely lacking between the government and the citizenry and I want to help fix that.

As I understand it, Chairman Bulova’s commission is not going to look at the specific facts of the Geer case, but on general issues surrounding transparency and FCPD. I support the idea of the commission, but I am concerned about the makeup of the Board – I would have pushed for each Supervisor to be able to appoint their own representatives. 


2. You are one of the most prolific bloggers in Virginia, should you be elected to the Board of Supervisors will you continue to blog and/or comment online?

Communicating with people in the places where they communicate has been something I’ve been committed to for a long time. If elected, I expect I will continue blogging and commenting. The only question will be the amount of time I have for it. Other local electeds, like Chap Petersen and Scott Surovell, have been able to work and blog, so I expect I will too. I don’t think I’ll be doing as much national and state commentary, however.


3. What is your opinion on county officials opening meetings with an invocation?

Invocations have been traditional parts of public meetings in America for hundreds of years, predating the Revolution and the Constitution. I don’t see a need to change that tradition. 


4. What do you consider to be the sleeper issue for Sully/Fairfax that is being forgotten?

I think the biggest issue right now that few are paying attention to is redevelopment and revitalization. With so much pressure on the average taxpayer and the constant need for resources, whether for FCPS or for other priorities, we have got to expand our tax base. The best way to do that is to attract businesses to Sully, get them to locate here, and empower entrepreneurs to chose Sully to start their businesses. The county is sitting on almost 20 million square feet of unused office space and a good bit of that is in Sully District. I want to work with employers and the County to ensure we’re doing everything we can to make it easier for job creators to start businesses in Sully and to relocate existing businesses here. We need government to be in the business of getting to “yes” when it comes to job creation and economic development, not finding excuses to say no. That issue, if solved, fixes a lot of others. 


5. How would Fairfax County be impacted should President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration continue to move forward?

The immediate impact would be on FCPS. We are already obligated under the law to educate students who reside in Fairfax, regardless of their immigration status. If the President’s plan moves forward, we can expect additional students to be added to FCPS that otherwise wouldn’t be. That creates an additional burden on FCPS, not simply because of an additional student but because many of these new students need additional resources, like English as a Second Language instruction, which costs more. Since the bulk of FCPS funding (but not all) comes from the County, that puts a burden on our taxpayers to meet those needs. 


6. Define partisanship.

Partisanship is the vocal, fervent adherence to one political party or point of view. 


7. Having served as Secretary of Fairfax County’s Electoral Board, do you feel there is anything the Board of Supervisors could do to empower the Electoral Board or make them more effective?

It’s important to note that the Electoral Board is a separate entity, with separate authorities that flow from the Constitution of Virginia and the General Assembly, not the Board of Supervisors. The primary thing the Board of Supervisors can do is ensure that the Office of Elections, which the Electoral Board helps to oversee, is well-funded. Unlike many jurisdictions, Fairfax County has stepped up to the plate and been willing to do that. I intend to continue those efforts. 


8. Gaithersburg and Fairfax City Police Departments are considering the use of body cameras for their officers. Do you support such a policy for Fairfax County?

I would like to hear what FCPD and the police officer associations think about the use of body cameras. I tend to support greater transparency, but I also want to make sure that what we do balances the need for transparency with the ability of the officers to do their jobs. I need to hear the arguments for and against from the people on the ground here in Fairfax before I take a stance on this issue. 


9. Is being a county supervisor a full time or part time position? How would you approach it?

I think it’s one of those jobs that is supposed to be part-time but has more than enough work to fill a full-time job, much like my role on the Electoral Board. I would approach it like I’ve approached other jobs I’ve had that were supposed to be part-time but never actually were – you manage your time well, focus on the important things, rely on good staff to help where needed and do the best job you can. That’s what I intend to do if elected. 


10. How would you rate the performance of Fairfax County’s School Board on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the extremely poor and 10 being outstanding)?

I can’t give them a sliding scale rating, because the Board isn’t one person. It’s a lot of different people, and they do the best they can with the tools they are given. Some of the Board members are better than others. I am also concerned by the lack of staff the Board has – they don’t have staffers working for them like Supervisors do, so they are more heavily dependent on FCPS to provide them with information and analysis. 

They’ve done things I support and things I don’t support. I am committed to working with them to ensure that FCPS is properly funded, and I will do my best to respect their jurisdiction and their priorities. 

At the end of the day, my rating of their performance won’t really matter – the only thing that will is the rating the voters give them on Election Day. 

Vincent Harris Media more Pictures and VincentHarris.com

By Too Conservative

Adding some more pictures and also a link to the new website http://www.vincentharris.com 

Vincent Harris with Harris Media colleagues

Vincent Harris with Harris Media colleagues in Austin


Vincent Harris of Harris Media with LG Dan Patrick

Vincent Harris of Harris Media with LG Dan Patrick


Vincent Harris Media in Mongolia

Vincent Harris Media in Mongolia

Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media

By Too Conservative

I wanted to include some more photos from my travels these past few years. They’ve been amazing!

vincent harris ceo harris media in austin for bloomberg

Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media in Austin, Texas


Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media speaking Myanmar

Vincent Harris CEO Harris Media speaking Myanmar


Vincent Harris Media CEO with Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

Vincent Harris Media CEO with Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky


Vincent Harris of Harris Media consulting to Aung San Suu Kyii's party

Vincent Harris of Harris Media consulting to Aung San Suu Kyii's party

Vincent Harris posting again!

By Too Conservative

Vincent Harris here, the original Too Conservative. It seems like yesterday it was 10 years ago when this blog began. Wow!!!

Vince Harris/Vincent Harris

I am writing from Israel right now in the awesome city of Tel Aviv.

I know no one has posted here in a while but wanted to make sure to let everyone know what I was up too…

My company Harris Media, LLC based in Austin, Texas has been hired to work for Senator Rand Paul. We’re so excited about that.

Additionally my wife Chelsea Harris and I are loving life in Austin. We have a house in the downtown area and just absolutely love the city.

I was able to teach last semester at my alma matter, Baylor University, and continue to work towards my PhD at the University of Texas.

You can keep up with me at my personal website here: http://www.vincentharris.com or company site http://www.harrismediallc.com

Look forward to seeing y’all in Virginia soon!

What You Don’t Hear About Robin Williams’ Death

By Lloyd the Idiot

If Robin Williams were killed by a murderer by a bullet, there would be screams for more gun control.  If he were killed by a drunk driver, the populace would demand harsher sentences for drunk driving.  Yet, he died the victim of a treatable disease, and no one speaks about the cure.

Far from being a “coward’ or “selfish” as some have suggested, he is a victim of a society that ignores, if not shuns, cries for mental treatment.  As I’ve written before, it’s time for us to get past the stigma of mental illness.   Williams’ tragic death – and our loss – simply underscores the point.

The Failure of Obamacare

By Liberal Anthropologist

It is very hard to watch the manipulative and propagandistic games of President Obama in his vain attempt to salvage his reputation. Simply put, he is playing statistical games and moving goal posts. For anyone not with a vested interest in seeing him be seen as a success, the manipulations are obvious.

The original key points of the plan are not the incomplete nonsense being tried today.

1) The main point was to achieve universal coverage. 30 million uninsured was the number then. What is the number now? Slightly less? And all because of a slight change in Medicare eligibility rules that would not have been controversial then?

2) If you liked your plan, you could keep it. Lie of the year.

3) If you like your doctor you can keep him. No.

4) Premiums would go down on average. No they haven’t.

5) Each family would save 2500 a year. A joke.

Instead he touts how many people signed up under the program as if it was net new and as if it made a debt in the uninsured. And he touts cbo numbers which are based solely on the question asked and not reality.

Obamacare is a country dividing failure. Anyone who voted for it needs to be voted out of office. People need to stop defending this with games just to avoid a midterm defeat.

Responders should be prepared to show a significant decrease in the per capita uninsured. That it’s the only stat which matters. Good luck.

Top 10 Things We Should Do About Crimea

By Liberal Anthropologist

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