August 2009

“Deeds Not Words”

By VA Blogger

Funny that the Deeds campaign has turned their back on this maxim. As a student in the 1980s, Bob McDonnell wrote a thesis paper using words. As a legislator and Attorney General, you can evaluate his deeds.


Says pro-choice and Mark Warner supporter Judy Ford Wason:


I know and have confidence in Bob McDonnell. He respects and surrounds himself with strong working women. His daughter served our nation in Iraq. His campaign manager in 2005 was a working mom. As Attorney General he appointed women to run the public safety, opinions, civil litigation and transportation/real estate/environment and technology sections of Virginia’s Attorney General’s office.


Deeds, not 20-year-old words. Next feigned outrage?

Reactions to ThesisGate

By VA Blogger

And yes, the “-gate” ending is tongue-in-cheek. I’m still putting together my thoughts on the decades-old thesis Bob McDonnell wrote, what (if anything) it means about the candidates, and how it will affect the campaign. However, several of my colleagues beat me to it, so here’s a few of the best I’ve read thus far.


Bwana, back to full-time blogging, wonders aloud about the double-standard between this and some of Sen. Webb’s writings in Sensationalism or Hypocrisy on the Left.


Chris also finds comparisons with the 2006 Senate race, where the race (determined by less than 10,000 votes) hinged more on a gaffe than any issue in Searching for Macaca.


The similarities jumped out to me, too, especially with the Washington Post’s giddiness in reporting this. It’s the same pattern of the Post reporting the story, then other reporters from the Post reference the story multiple times during the week, so they can write about how much press the story is getting. Will it get as bad as 27 stories in 7 days during the Allen-Webb race that James Joyner documented? Time will tell.


While I would normally just chalk it up to the Post’s rabid anti-conservative instincts kicking in (and it wouldn’t be the first time this month) in a naked effort to support the Creigh Deeds campaign, Jim Geraghty has a different thought I hadn’t considered:


This race is turning into a boring easy win for a good GOP candidate over a lousy Democratic candidate. If the Virginia press wants an exciting, competitive race, they’re going to have to do everything they can to drag McDonnell down and push Deeds ahead.


Bearing Drift’s Brian Kirwin has two immediate responses, including one pointing out DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s support of some of McDonnell’s ideas, in McDonnell’s College Paper Has Problems and Attack McDonnell About Covenant Marriage. Steven Osborne from BD also wrote Of Deeds and Desperation, a post discussing Creigh Deeds and desperation.


Riley at Virtucon was on the media conference call that Bob McDonnell participated in today, staying on to answer all the questions the press had about the story in a calm and collected manner. He, along with Jim Geraghty at the National Review, covers the call in McDonnell Answers All of the Media’s Questions on His Thesis.


Finally, Riley also crunches the numbers regarding McDonnell’s legislative priorities in Let’s Talk About McDonnell’s Legislative Record. He finds some interesting numbers if you had only been playing attention to the Democrats the last month:


As Delegate, Bob McDonnell was chief patron of 386 bills:


Bill Topics:


  • Public Safety – 51.03% (197 bills)
  • Economy – 19.68% (76 bills)
  • Miscellaneous – 13.47% (52 bills)
  • Justice – 11.11% (43 bills)
  • Child Support – 2.59% (10 bills)
  • Abortion – 2.07% (8 bills)


In other words:


  • 81. 82% (316 bills) – Economy/Jobs, Transportation, Budget/ Spending, Healthcare, Education, Public Safety/ Justice
  • 2.07% (8 bills) – Abortion


By Too Conservative

ProjectVirginia is doing a great job of working with a bunch of Delegate races this year, beefing up their online operations and providing them online services.

Tom White of VA Right has a write-up of their background.

Please consider donating $5 to help ensure that technology is able to reach all levels of our candidates.

Comstock Looking to Pickup One

By Too Conservative

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the tale of Barbara Comstock who is running to retake the seat long held by Delegate Vince Callahan.

Comstock has the $, personality, and campaign staff necessary to take back the seat, and she’s doing EVERYTHING she can to ensure a GOP pickup.

Her campaign is knocking on thousands of doors a week and spending time meeting voters, hearing their concerns, and following up.

The effort seems to be run on her side almost flawlessly, and I hope in the current climate that she is one of the GOPers to overcome the tide.

If you have a few free hours on a weekday night or weekend, her race would be one to help!

“Fairfax’s Own” Bob McDonnell

By VA Blogger

Signs touting Bob McDonnell as “Fairfax’s Own” and “NoVa’s Own” have begun popping up throughout the region (sorry, no pics yet). I think its a smart strategy—a daily reminder to commuters that Bob McDonnell has real ties to the region and understands their concerns—and would have been smart regardless of who is opponent was.


What do you think?

Video: Copycatin’ Creigh

By Too Conservative

National Prospects Looking Good

By Too Conservative

A prime example is a new poll in Arkansas showing incumbent Blanche Lincoln with only a 36% approval rating.

Think the good tide will stay until November for the GOP?

R.I.P. Sen. Ted Kennedy

By VA Blogger


The “Liberal Lion” of the Senate has passed away after fighting brain cancer. Regardless of your opinions of him, there is no doubt that he was a great U.S. Senator. There’s a reason why virtually every President and Senator he served with had the highest respect for hm. It is always a sad day in America when an historical and iconic figure leaves us.


“Moran’s Townhall Descends Into Chaos”

By Too Conservative

Rep. Jim Moran’s town hall meeting descended into chaos Tuesday night as protestors clashed — in one case violently — with supporters of a broad federal health care expansion, leading the 8th District Democrat to angrily seek to evict some of the loudest demonstrators.

Full story here.

Who went?

Bob’s 2nd General Election Ad

By Too Conservative