October 2006

October Surprise, Part Duhhhh

By Loudoun Insider

Is John Kerry really this stupid? I’m sure everyone’s heard his uncalled for comment in regard to US servicemen – I really don’t buy the “I was making a reference to Bush” excuse. If he was referring to Bush, wouldn’t this make him just as stupid since they basically shared educational histories?Â

Regardless of what he meant by his comment, upon learning of the uproar he should have apologized immediately. Instead he has gone even more off the wall. The GOP could hardly ask for more! I am no great fan of either the Iraq conflict or Bush and the recent performance of the GOP Congress, but this will positively fire up the disillusioned GOP base. Unbelievable!

WaPo and RTD in Rare Alignment: Cataclysms to Follow

By Too Conservative

It doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s worth noting when it happens. Both the Washington Post and the Richmond Times-Dispatch have editorialized against the proposed Marshall-Newman Amendment to Virginia’s Declaration of Rights.


PS: The Post today endorsed Tom Davis (11th), Jim Moran (8th) and reiterated their previous endorsement of Frank Wolf (10th). Incumbents (other than Allen) seem to be doing fairly well over at 15th and L.

Anti-Wolf Republicans Making Waves

By Loudoun Insider

Two comments in the PEC thread refer to this so I thought we should make a topical post. A letter has been sent out blasting Frank Wolf from some unknown guy claiming that Judy Feder is not much different from Frank Wolf. Mike McHugh, the Hiedi Stirrup “campaign manager”, has also been making waves, along with Richard Falkenor, husband of LCRC official Susan Falkenor.

Ric James at the Hooda Thunk blog (love that name! now added to the blogroll) put up a good post about this here. No, this is not the ghost of the former funk singer as he explains his unfortunate moniker in an earlier post.

Frank Wolf is by far a much better alternative for 10th District Republicans, and he should be getting all of our support at this time.

Sick of the Ads Yet?

By Loudoun Insider

This is such a lame post, but I just have to say that I AM SO SICK OF ALL THE POLITICAL ADS!!! I am not exactly addicted to TV, but it is usually on in the house all the time and the volume and repetitive nature of the political ads is way past saturation level. I can’t wait for this to be over.


By Too Conservative


Finally, the October Surpise.

By Too Conservative

October is virtually down the drain and it turns out that the election-bending “surprise” will not be Osama’s head in a banker’s box lined with dry ice and bubble wrap, but rather a decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court. The new talking points for our team, from the President to Senator Allen to Rick Santorum to they guy running for dog-catcher in Dogpatch is that we’re FOR one-man/one woman marriages. It has come to that.

Yesterday in Iowa, the President previewed the new theme by describing the split NJ decision as on that “raises doubts about the institution of marriage.”  The President went on to say that traditional marriage is an institution that “must be defended.”

More marriages are threatened by men failing to put their dirty socks in the hamper than this New Jersey decision (let’s hope Viriginians don’t decide to amend our Constitution to regulate housekeeping habits). But the balloon has gone up, nothing else has worked, and you’re going to be hearing a lot about “defending marriage” from here on out to Election Day. By the middle of the coming week, Iraq will be gone, sex and corruption in Congress will be gone, fiscal responsibility issues will be gone and we’ll all be madly shadow-boxing against “activist judges” who seek to “threaten marriage.”Â

My guess is that this is one issue that can break the fall of enough Republican candidates to ensure continued control of the Senate and make things close in the House results. It’s an absolutely irresistible issue to demagogue. It will distract voters from all these other issues that have inflicted so much damage on Republican candidates. It will also tie Democrats in knots as they try to explain why the intricacies of New Jersey statutes and state constitutional provisions have little impact on any single heterosexual marriage anywhere in New Jersey or elsewhere.

So, the October Surprise arrived in the nick of time. My forecast is that Republicans hold the Senate, that GOP losses in the House will be far less than the positively giddy MSM have talked themselves into, that there will be no losses in the Virginia GOP Congressional delegation (including Drake and Allen) and that Marshall-Newman (the “Defense of Marriage” amendment) will pass by about 2,000,000 to 2. (Judge Wikinson and I being the only constitutional conservatives around whose marriages are apparently not threatened by anything that a constitution can control.)Â

Glad we dodged that bullet. On to victory in 2008.

Drudge Piling on Webb

By Loudoun Insider

For whatever reason (I should) I seldom check out the Drudge Report. An astute reader suggested I highlight his latest reporting on Jim Webb dealing with his literary past. I find it difficult to bash people for writing fiction, but some of this stuff is pretty far-out and you have to wonder where the ideas come from.Â

There was a lot of hay made about Webb’s recent appearance with Bill Clinton since Webb had criticized him in the past, but Webb’s sexually charged writing and his three marriages may suggest that they have a bit more in common than we all realize!

Please Vote In Two Tuesdays

By Too Conservative

Hope everyone has been doing well. I have been busy with Baylor Homecoming, Student Government, Homework, and outside activities.

Just wanted to drop in and give my two-sense on some races in Virginia, as well as discuss alittle more about the gubernatorial race in Texas.

Northern Virginian’s must re-elect Congressmen Tom Davis, and Frank Wolf. My Congressman, Mr. Wolf, has consistently served the citizens of the Tenth Congressional District as a fiscal and social conservative in Congress. He has helped the traffic problem, and has spoken out against attrocities around the world. His opponent has shown her vision is not in line with residents spanning Winchester to McLean. Those in Virginia’s 10th Congressional, vote Wolf.

Congressman Tom Davis represents the Republican party in Northern Virginia. It is imperative that he wins with a hefty margin to continue holding the line in Fairfax County. We can not afford Davis to be within a 5% margin. While I have nothing against opponent Andy Hurst, Davis is often times a lone voice fighting for the views of all those living in NOVA. Conservatives, and moderates need to unite behind him to ensure a victory. Those in Virginia’s 11th Congressional, vote Davis.

Virginia’s Senate race is being talked about all across Texas. While I am not the largest fan of Senator Allen, his record of serving Virginia is without comparison. He must be re-elected to the Senate to ensure a Republican majority. James Webb left his “moderate” label months ago, and continues pressing negative pointless attacks on Mr.Allen. Those across Virginia, vote Allen.

In the Texas governor’s race, only one person stands a chance on beating incumbent Republican Rick Perry(he’s also an Aggie). Current Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has shown she is fiscally conservative while understanding Texas schools need funding. She stands in opposition to the Trans-Texas Corridor, and wishes to reform many of the broken policies in Austin. She has the money, and name recognition necessary to win. For those in Texas, vote Strayhorn.

In my new Congressional District, incumbent Congressman Chet “Cheat” Edwards has shown he can not be trusted. Having personally heard him speak the “moderate line” in this 67%-Bush district, then vote with Pelosi in D.C., it is time for a change. Only conservative Iraq war veteran Van Taylor can provide that change. For those in Texas’ 17th Congressional, vote Taylor.

I hope everyone remembers to vote in two tuesdays.

Cut and Stroll?

By Too Conservative

I’ve been travelling a fair piece from Virginia this week and will be some of next. I don’t know whether to feel deprived or blessed that I’m missing the two weeks running up to the Elections. I don’t watch much television even when I’m home, but I’m sure one advantage of being a few time zones away is that I’m missing a lot of negative adverts.Â

Thanks to the time difference, I did have the advantage of watching President Bush’s appearance early this this morning before going to work.  The tone and content showed far more candor and publicly-revealed situational awareness than I have ever seen out of the civilian side of the Administration. It seems to be an inescapable facet of modern staff-work that this President always is getting hobbled by semantic burdens (“timetables” are bad, “benchmarks” are good, and the two should never be confused). Our definition of conditions of “victory” now seem to have shifted to a “self-sustaining” Iraqi government (we’re giving up on New England-style town meetings, I think).  Gone were what our friend, James Atticus Bowden, frequently and aptly refers to as “Wilsonian” riffs that drive a lot of us nuts in the Iraqi context.Â

This kind of talk would have meant much more if it had come a long time ago, particularly not two weeks before an election that seems to be going badly. The people around the president, people who have given him appallingly bad advice for approximately five years (anything post-November 2001), apparently have decided (long after most of the rest of us) that when all the hype and spin about this adventure fails, a little candor may be the only option available. I must say I prefer governments that start from that position, rather than those that end up there after all else has failed to bedazzle the electorate.

It will be interesting (and possibly amusing) to watch the candidates, particularly the ones who barked and clapped like trained seals in the early days of the Iraqi excursion and in the early days of this campaign, try to conform to the signal the President was sending today about how to talk about what is a very difficult issue with no easy solutions.   (The e- blast talking points aren’t as simple as hurling “cut and run” at your opponent).Â

Thirty minutes of relatively straight talk from the President isn’t a policy and it isn’t a cure, but it is, like the joke about 200 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, a good start.

PS: Now that I’m in a place where I’ve got some connectivity, I see that our colleague, Loudoun Insider, kicked off a great chain on this subject (last week’s casualties in Iraq). A lot of sincere, thoughtful comments. For those who expressed amazement that Republicans (gasp!) could have a thoughtful dialogue on this subject, be assured that there is a vigorous debate on this among us.  Iraq isn’t a reflection of Republican principles, it’s a case study in echo-chambered group think, hugely amateurish intelligence analysis, macho posturing, poor planning, incoherent geopolitical sensibilities, and general incompetence.  Democrats and Republicans ought to come to the issue with a view to helping the country get through with minimal long-term damage. I fear that if we have the predicted major realignments in the Congress, the resulting focus will be a retrospective blamefest between now and 2008, rather than the best minds of both parties trying to find programs and policies that best serve the interests of the Republic.

Maryland Races

By Loudoun Insider

Our generally liberal neighbor to the north is getting very interesting politically. Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley (D) continues to poll ahead of Governor Bob Ehrlich (R) but not by much, interesting to say the least in a state where Dems outnumber Republicans 2:1. In a move even more amazing than their endorsement of Frank Wolf, The WaPo just endorsed Ehrlich for a second term. With O’Malley such a darling of the left I find this almost unbelievable.

The Michael Steele (R, current Lt. Governor) vs. Ben Cardin (D, longtime congressman) race has polled as a dead heat recently, and has taken center stage nationally with the Rush Limbaugh vs. Michael J. Fox conflagration. Even if Limbaugh’s allegations have any validity this was a stupid move on his part and one that will not help Steele. Mr. Oxycontin vs. Alex P. Keaton? No contest.