November 2007

Saxman To Announce Intentions At Advance

By Too Conservative

I’ve gotten a preview schedule of Saturday at the advance:

4:30 pm           John Hager – Welcome

·       Welcome to the official Republican Party of Virginia Presidential Straw Poll. We are looking forward to hearing from representatives from some of the presidential campaigns. Before we begin I would like to give 2 of our great Party leaders time to address the crowd….


4:35 pm           Jim Gilmore – Remarks


4:40 pm           Chris Saxman – Remarks

Chris is the last speaker before the Presidential surrogates go on.


Jim Gilmore followed by Chris Saxman…what could this mean???


By Too Conservative


I am going to be running around for the next couple of days and probably won’t get to post alot.

Tomorrow Gov. Huckabee’s wife Janet will be attending the Advance and will also speak before the Straw Poll on Saturday.

I hope many of y’all will get to meet and speak with her over the weekend.

I’ll be at the Advance both days and will be updating my Twitter page with thoughts and happenings.

My page is here:

Today’s WaPo

By Loudoun Insider

Quite a few stories of interest today for northern Virginia politics:

A surprisingly fair profile of Corey Stewart leads the Metro section.

The idotic proposal to have Republican Presidential Primary voters sign a pledge continues to get bad press. It looks like this was the brainchild of Charlie Judd, probably acting at the behest of Ken Cuccinelli. This is just so pig-headed and worthless to boot. Judd even admits that its only a piece of paper with no enforcement mechanism. So why do it in the first place? It’s just another impediment to voting and a sign that the GOP doesn’t trust anyone. Brilliant PR move guys.

The Loudoun schools operating budget has to go up at twice the rate of growth plus inflation according to Herr Hatrick. No big surprise there.

Television Abominations!!!

By Loudoun Insider

I try to watch as llittle TV as possible, but will readily admit that I love certain shows and never miss them. 24, The Shield, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm are all can’t miss shows. After catching some of last night’s Dancing With the Stars finale (to see what the big deal was, which still eludes me), I really thought I could never burn my retinas to such a crisp again.  That is until tonight when I caught the grating Celine Dion butchering “Merry Christmas” (the old chestnuts roasting tune – not sure if that’s the proper title) and Heart’s “Alone” in some kind of psychotic medley. How far our society has indeed fallen is just far too evident in our prime time televeision viewing options. My ears and eyes may never fully recover!

More Lawsuit Threats and the State of Blog Law

By Loudoun Insider

It just keeps coming. I was recently informed via email that myself and others will be sued unless we treat this person with “respect and fairness”. I only keep this person’s name out of this post due to Vincent’s wishes to do so, and ask that all commenters with any guesses as to this person’s identity do so as well.Â

If this were my site entirely I would relish the opportunity to take this person on in defense of free speech. I can say whatever I want about this person as long as it is truthful or simply stated as my opinion. I have absolutely no qualms about anything I have ever written here. I believe I have been fair to everyone, and any who disagree have the ability to respond. As far as respect goes, that is earned and I have no requirement to give it to anyone I don’t respect, as it is their right to do the same to me.Â

Glenn Reynolds, the blogger known as InstaPundit, recently published an interesting article in the Washington University Law Review, that I noticed at BVBL, entitled “Libel in the Blogosphere: Some Preliminary Thoughts”. You can download a free copy of the article here. It makes for interesting reading and further cements my already well established (and multiple lawyer-informed) belief that anyone making any charges against this site are absolutely wasting their time and the courts’ time.

A Couple Things

By Too Conservative

Just returned from Lynchburg where Gov. Huckabee was well received by Liberty University students and staff. He also won the backing of Jerry Falwell Jr.

The Shad Planking blog looks into what’s at stake for Gov. Jim Gilmore this upcoming weekend.

Sean Taylor and the State of Our Society

By Loudoun Insider

As I head out to a funeral due to a death by natural causes, I’m thinking about the Sean Taylor tragedy. By all accounts this formerly rambunctious football player had really turned his life around and became a real leader of the Redskins. His talent was always undeniable, but his attitude was initially a problem. The birth of his daughter seemed to really point him in the right direction, and it is fortunate that so many got to see the good side of him these last couple years.

Something tells me when they find the scumbag who did this, he’ll have quite the lengthy rap sheet. We are still far too lenient on violent criminals in this country. I continue to be sickened when hearing of the criminal histories of repeat offenders. A large proportion of felonies continue to be committed by a small seemingly unrehabilitatable cadre of violent thugs. These people need to be systematically weeded from our society and put away for good.

LCRC Meeting

By Loudoun Insider

Was really not all that exciting. Paul Protic annoounced that he will not seek another term as Chairman, then there were a lot of post-election statements from various factions of the party. Ric James at Hooda Thunk has a very good synopsis of the meeting up (link here). There were a lot of pleas for unity, but also a lot of jabs at various factions.

I am not sure what to make of the next few months until the mass meeting to reconstitute the committee, which is tentaively scheduled for March 15, 2008. It is obvious that the current leadership is sticking around and the upper echelons of the party have no desire to step in and effect immediate change. This gives me no real hope for systemic change in the LCRC. I know far too many disaffected Republicans who will go nowhere near this committee as long as things remain the same.Â

Hopefully the current leadership learned its lesson with the Convention Call fiasco and conducts itself with integrity and fairness in putting together the call and rules for the upcoming mass meeting. I suggest that Suzanne Volpe have absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming mass meeting for starters. All I and many others ever wanted was a fair and level playing field. What has gotten this committee in so much trouble has been the manipulation and decipt of its so-called leaders.Â

Chris Saxman: A New Face for the VA GOP

By Too Conservative

With the reluctance of Congressman Tom Davis to run for Senate I took another look at Governor Jim Gilmore. I talked to party officials about him, elected republicans, and checked out his policy positions more closely. I also want to commend the Governor’s staff for being incredibly “new media” friendly. They have been very receptive over email. His e-media friendly website can be found here.

At the end of the day I still do not believe Governor Gilmore can be elected to the Senate against Mark Warner. We need a new visionary and a new leader. There’s been great buzz about a looming candidacy of Delegate Chris Saxman(R-Staunton) that I wanted to take the time to look further into. Saxman graduated from Washington and Lee University and is now General Manager of Shenandoah Water. He’s a devout Catholic who is solidly pro-life(something I have yet to hear Gov. Gilmore‘s people state about Jim) but he is not an angry conservative. On issues he is equally, if not more conservative than Gov. Gilmore but he lacks the baggage that Gilmore has left over from his term as Governor.

Saxman is pragmatic. Looking at his past endorsements for statewide candidates it becomes apparent that he wants the party to win.

Conservative bloggers should watch for Saxman‘s ascendency. He is shrewd, likable, and can serve as a much needed new face for the Virginia GOP.

The advance should provide a great opportunity for the party to begin taking his “potential” candidacy seriously.

Readers of TC…please use the comment section to tell me why the party should NOT take a chance on Chris Saxman.

Interesting Week To Come

By Too Conservative

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

I am in the state for a couple weeks coordinating Governor Huckabee‘s petition drive in NOVA. If anyone wants to help please shoot me an e-mail to vincent dot harris

It’s bound to be an exciting week ahead. I’ll be at the LCRC meeting tomorrow and on Wednesday will be down in Lynchburg for a big event(details forthcoming) and then will be back up in NOVA with Lauren Huckabee(the daughter in law) of the Governor to attend a debate watching party at Whitlow’s on Wilson. If anyone wants to come out it begins at 7:00 PM.

I’ve heard that there will be some big moves this week dealing with the race to clinch the GOP Senate nomination. Look for a challenger to Gilmore to fully arise early this week….

This weekend is also the GOP Advance which will lend itself to some great blogging material.

Loudoun Insider and I are looking for some anyone wanting to join TC from Fairfax or PWC to shoot me an e-mail at and cc . Anonymity is guaranteed.

So check back throughout the week for some great updates!