August 2006

Rishell Goes Bonkers

By Too Conservative

Rishell Announces Overcrowding Policy
           Manassas Park, Virginia (August 29, 2006) – Jeanette Rishell today officially announced her position on overcrowding highlighting the fact that lives are put at risk by the behavior of those who operate illegal boarding houses in our community.
           Over the past several years we have seen a decline in the enforcement of laws established to limit the number of occupants allowed to reside in homes in our community.
           “People operating unlawful boarding houses are not only taking advantage of the poorest among us, they are putting lives at risk. Local government needs new tools to fight this problem, and as Delegate, I’ll get legislation passed that criminalizes the operation of illegal boarding houses. It’s time to hold landlords accountable for putting people’s lives at risk,” Rishell stated.
           I believe that the following represent the starting points for discussion:
1.      Currently, those who run illegal boarding houses can be charge with no more than a misdemeanor. I propose that we this offense be changed to a felony with associated penalties applied. This would include increasing the current fines from a minimum of $10 to $2500; and an increase in the maximum from $1000 to $10000.
1.       I propose the establishment of a Livability Court, created as a division of Municipal Court. It would convene several days a month or more depending upon the demand. Community maintenance problems need to be taken out of the regular docket and be viewed in a context other than that of being sandwiched in between drug cases etc. It would focus on cases of non-compliance with codes and standards about housing, garbage, noise, traffic etc. It would handle quality of life issues and enhance enforcement of existing ordinances. We already have codes that prohibit occupancy beyond safe limits, that prohibit homes being subdivided, that prohibit sleeping in bathrooms, closets and so on. We need implementation that is legal.
2.      I propose complaints should be in writing and accompanied by as much documentation as possible. In this way we would take responsibility for our complaints. All written complaints will be held confidential and subject only to FOIA requests.
3.      At the same time we do this, we should study the impact of illegal immigration on our overcrowding problem to determine associated costs. This information must be given to our Congressional representatives who can then secure financial support for localities who deal with the impacts of illegal immigration on a daily basis.
Rishell has stated and will continue to stress that solutions to the overcrowding problem must be respectful of, and maintain, the integrity of the family. Â
Jeanette Rishell is a dedicated mother, grandmother and community leader who, with her husband Ed, has lived in this region for over 27 years, 11 of those in Manassas Park. Jeanette has served as Vice-Chair of the Manassas Park Electoral Board, Manassas Park director for the Committee of 100, as a member of the League of Women Voters, Unity in the Community, and as an active member of her church congregation.
The 50th House district includes Manassas City, Manassas Park, and 4 precincts in Prince William County (Parkside, Sinclair, Stonewall, and Westgate).


This is a very poorly written press release, which should not have been sent out to numerous newspapers. Rishell creates courts not found in Virginia, and comes up with crazy new ideas worthy of George Orwell…


Jim Gilmore For President..?.

By Too Conservative

Check it out here(

Would Gilmore’s entrance ruin Allen’s chances?

Bob Marshall vs. Loudoun GOP

By Loudoun Insider

Delegate Bob Marshall dropped quite a bombshell at the Dulles South CPAM meeting last night, reading the Planning Commission an opinion from the AG’s office that the CPAMs could not be voted on without an official map showing VDOT generated cost estimates for needed road improvements. He was immediately accosted by former Loudoun BOS Chair Dale Polen-Myers and Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio in the hallway, ranting that this was ridiculous and that they could then use this reasoning to stop the Route 50 traffic calming initiative.

Does anyone not believe that Bob Marshall is a conservative Republican? Apparently not by LCRC standards. What was Delgaudio doing at this hearing in such a prominent role outside of his district? Could it be the Shockey connection, who owns land in the area and are his biggest campaign supporters?

The audience of commenters was obviously stacked with developer and engineering company employees, most of whom live outside of the affected area. One of the first commenters was from Laurel, Maryland. Anyone against the CPAM is painted as a tea sipping fox hunter from the horse country.Â

Bob Marshall is a good man looking out for his constituents and asking for reasonable analysis of the future traffic impacts of huge scale development (which by the way increased from 28,000 units to 33,000 units almost overnight). The sitting Republican supervisors are pounding the last nail in their electoral coffin with this mess.

Loudoun Independent Party?

By Loudoun Insider

There is quite a bit of consternation in political circles of all stripes in Loudoun County about a unified independent slate of supervisor candidates in 2007. Both traditional political parties are worried that this would create an unknown dynamic, and special interest groups are worried that such a development could make reaching their electoral goals more difficult and uncertain.

Conventional wisdom holds that independent bids are a huge uphill battle, but Loudoun County has two established Independent supervisors in Jim Burton of the Blue Ridge District and Chairman Scott York. Both started out in the Republican Party but left over growth issues. The Republican Party is in trouble electorally over growth issues, but the Democrats seem to want to continue to commit electoral suicide by nominating left of center candidates with an over emphasis on non-local issues. LCDC Chairman Thom Beres seems overly giddy in recent quotes, while Suzanne Volpe (where’s LCRC Chairman Paul Protic?) seems totally out of touch with reality in her public professions of a Republican sweep.

Several well qualified moderate candidates are currently struggling with where to run. While the LCRC operates as a closed private club, the LCDC is more welcoming. However, Loudoun County is generally conservative and the Dems are struggling to contain their own fringe elements.

Does Scott York have big enough coattails to lead an Independent slate? Will the LCRC and LCDC move to capture the center and these candidates, or will they continue to play hard to their bases leaving the majority middle unclaimed?

President Bush and George Allen in Mt. Vernon Wednesday

By Too Conservative

Eric Lundberg, Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee has sent around information reminding us that the President will be making a joint appearance in the Mt. Vernon area late this afternoon as part of a fundraising event.Â

Eric reports that “ground zero” (I would have used a different term) will be at the intersection of Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway and Ferry Landing Road. The President is expected to arrive between 1645 and 1730 this afternoon.  Eric also reports that Democrats are planning a counter-demonstration (not clear whether it’s against Bush, Allen, both of them, or all of us).Â

If you can get away, try to be there.

UPDATE: apparently this was a bi-partisan event, with almost as many Ds as Rs out to show their support for Senator Allen and the President (that IS what the D’s were there for, isn’t it?). The blog world was well represented with such luminaries as NLS and Kenton Ngo (Kenton videotaping furiously – Kenton, lightning won’t strike twice). The Post apparently will run a story tomorrow. Apparently a good time was had by all, especially the lovely Dem lady who invited one of our stalwarts to “Go to Hell, “ sophisticated political discourse that until recently, apparently, was the sole property of our commenter MOM. The Dems seem to be trying to beat us at our own crass game. I say keep them out of such longshoreman talk and leave it for us to use on each other.

Red State Blog Project

By Too Conservative

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I want to thank for putting Too Conservative on their blog state link list.

See their favorite Republican blogs state by state here.

Stewart For Chairman

By Too Conservative

Well the Convention has come and past.

I was back in Virginia for about a week, and now I am back in Texas.

I wanted to congratulate Supervisor Stewart for winning the convention, and wish him luck into November. He has my full support, and I hope he will come on TC for a live-blog chat.

VDOT Political Influence

By Loudoun Insider

An article in the Washington Post today discusses what the development industry sees as undue political influence on the recent VDOT traffic impact study for the proposed Dulles South mega-development. I don’t know all of the details, but it seems to me that it would be expected that there would be significant oversight of the study by the VDOT brass since this was touted as a pilot project study. I also don’t believe that it would surprise anyone that adding 28,000 homes just off already congested Route 50 with minimal improvements outside of the proposed neighborhoodswould add significantly to traffic congestion regionally.

Once again this shows the inequities of the disbursement of transportation dollars in Virginia, with NoVA gettting the shaft. But it also shows that the increasing divide and venom between opposing sides of the development issue assures that any study supporting anything favorable to the other side of the debate is viewed as flawed or politically corrupted.Â

Getting truly unbiased information on this issue may be impossible, but some common sense should prevail here. Must NoVA continue to grow at an unsustainable pace to the detriment of existing citizens?

. . . And the Living is Easy.

By Too Conservative

Mitch is on vacation at the beach . Vincent is hunkering down for the full force of first semester in Texas. The Scouts are vacationing in Canada with the Youngs (actually, it’s fun to say that, but Canada is a very, very big country). Loudoun Insider – I’m not sure what he/she’s up to at the moment. But we’re all recharging our batteries before Labor Day and what looks like a very interesting political season. The Allen/Webb contest has, if polls are to be believed, tightened up, at least momentarily. The Middle East continues to be a spewing cess-pool of violence and strife that has political implications for Senate and Congressional candidates around the country, including Virginia. We now have interestingly contrasting candidates, if not a scheduled election, for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. We could use some rain and a break in the heat and humidity (although reports indicate that it’s a little better than it has been). The Blog Conference in Martinsville is scheduled for this coming weekend. It seems unlikely that I will be back in time, but if I were, I would try to convince Jaded JD that he and I should attend disguised in a Vaudeville horse’s costume. You would easily know who we are (unless some other pseudonymous bloggers try the same thing) but you wouldn’t necessarily know which end is which – we may take turns to fool those of you who assume that I am always a horse’s ass). JD is a fine gentleman of great personal dignity, so I must make the skeptical observation that it is unlikely he will go for this clever ruse that I have proposed. I tried to arrange a carpool to the event with James Young and James Martin (I strongly feel you can’t have too many Jameses in one car), but that plan also died aborning. Of course, there are severe practical problems in driving a car wearing a Vaudeville Horse costume.

Enjoy the remainder of August. If something really earth-shaking occurs, I may bestir myself to post.  Â

Pandak v. Stewart

By Too Conservative
We’re getting inquiries on today’s results in the Democratic and Republican conventions to pick nominees to succeed Chairman Sean Connaughton. I’m pretty far over the horizon, but I’ll convey what I know. (If Vincent were around, we’d be getting all the data right down to blood pressure readings from the main players). I’m very aware of the sparseness of details of this report, so I invite those who have better information to chime in in the comments.Â
My information is that Sharon Pandak, former Prince William County Attorney and Corey Stewart, Occoquan District Supervisor, each won with solid margins in their respective party conventions. I have no information about ambience or peripheral events. This will come out in the fullness of time. But I have heard that the margins for both winners were solid and that the will of each party was clear.
As mentioned in the comments in the post below, I’m somewhat surprised by Pandak’s victory. She’s well regarded personally and as an attorney, but I’ve not thought of her as having the kind of political acumen or support that would enable her to prevail in an intra-party contest that I had thought was very much headed in the direction of her Democratic opponent. Volumes could be written about what I don’t know about Democrats in any jurisdiction outside of Fairfax.Â
It will be an interesting race with clear choices in styles, experiences, outlooks and dispositions.  The irony is that Stewart will be, if past is prologue, running against the incumbent, while Pandak, who served as County attorney during a good bit of the Connaughton years, might be more of the status quo candidate. Â
Although it’s early, I’ll open an Early Bird pool. What’s your prediction about the Pendak/Stewart percentage in the election? If any independents enter the race, I’ll give everyone a chance to start over (any independent candidacies would throw off the percentages wildly). I’ll keep this early bird pool open for one week, until midnight, 26 August 2006 (One entry per person, please). Stewart and Pandak are excluded from this contest, either under their own names or pseudonymously . The winner will be my guest for lunch at a restaurant of MY choosing in Prince William. In the case of ties, I’ll choose a winner from among the most nearly correct entries by criteria that I’ll make up on the spur of the moment.  Â