September 2008

Connolly’s anti-Catholic Campaign Backfiring

By VA Blogger

The D.C. Examiner takes it to Connolly for his and the DCCC’s rampant Catholic-bashing campaign. What a shameful, un-American campaign this crook has tried to run. Absolutely disgusting.

Highlights from the Fimian/Connolly Debate

By VA Blogger

A good recap posted here, by Citizen Tom. Much better than the obviously one-sided accounts I’ve seen that could have been written before the debate with how little substance and how much vitriol they’re written with.

Apparently a video is pending. When it’s availible, I’ll make sure to post it or link to it.

UPDATE: Another take from the Fairfax Times.

Gerry Connolly Ducks Another Debate

By VA Blogger

What the hell is this guy hiding from? Questions how he drove the Fairfax County Budget to a $430 Million shortfall, or questions on why crime in Fairfax increased by 12% under his watch and we haven’t heard a word from him about it? Or maybe he’s scared that someone will ask him, as a Catholic, how he can stand by the DCCC ads and print mailers smearing Keith Fimian’s Catholicism.

I’m glad to see Fimian taking the fight to Connolly, on people’s doorsteps if necessary. Connolly runs Fairfax like Richard Daley runs Chicago, and it’s about time someone invests the money and energy into hitting him hard.

What is Sharon Bulova running for again?

By VA Blogger

I was passed along Sharon Bulova’s latest fundraising letter, along with a donation envelope. Officially, its for her re-election three years from now, but Bulova is looking to run to replace her political mentor, Boss Connolly, as Chairman if Connolly is elected to Congress. At first glance, everything is in order:

But take a closer look at the fine print at the bottom:

We already knew Bulova would have trouble raising money while she desperately tries to explain how her tenure as Budget Chairman has led to a $430 million shortfall, the worst budget crisis in recent county history, despite having just raised taxes on residents. But she’s limiting herself to $2,300 a donation and refusing to take money from corporations too? That’s just not smart campaign strategy.

Of course, the reason why this error was made is because she likely just copied-and-pasted her donation materials from her mentor, Gerry Connolly, just as she aims to copy-and-paste his failed strategies that led to the budget crisis we’re currently in as Chairman. If this is the kind of keen eye for detail that Bulova lacks when she’s minding her own campaign, how can we trust her with the finer points of a massive budget that needs overhauled without just resorting to more massive tax hikes?

Why a primary over a convention?

By VA Blogger

There are several reasons. First and foremost, a primary encourages the party to seek out beyond it’s narrow parameters and get more people involved. The bigger our party, the bigger our mandate. The smaller our party, the bigger the Democrat’s mandate. We cannot win on the strength of hardcore conservatives alone, and excluding everybody but from the process gives the Democrats a head start.

Second, running a statewide campaign is more difficult than it sounds, and folks like Ken Cuccinelli, John Brownlee, and Dave Foster would do themselves well for a “pre-season”, if you will, of running a full statewide campaign with a full statewide vote before going into the general election. Preparing the organization now for a statewide primary means that you will already have a well-oiled machine in place if you’re the eventual nominee.


Obama Plagarizing Again

By VA Blogger

Lost in all the kerfuffle over the “lipstick on a pig” comments is something much more interesting.

From Obama’s speech last night:

John McCain says he’s about change too. Exce- and and so I guess his whole angle is – watch out, George Bush – except for economic policy, healthcare policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl-Rove-style politics, we’re really gonna shake things up in Washington.

A Tom Toles editorial cartoon published five days ago:

Practically word for word. (h/t Virtucon)


By VA Blogger

Not so much.

Obama did not call Sarah Palin a pig, per Marc Ambinder.

And Mike Huckabee as well, per On Call.

Let’s move on, people.

This is change we can believe in?

By VA Blogger

Times must be tough over at the Obama camp. Their brilliant strategy of a 75,000-attended acceptance speech was overshadowed by an even more brilliant strategy of picking Sarah Palin the very next morning. Then Palin turns around and gets as many people to tune into her as Obama. If that wasn’t enough, Palin is helping McCain and the RNC raise a tremendous amount of money as the Republican Party re-energizes around their ticket, while Obama is having trouble meeting his fundraising goals. And poll after poll now shows McCain leading Obama.

But Obama, halfway through his freshman term in Washington, has learned when you’re on the ropes, nothing works better than a little political expediency. Marc Ambinder reports:

After of year of telling donors not to contribute to 527 groups, of encouraging strategists not to form them and of suggesting that outside messaging efforts would not be welcome in Obama’s Democratic Party, Obama’s strategists have changed their approach.

Just like Obama once believed that public financing was a way to maintain the integrity of elections in America until it proved to be a practical liability, Obama now is signaling that 527 groups like and their “General Betray Us” tactics are exactly what Obama needs and wants in his Democratic Party.

Partisan Democrats, of course, will cheer this decision and pundits will talk again about how Obama made the right political decision by breaking yet another pledge. And I don’t begrudge the Junior Senator one bit for using the same tactics that have been used in elections past by both parties in an effort to tear down the other side. But can he please stop yammering about being “post-partisan” and changing Washington?

The RPV paid $80K for this??

By VA Blogger

It’s not a terrible ad, but Jim Gilmore’s first entry is far, far from a game-changer (let alone the pathetic $80K buy), and facing a 20- to 30-point deficit in the polls, that’s what he needs.

But more to the point, why is the RPV and not Jim Gilmore paying for this? First of all, why does Jim Gilmore not have any money to even put a meager $80K behind a statewide ad? Was he planning on doing any TV advertising? If things are this bad, the 3rd Quarter fundraising reports should be very telling.

But if you’re sitting in RPV headquarters and you have a candidate who’s trailing by more than twenty points in the polls, who every prognosticator says will likely lose, and who can’t even afford their own paid media, who makes that decision to sign a check for over half of your current account balance for their cause? What’s the return they’re expecting with this? To make Jim Gilmore and his handful of supporters happy?

suppose it’s possible that the RPV has significantly more than the $142,000 that they had two months ago, but given their brilliant fundraising pleas and propensity to hold money-losing fundraisers, I’m not that optimistic. And if they’re wasting their money on supporting losing candidates who can’t support themselves, I don’t know why anyone would give them money in the future.

McCain 54%, Obama 44%

By VA Blogger

If we’re being honest for a second, I think the USA Today/Gallup poll will be an outlier, like the poll a few months back that showed Obama with a 15 point lead. However, there’s absolutely no doubt that the GOP Convention—and McCain’s pick of Palin—did exactly what they needed to do in shaking up the race from the inevitable loss John McCain was facing. Consider:

McCain has narrowed Obama’s wide advantage on handling the economy, by far the electorate’s top issue. Before the GOP convention, Obama was favored by 19 points; now he’s favored by 3.

Combined with McCain’s dominance of Obama in the polls on matters of national security and Iraq and you have a country that likes Barack Obama but trusts John McCain.

Now, a lot can and will happen in 60 days. McCain needs to do well at the debates, we need to hope another shoe doesn’t drop about Palin that causes another week of bad coverage, and our vaunted GOTV effort needs to be on par despite a slightly depressed base. From everything I’ve seen of McCain’s campaign locally, that shouldn’t be a problem. And finally, McCain needs to pick up Michigan or Pennsylvania. I just don’t see him winning the election without it.

Still, McCain has accomplished what no other Republican running for President could after the public’s disdain for the Bush years. With less than sixty days left, we have more than just hope for victory; we have a fighting chance. Let’s make it happen.