October 2008

Hey Riley…

By VA Blogger

Just wait until the real reason IS revealed (and it will be.) All will become clear then.

If there really is something on Mark Warner (which you have implied or explicitly stated exists here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, at least)…

Wouldn’t now be a good time to release it?

Anne Barth & the DCCC

By VA Blogger

I just saw an ad for Anne Barth paid for by the DCCC, running against Shelley Moore Capito in the 2nd District. Of West Virginia.

Sure, this Charlestown-based seat extends across the entire West Virginia panhandle to Harper’s Ferry, and I know the DCCC has some extra coin to spend, but dropping it in D.C.’s market for that campaign is an interesting tactic if it’s not a mistake.

I bet Judy Feder wishes the DCCC would spend that kind of money (or rather, any kind of money) on her race.

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) Guilty

By VA Blogger

Neat-o gang.

Update: This is why they pay Chris Cillizza the big bucks: “Corruption Conviction of Sen. Stevens Enhances Democrats’ Prospects”

(I kid because I love.)

An open comment to would-be journalists

By VA Blogger

Please learn the distinction between real investigative inquiry and small-minded, pathetic “Gotcha!” ambushing of public officials. If a politican doesn’t pay attention to you or answer your question, it’s not because he’s hiding the truth; it’s because you’ve demonstrated with your actions that you’re not worth acknowledgement. The ability to hold a camera and lack a sense of shame at the same time does not entitle you to anything.

Instances like this and this are the YouTube comments of political discourse.

The ad we’ve been waiting for

By VA Blogger

This is the ad that Gary Baise should have run if he could have raised two quarters to rub together, and the ad we should have been seeing about Gerry Connolly for months. It’s what we in the blogosphere already knew about Connolly, but what the residents of Fairfax are blissfully unaware of.

I love the tagline: Too corrupt, even for Congress. If that doesn’t strike the angry populist theme, nothing does.

DCCC disses Judy Feder again

By VA Blogger

The DCCC, reaping the spoils of an upcoming wave in 2008, have a lot of money to spend and a lot of places to spend it. The Swing State Project has a good overview of expenditures by Congressional races. There are some eyebrow raising plays here, targeting incumbents in what were once thought to be safe districts like Mark Souder in IN 3, Lee Terry in NE 2, and Henry Brown in SC 1.

In Virginia, the DCCC is investing in VA 11 and VA 2, where you’d expect, and making a strong play with $250K in VA 5. However, notably absent on their list of investments is Judy Feder in VA 10. Looking through this list (also courtesy of SSP), there are plenty of candidates who have raised more than Feder facing incumbents who have more money than Frank Wolf, so it can’t be a matter of finances.

It looks as if the DCCC has no confidence in the Feder campaign, and believes that SC 1 is a more likely pick-up than VA 10. With the DCCC hoping for a wave election, even they realize that Frank Wolf’s long record of great constituent service and independent mindedness makes him impervious to political winds.

Is Capitalism Dead?

By VA Blogger

Excellent—and surprising—editorial from the desk of the Washington Post, rebutting the claims of those who are only too happy about the financial crisis in order to blame free market ideology for our woes without quite realizing, as the sub-title of the editorial points out: The market that failed was not exactly free.

I don’t always get along with WaPo, but their rationality on the economy (see Sebastian Mallaby’s op-ed “Blaming Deregulation”) and free trade—and their willingness to take the kid gloves off when addressing Democrats on these issues—continue to be huge silver lining to their other tendencies.

On the association game

By VA Blogger

Calling, comparing, or associating Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden is distasteful and wrong for any rational person, let alone an elected official and a party leader. Jeff Frederick’s comments should be rebuked by anyone who hears them.

Along the same lines, calling, comparing, or associating Bob McDonnell with the Taliban is as equally distasteful and wrong, and should be rebuked by any rational person. Are we really going to compare the Attorney General of Virginia to brutal warlords who committed who knows how many human rights atrocities because you don’t like his political ideology?

Anybody who refers to the Republican nominee for Governor as “Taliban Bob” is as worthless to political discourse as Jeff Frederick. Anyone disagree?