June 2009

The Ricci Case

By Loudoun Insider

I really feel for those who were screwed by obvious reverse discrimination.  I simply cannot believe that four Supreme Court justices could be so blinded by racial politics that they could not see the real discrimnation taking place against those who passed a valid test.  News flash to them – WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT.  This shows that while we will never be free of some vestiges of racial bias (from all sides) that anything is possible with hard work and perserverence.  While many are encouraged by the rise of President Obama, apparently too many people are dismayed by it, as it limits their ability to play the race card at will.  Obama marks the beginning of the end for the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton types in America.  Race baiters cannot expect judicial fiat to change everyone to their line of thinking.  And fair is fair – Ricci was screwed out of a promotion for the sake of racial politics.  I’m glad five justices saw fit to say just that.

Three Weeks Later

By VA Blogger

Tomorrow will be three weeks since the Democratic Primaries and I’m still seeing McAuliffe, Moran, Signer, Esam Omeish, John Carroll, and Roy Baldwin signs. I understand the difficulty for the statewide campaigns to get every sign they put up, but especially the local guys should be able to pick up after themselves, even if the only person they can find to help is the candidate himself.

Sheryl Crow SUCKS

By Loudoun Insider

She’s always grated on my nerves, especially when she acts like some high and mighty prostelytizer to the unwashed masses.  There is even a blog with this name, although unfortunately it is sparse and hasn’t been updated for awhile.  Debbie Schlussel really took it to her here.  What a hypocritical wench!

What the hell brought this up LI, you may ask?  After digging through some older CDs for something new to play this weekend I came across one of the best CDs from the early 90s – Toy Matinee, a collaboration between Patrick Leonard and the amazingly talented Kevin Gilbert.  Gilbert died way too young in a pretty compromising fashion, but much of his despair was brought on by the noxious behavior of his one-time girlfriend Crow.  She basically ripped off most of her debut album from the real Tuesday Night Music Club, which Gilbert introduced her to.  Read this for some background and remember it next time she wants to lecture anyone on politics or anything else, especially anything having to do with morality.

Here’s some real music from the deceased Gilbert, and the best Steely Dan song since the old days:

The Worst One Yet!

By Loudoun Insider

  Story here

Wow, after three high profile deaths in the last week (Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson), comes the one that hit me the hardest – Billy Mays, King of the Infomercial.  Of course I hate infomercials to a certain extent, but boy could Billy Mays pitch it!  There was something good natured and very likable about the guy.  His enthusiasm was infectious.  I always felt fired up after watching a Billy Mays performance.  He will be missed.

Power Line Crazy

By Loudoun Insider

Dominion and other power companies apparently wants to criss cross Loudoun County with more and more huge overhead transmission lines.  This LTM article sums up the latest proposals, including the well publicized PATH line.  Frank Wolf has been at the forefront of this battle, fighting for his constituents.  Use htis thread to bash the power companies and praise Frank Wolf!

Supervisors staying put (for now)

By VA Blogger

Supervisors Gerry Hyland (D-Mt. Vernon) and Cathy Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) have taken to the press to combat rumors that they’re retiring or resigning. I’ve heard and alluded to both rumors before, while understanding that they were not confirmed. Interestingly, I only heard that Hudgins was not seeking re-election in two years, not that she was stepping down to take a job in the Administration. Though Hudgins is now on the record as running again, this could still change in 24 months. Especially with her votes on I-66 hanging around her neck.

Gerry Hyland has been the subject of retirement rumors for a long time now, and one of his aides even sent out an email stating that he was assuming Hyland would retire and threw his hat into the ring. Such a move just may provoke Hyland into staying for another term, though in his statement Hyland merely said he’d make that decision later, not that he was definitely running again.

So despite their protests, it remains possible that both Hyland and Hudgins won’t be on the ballot in 2011. The story doesn’t mention the retirement rumors about Mike Frey (R-Sully), either, though that prospect is far less likely than Hyland or Hudgins. But if true, and if Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) decides to run for Chairman again, there could be four open seats on the Board next time around.

Gerry Connolly Wins on Constituent Service

By VA Blogger

Here’s one for you: A constituent in need writes to Rep. Gerry Connolly’s office, seeking his Congressman’s help so he’s not improperly detained at the Canadian border again. Here is the thoughtful and personalized care Gerry Connolly gives:

Dear Rev. Williams,

Thank you for contacting me about _________. I appreciate your interest in this issue and your views are important to me.

Personally? I’m surprised the salutation wasn’t “Dear Constituent”. Can someone tell me again how we got stuck with this guy?

(h/t BVBL)

Speaking of Idiots … Again

By Loudoun Insider

How much time do I spend in Virginia these days?  About this much!

That post below was getting bombarded with a discussion of absentee “Governor” Tim Kaine, so I may as well devote a post to him, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway.  Before anyone bitches, I was not a fan of Gilmore doing the same thing while Governor either.  Being Governor is (or should be) a full time job, and being DNC Chairman is obviously way too time consuming for Kaine in the midst of The Great Recession. 

Kaine said he would do his DNC duties in the evenings and on weekends, but he has done most of it during the work week, as pointed out in today’s WaPo article on the topic.  My favorite line in the article was this one:   

“Of his travel, Kaine said: “If anyone wants to know where I am, all they have to do is ask. . . . There’s nothing covert about it.” ”

Well, the Post asked to get a copy of his DNC schedule and got … nothing.

So Kaine lied about how much time and when he would spend time on DNC affairs, then lies again about being open about his travels.  What is it with politicians being unable to tell the simple truth and live up to their pronouncements?

Speaking of Idiots …

By Loudoun Insider

Or shall I say, speaking of pork(ing)!

Unbelievable.  The reign of the GOP as the party of “family values” has officially come to an end.

LCPS Is Run By Self-Absorbed Idiots!

By Loudoun Insider

Do we really pay these head honchos at LCPS hundreds of thousands of dollars a year???  After going apoplectic about the absolutely valid reports of the FBI and DOE investigating the disaster that is LCPS land acquisition, Herr Hatrick releases one of the most ridiculous press releases I have ever seen.  My God it’s breathtaking in its flaws!  See it here at the LTMLTM has a story about the Hatrick coniption fit here.

And where in the hell is their PR Guru Wayde Byard in this mess???  Did he not have the PR sense to tell these guys to let this story fade away?  Noooooo, let’s keep it in the news for another press cycle week!  They sure do follow the BlackOut storyline, however – claim this is all a made up bad dream and cast aspersions on those that question their highnesses.  Or is that BlackOut following the LCPS storyline?  Eh, I guess it’s impossible to separate the two!