November 2009

Huckabee on the Shootings UPDATE

By Too Conservative


A worthwhile blog to read on why pointing the finger at the Governor doesn’t work.

SD-37 Special: The Evening Before

By VA Blogger

A reminder to all voters in the 37th Senate District, the Republican Firehouse Primary is tomorrow, December 1st, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at Centreville High School, 6001 Union Mill Rd. Any registered voter in the 37th District can vote.


If you’re a voter still making up your mind, I’ve done two previous posts that cover all the candidates, and reached out to all the campaigns for one last hurrah. Will Nance’s campaign offers their latest mailer, as well as a video of Nance speaking at the FCRC meeting two weeks ago:



Marianne Horinko is the only campaign with an active letter to the editor campaign, scoring two letters in the latest Burke Connection. Connection doesn’t have the widest circulation, but the people that read and care about its content are the types most likely to vote in a special election for state office. Horinko also snapped this picture with Dick Heller:



Meanwhile, they also sent me one of their many mailers, which you can find here. It features endorsement quotes from Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe and departed columnist Robert Novak, to shore up her conservative bonafides. Will Nance’s campaign also announced they were endorsed by the Concerned Women for America, the largest public policy women’s organization.


I hope tomorrow we’re all able to unite behind a candidate and keep this seat in Republican hands. As I noted before, despite now having five Delegate seats, three Supervisor seats, three School Board seats, and Bob McDonnell carrying it, this is our only Senate seat left in Fairfax County. And more importantly, the 37th District deserves more than a self-serving opportunist who doesn’t even live in the district, even now that he’s running.


Highfalutin Hatrick Strikes Again!

By Loudoun Insider

Un-frigging-believable!  As John Stevens helpfully points out on his blog, the School Board was to have a consent agenda item on tonight’s meeting agenda to spend $1.7 MILLION on more of those goddammed white boards!!!  Can anyone explain to me why this is a good idea in the worst governmental budget crisis in ages???


By Too Conservative

Who else is going? I’ll be there Friday-Sat evening, hope to catch up with many of y’all.

Speaking of Turkeys …

By Loudoun Insider

What jerk-offs these two are.  Attention loving pieces of crap in my opinion.  Who looks worse in this, the ego-maniacal couple or the Obama White House?  And what’s with the WaPo giving them front page treatment three days in a row???  Are they paying the Post for this attention they so obviously crave, or is the Post just giving them what they so desparately want for free?  After the whole “salon” fiasco, who knows anymore with the WaPo.

Turkey of the Year!

By Loudoun Insider

There are just so many suitable choices, I just can’t make up my mind! Put yours below and let’s see where this goes…

UPDATE: And the winner is … Stevens Miller, in a landslide!

wild_turkeyMILLER copy

McDonnell Inaugural

By Too Conservative

Phase one of the website is up.

Loudoun Open Thread

By Loudoun Insider

Pretty boring these days in Loudoun politics, although things will soon heat up with the budget deliberations.  Post any news and views below.

SD-37 Special: Candidate Profiles and Some Loose Ends

By VA Blogger

Alan Moore of the DC Examiner recently did a profile of each of the three Republicans in the race to succeed AG-elect Ken Cuccinelli; Chairman Tim Kaine recently set the date of the general election to Tuesday, January 12th. Here are some excerpts from Moore’s articles:


Marianne Horinko


“I am running because I have been blessed by a healthy family and career that I love,” Mrs. Horinko explained to, “I want to give back to my community.” She has been a Chantilly resident for 17 years. 


 Mrs. Horinko likes her chances in this election. “I am the candidate with the most leadership experience,” she told As Acting Administrator of the EPA she oversaw over 18,000 fulltime employees.


The article also makes clear that Horinko opposes federal cap-and-trade legislation.


Click here to read the full article.


Steve Hunt


If Democrats are to prevail then they will have to match the heart of a candidate like Steve Hunt. “Above all, I will represent the people of Virginia to their government, not the government of Virginia to the people,” he told the FCCE. “I will continue to fulfill the oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic that I first took as I became an 18 years old NROTC midshipman at Duke University and repeated as I became a Fairfax County School Board member.”


Mr. Hunt shows his passion for service in his words. Voters continually elect those who exhibit common sense, hard work, patriotism, and leadership skills that their public officials must have to inspire and to get things done. Steve Hunt certainly shows all of those characteristics.


Click here to read the full article.


Will Nance


This is his first attempt at elected office and he points to his stellar business record as qualifications to hold the job of State Senator. “Striving for quality, holding people accountable for results; these are the business principles that we need down in Richmond,” he said. “I think we need a few more MBA’s down in Richmond and a few less lawyers.”


“There are a lot of problems out there that need to be tackled,” Mr. Nance explained. “We’ve got to make sure we have citizen-centric solutions to make sure we have solutions to everything involved. I will approach those projects from a limited government, conservative philosophy. That is my commitment to you, that’s who I am, and what I’ll be about.”


Click here to read the full article.


Thanks to Alan Moore for writing these up and giving voters a proper introduction to each candidate. Hopefully this will clarify matters in the race.



The Dems Should Have Picked Hillary

By Loudoun Insider

Let me start out by saying that I cannot stand Hillary Clinton.  But the Dems would have been much better off strategically if they had picked Hillary to be their nominee.  There was no way any GOP candidate was going to win that election with GWB hanging around their necks.  Hillary would have won and certainly would have governed more to the center than Obama has.  Sure she had her own brush with nationalizing health care, but I think more than anything she is savvy and learned from her experience.  For all the grief people gave her for having no real experience, she certainly was a major player in her husband’s administration.  Even though I am no Bill Clinton fan by any means, he did govern well from the center and remains popular, even with his flaws.  Obama’s inexperience has shown through time and time again and he seemingly has lost any bit of political common sense he once seemingly exhibited.  The economy continues to stagnate and the citizenry is increasingly blaming that on Obama and the Dems in general.  I honestly think Hillary would have done a better job at handling nearly all of the challenges facing Obama.  Obama promised too much and is proving himself overmatched, and that is going to continue to take its toll on the Dems, especialy in the midterm 2010 elections.  “Change” is taking on a whole new meaning now!