December 2009

Are We Finally Ready For Real (And Absolutely Justified) Profiling?

By Loudoun Insider

I’ve had it with PC BS getting in the way of protecting our citizens from an obvious danger posed by radicalized Muslim men.  A lengthy article in today’s WaPo about the Fort Hood shooter was sub-titled “Community haunted by clues that went unnoticed”  when it continued inside the paper.  The clues were noticed, but it’s painfully obvious that a fear of PC backlash kept some who noticed from speaking out.  Here’s a telltale passage:


“Another believed Hasan could pose a risk but kept quiet.  “If you complain and someone higher up says you’re biased, that can be a career ender.  That dogs you.””


Reading through the clues left by this fanatic, and those surrounding the Christmas Day wannabe bomber it is all too obvious that a lack of realistic urgency still plagues our nation in this ongoing battle against Islamo-terrorism.  Of course we should not let up on reasonable overall screening and awareness, but extra attention MUST be paid to Muslim men who are almost exclusively responsible for these types of terror attacks.  It’s time to stop strip searching old women at the airport and concentrate on those who statistically make up the real threat.  Enough PC weenyism.  If they don’t like it, they can leave.  Simple solution.

The Price of Good Governance

By VA Blogger

Here’s a great post by Waldo Jaquith on the 5th District Committee’s decision to hold a primary and it’s cost to the taxpayers. This blog hasn’t posted much on that race or this decision, though obviously I favor a primary in just about any situation. As the debate between a primary and convention continues, particularly with the 11th District Committee meeting again a week, I agree with Jaquith that this should not be an issue.

National Journal: Dave Marsden “counting on Obama”

By VA Blogger

sd37The National Journal’s On Call blog has a write-up on the 37th District special, covering the basic dynamics of the race. It’s worth noting that the story neatly identifies what has been established as a basic fact: that Dave Marsden has a record of supporting tax hikes, and that his campaign is confusingly running as a fiscal conservative who will stand up against Governor Bob McDonnell’s fiscally conservative agenda, while making vague and nebulous threats of “one-party rule” and whispers of allusions of Steve Hunt’s social conservatism that they don’t want to get caught actually discussing.


To mix metaphors, the National Journal paints a picture of a candidate straddling the fence while merely dipping his toes on each side. Meanwhile, his manager acknowledges this is a turnout election, but its tough to see them matching the determination of a cadre of volunteers that knock on doors in the midst of a blizzard for Steve Hunt, particularly with their scattershot message. For instance, Marsden is touting himself as fiscally responsible and as someone who is concerned about government spending… and then the article notes that he’s “counting on President Obama” to win him votes. Yeesh.

Chap Petersen’s “Decade for Zeroes”

By VA Blogger

Here’s a good decade-in-review by the esteemed blogger and my Senator Chap Petersen (look for the shout-out to our own Vince Harris.)


Some changes I’d offer:

— Most Fun Political Campaign (Pat Edmonson)
— Best Movie (City of God, Memento, ESOTSM)
— Best Remake (The Departed)
— Biggest Collapse (2008 Broncos, 2007 Mets)
— And I’d add a category for Most Inspirational Sports Story to add George Mason’s 2006 Final Four run (shame on you for forgetting that, Chap—it’s even in your district!)

R.I.P. George Michael

By Loudoun Insider

Obit Micheal

Such sad news on Christmas Eve!  At first I thought it must be the singer, but alas it was a sportscasting legend.  I did not grow up in the DC Metro area, but the one thing I like most about DC Metro media is the News 4 team.  I was familiar with George Michael through the Sports Machine syndicated show, but I didn’t learn just how great a guy he was until I got to see him on a regular basis.  The camaraderie between him and the awesome Jim Vance was always a sight to behold and highly entertaining.  And of course anyone who hired Lindsay Czarniak must be brilliant. 



The tributes on tonight’s newscast actually brought a tear or two to my eye.  What a remarkable guy and a remarkable career.  You will be missed, George!

Major Bummer – Tim Murtaugh Leaving RPV for RGA

By Loudoun Insider

I just put up his latest spot-on press release in the Marsden thread below, and then I get an email from him to all press types announcing that his last day at RPV is today!  He is going to the Republican Governors Association, and they will indeed be lucky to have him.  Tim Murtaugh was absolutely one of the best things to happen to RPV in the wake of the J-Fred Fiasco.  His press releases were always right on the money, and often hilarious to boot.  he will be missed, and I hope RPV finds someone with a similar sense of humor (and the other requisite skills of course) to fill his shoes.

Corey Stewart “Praises” Connaughton

By Too Conservative

“Virginia is lucky to have someone who cut their teeth on Prince William’s innovative road building program continuing in that role.”

Connaughton, who chaired the Prince William Board of County Supervisors immediately prior to Stewart, has been repeatedly heralded for his role in continuing Prince William County’s unparalleled local road building program. The outgoing Secretary of Transportation, Pierce Homer, has previously served as director of Prince William County Department of Transportation. Stewart says he’s hopeful for more action over the next four years.

Moved by Bartholomew

By Loudoun Insider



Did anyone else see 60 Minutes on Sunday?  I was deeply moved by the segment on Bartholomew, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church (the part about the ancient churches of Cappadocia was incredible!).  He has a lot of Pope John Paul likable personability about him, but eschews the pomp and circumstance in favor of a very down to earth and humble public persona.  And hey, he has a bit of the Santa thing going on as well!


The purging of Christians from Muslim countires continues at a rapid pace, and the plight of Christians in Turkey is no different.  Bartholomew spoke of feeling crucified, and that is certainly a reasonable comparison (though certainly not a literal one) of his plight and that of his church.  After centuries of often tumultuous but often peaceful coexistence, the new breed of Islam continues to purify itself while infiltrating western countries, then complaining endlessly of discrimination.  If anyone out there does not think this is a religious war that will not end soon, you are living in a rat hole.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for CAIR to reach out to help Bartholomew. 


Merry Chistmas to you and yours, Bartholomew.  Stay safe.

Wash Post: Connaughton to be Sec Transport

By Too Conservative

If this is would be great news for the Commonwealth!

Dave Marsden reverses course, attacks McDonnell

By VA Blogger

Marsden Mailer small This is just getting confusing. Marsden is now sending out mailers to the 37th District attacking Governor-elect Bob McDonnell, continuing the failed Creigh Deeds attack (remember their illegal signs?) that McDonnell and the GOP will gut public schools. Marsden is now claiming to be a leading voice to stand up against McDonnell, just days after pledging to be an ally in the fight against taxes and the size of government.


What’s odder is that Marsden’s mailer was sent to a very broad list; this mailer was sent to the house of a very conservative household (you’d think they’d take off households that voted in the firehouse primary). Even if Marsden is trying to rally a base that’s understandably very apprehensive, he now risks alienating the vast majority of voters who cast a ballot for McDonnell, who carried the 37th with more than 56% of the vote.


So one day Marsden is a conservative centrist; the next he’s leading the charge against a conservative administration. Kind of reminiscent of how one day Marsden was a Republican activist (working to elect Ken Cuccinelli, no less), and the next day he’s a Democratic candidate. And he still hasn’t said a word about the largest political issue of the month: Tim Kaine’s massive tax hike.


It seems like there’s no fence too large to straddle, no issue too important to flip-flop on, no principle too sacred to sacrifice for political opportunism for Dave Marsden. The result: a schizophrenic campaign, from a carpetbagger no less. It’s amazing to think that this is the best the Democrats could come up with.