May 2009

The Aftermath

By Loudoun Insider

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Patrick Muldoon, Complete Ass

By VA Blogger

Everyone has the right to run, but you have to recognize when you don’t stand a chance of winning. And when that happens, you don’t spend your entire 10 minute speech completely bashing the eventual nominee.

Long-shot candidacies are meant to showcase issues and bring attention to items that can get lost in the course of a campaign, like the Independent Green Party and their support of light rail. It takes a complete ass to use it to launch a nasty smear campaign against a widely respected statewide office holder and Bob McDonnell’s ticketmate.

Thank God this is the last time we’ll have to deal with his pathetic campaign.

McAuliffe and Negative Campaigning

By VA Blogger

Terry McAuliffe sent out a mailer full of reported facts that reflect negatively on Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran. This brought on a debate from Deeds and Moran supporters on how T-Mac claims to be the “positive” candidate but “attacks” his opposing candidates, resulting in the following responses from McAuliffe supporters:

Ben Tribbett:

I’m outraged at people calling the T-Mac mailer negative. Since when are facts like money raised or votes taken negative?

Lowell Feld:

Aside from whining about supposed “attacks,” can anyone point to statements in Terry’s mailing that are factually inaccurate? If not, then by definition they can’t be “attacks,” unless you believe that your candidate’s own record is somehow bad.

I find Lowell’s comments the most interesting, given how long he’s been trying to sell McAuliffe. T-Mac, for his part, has taken a very subjective view of his own record:

His time as Bill Clinton’s fundraiser, including selling the Lincoln bedroom to the richest donors? Not relevant.

His time as DNC Chairman, cozying up with Wall Street investors and corporate megadonors? Not relevant.

So what is relevant? Apparently, it’s only his record as a businessman, and his ability to create jobs (though none of them have ever been created in Virginia). Oh, but his investment in Global Crossing, a company he made millions off of before more than ten thousand employees lost their jobs? Not relevant.


Don’t Forget About Cooch, Safa Group, and Faisal Gill

By Loudoun Insider

The voters in November sure won’t.

My final thought on the flawed candidacy of Ken Cuccinelli for ATTORNEY GENERAL of Virginia.

The Safa Group is a close knit group of businesses that were raided several times by federal agents, producing evidence that led to the prosecution of several terrorists (just Google “Safa Group” to see what I’m talking about if you’re unfamiliar).  They were big political donors on the national, state and local scene.  Cuccinelli was the number two receiver of Safa funds in Virginia, behind his good pal, fellow whack-job Dick Black, who introduced him to these people.  Both professed their devotion to these radicals in this WaPo article.  George W. Bush, Hillary Cllinton, and even ethically challenged Jim Moran returned their Safa Group donations after disturbing information came out.  But not Cuccinelli.  In fact he just received money again from them last reporting period.

And don’t forget the ridiculous Faisal Gill fiasco of 2007, when he bussed in scores of non-English speaking Pakistanis to win a horribly flawed convention from Julie Lucas.  Gill had a long history of strange alliances, including working for a convicted terrorist currently in federal prison for trying to provide money for a hit named Abdurahman Alamoudi.  BVBL discussed the Faisal Gill affair here, and the aftermath of that convention here.  BVBL has a wealth of information on Gill, as does Google.  Cuccinelli was a HUGE Gill supporter, and is even mentioned in Gill’s Wikipedia entry.  Horrible judgment for someone who expects to be Attorney General.

Let the chants of racism begin!  I have absolutely nothing against law abiding mainstream Muslims, but I would never want to be a candidate running for Attorney General with these types of connections.  No thanks.  if you don’t think the Dems will use this stuff to good effect, you’re simply out of your mind.

Anybody But Cuccinelli.

Who “must” we nominate for AG?

By VA Blogger

It’s been far too long, but Bwana has a new post over at RR endorsing Cuccinelli and going over his thoughts on the convention.

Speaking of Bwana, I just got an email from John Brownlee telling me that we “must” nominate a prosecutor or else we’re certain to lose, and it reminded me of a comment Bwana made in my Dave Foster endorsement thread (I took the liberty of making cosmetic changes):

Last six AGs were Bob McDonnell, Jerry Kilgore, Mark Earley, Jim Gilmore, Mary Sue Terry, and Gerald Baliles.

The only one who came to the position of AG from a prosecutor position was Gilmore, and that was an elected position in a populous county [Henrico County].

McDonnell, Earley, Terry, and Baliles came to office from the General Assembly, and that was where the focus of their experience lay, not in the role of a local assistant prosecutor/ Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I believe if you continue the string, you don’t find a Virginia AG who had been the primary prosecutor in any jurisdiction until you get to Albertis Harrison (elected in 1961).

There has been a variety of “experiences” that the VA AG has brought to office, and I suggest the lack of bigtime prosecutorial experience never been an obstacle to winning the office.

As prevalent as the common thread of being a prosecutor is, previous electoral experience is also as common, with only Jerry Kilgore winning the AG spot without it. Kilgore was an assistant U.S. Attorney, but won the election based on his prominence as Director of Public Safety in the Allen Administration. Incidentally, John Brownlee is the only candidate for Attorney General on either side with no prior electoral experience.

Maybe we “must” nominate someone with prior electoral experience for Attorney General?

Sups Kick the School Board’s Ass

By Loudoun Insider

So, the School Board wanted a showdown, huh?  Well they wanted one and got it, losing 8-1 and strongly in the court of public opinion as the crummy Wheatland deal goes down in flames.  Here are the Leesburg Today and LTM stories.  Soon to be former School Board members DuPree, Bergel, Marshall, and Reed were on hand to witness the smackdown.  They were even derided by their former prime Wheatland backer on the BOS, Sally Kurtz, for having the gall to sign amended contracts after she told them there was virtually no support from the BOS to move forward.  Like I said, they wanted this smackdown for whatever reason.  It reeks of self flagellation.  They really should have their heads examined.

An Important Distinction

By VA Blogger

WaPo corrects itself:

A May 22 editorial on Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary incorrectly stated that Terry R. McAuliffe had described himself as a “huckster.” In his autobiography, Mr. McAuliffe described himself as a “hustler.”

hus-tler [huhs-ler] (n):
1. an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.
2. Slang. a person who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money; swindler.

I wonder which one Terry McAuliffe was calling himself, and which one everyone else thinks he is.

(h/t Del. Bob Brink)

Skanky RoboCalls Arrive As Expected From The Coochies

By Loudoun Insider

I haven’t received one yet, but have heard from many who have.  Salem Republican describes it well here.

Oh yeah, these people are the real conservatives with morals and ethics.  Bullshit.  And people wonder why I don’t like these types of pseudo-conservatives.  They’re scumbags out for themselves and their heros like Cuccinelli.

Truly disgusting, but absolutely predictable from this crowd.

UPDATE:  The Star City Harbinger has the audio here.

Paranoid Cuccinelli is Unelectable as AG

By Loudoun Insider

Check out this video someone just sent me of Cuccinelli at one of the debates saying he doesn’t want to get his son a Social Security number because “it is being used to track you”.  And this guy wants to be ATTORNEY GENERAL???  Are you kidding me?  A black helicopter conspiracy theorist as AG?  That won’t go over well with a majority of voters, I can assure you.  Especially for an Attorney General race.  Cuccinelli cannot be the GOP AG nominee if we want to win this one.

What Kind Of Lawyer Is Cuccinelli?

By Loudoun Insider

Not just as in type as in specialty, but how good is he?  We hear all the time that he’s a patent attorney, something he shares with fellow uber-conservative candidate Patrick Muldoon (what is it with patent attorneys?).  I’ve received some info here and there on odd cases he’s been involved with, but haven’t had the time to pull together details.

This is an important issue – an all encompassing one for the office he’s running for.  All we ever hear from his fanatical supporters is what a great conservative “Ken” is.  That’s fine for a legislator, who doesn’t even have to be an attorney.  But if you’re running for ATTORNEY GENERAL of Virginia, you better be at the top of your profession as an attorney.

Virginia Qui Tam Law blog has put out good information in the past about the respective legal records of the GOP AG candidates.  And comes out with a ringing thorough endorsement of John Brownlee here

Use this post to expound and expand upon Cuccinelli’s legal expertise and record.  To those who have sent me info in the past – here’s your opportunity to get it out to a wider audience.  Everything needs to be on the table in this last week.