January 2010

KSM New York Trial Cancelled

By Loudoun Insider

The proposed trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City has been cancelled.  Below the Beltway sums it up here.  Looks like Frank Wolf and others will need to step up to the plate again to keep this out of northern Virginia.  Obama and his administration again look weak and indecisive.


UPDATE:  Frank Wolf introduces legislation to deny funding for civil trials.

John Stevens’ Inauspicious Start As Loudoun School Board Chairman

By Loudoun Insider

John Stevens is now the Chairman of the Loudoun County School Board.  And one of his first actions is to abolish roll call votes?  Is this to try to hide how many of them will vote against specific spending cuts?  What a blow to openness, but one that is not surprising with this inept School Board.


Then there’s his blog, which has turned into a separate propaganda arm of LCPS.  The last three posts are telling.  There’s this sob story of how hard a job a guidance counselor has, the exciting tale of a “green” school bus (only costing us an additional $60k), and the plight of the poor misunderstood middle school deans.


Any slim hope I had for seeing a bit of a different direction from the School Board after the passing of the baton from Robert DuPree has vanished into thin air.


In other Loudoun school news, Scott York asks for citizen help in keeping the state funding formula from changing to our detriment, and LCPS attorney Bill Chapman retires.  I wonder if he will go back to representing Sal Cangiano now!

Publicly Endorse Keith

By Too Conservative

Join with conservative Keith Fimian’s campaign for Congress by taking a moment to leave a comment of support here.

The LCRC Debacle – Straight From The Chairman Himself

By Loudoun Insider

Greg Stone has a short introduction to a great piece by Glen Caroline at NovaTownHall.  Glen sets the record straight and delivers a bit of an ass-whooping to Mark Sell.  The fact that these two work together and see each other often makes it even more perplexing why Sell would have been sucked in to such a mess.  Well, I guess I know why, but it would have been nice to have avoided this mess in the first place.


UPDATE:  Ric James has a very insightful analysis of this situation at Hooda Thunk.

What A Wench!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Are you questioning me!? Read all about her partying ways on government flights at your expense!

Jim Rich’s Farewell Letter

By Loudoun Insider

Just received a copy of this:


Dear Fellow 10th District Republican:


I wanted to let you know directly from me about my political plans for the future. After 20 years of service as congressional district chairman (I believe that I may be one of the longest serving district chairs in the history of the Commonwealth), I will not seek reelection to that position.


Prior to the district chairmanship I served 3 terms as Fauquier County Chairman. For over 30 years I have been a precinct chairman.  Beginning in 1984 and every 4 years thereafter, I have served as a delegate or alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention and in 1988, I served on the Platform Committee. One of the most memorable times was in 1976 when I was a press aide and advance man for Governor Reagan who was making a run for the presidency. I have lost track of all of the races and candidates I have supported over the years.


It has been an honor and privilege for me to have held leadership positions in our great party.  I believe that our principles of limited, Jeffersonian government, freedom and opportunity as set forth by our Founders are the best hope for America. Ever since I was old enough to read serious publications and literature, I read biographies of all of the greats: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Churchill, Reagan, John Adams, among others.  They inspired me to believe that if I could do just a small part to promote freedom and limited government, it would be a worthwhile endeavor.  All of the hours on the phone banks, at the polls, going door to door, attending meetings and chicken dinners have all been worth it.  Additionally I have had the opportunity to work with many great people who love their country.  It has been a very special opportunity to work closely with one of the most dedicated, principled and honorable Member of Congress—Frank Wolf.


No Frigging Way!

By Loudoun Insider

So I finally looked at my home’s assessment for this year.  AND IT WENT UP 8%!!!  Give me a frigging break.  How does this happen when the economy and housing (especially in western Loudoun) are still in the tank?Looks like I’ll get to experience that wonderful Board of Equalization this year.  This equates to a hefty tax increase for me this year if they end up anywhere above the current rate, which they are sure to do.  Nice. 


Let’s hear how other Loudoun assessments are going, and those from other counties as well.  If you’re from Loudoun, please post the general area so we can try to get a sense of what is happening where.

Left Attacks the Gov

By Too Conservative

Bearing Drift has details on the far-lefts ridiculous attack.


By Too Conservative


Mark Sell Concedes LCRC Chairman Race to Candace Strother

By Loudoun Insider

Alternate Titles*


Mark Sell Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Defeat


Mark Sell Rallies Uber-Conservatives By Employing Roberts Rules Of Torture


It’s late and I’m exhausted after an utterly exhausting LCRC meeting.  Major items on the agenda included the call for the upcoming Party Canvass and modifications to the LCRC Bylaws to conform with recent RPV Party Plan changes.  The first part of the meeting went quite quickly and smoothly, until we got to the bylaws.  Then the real “excitement” started.


Someone remarked to me that they are reading a self help book that breaks down situations into four classes.  And that the ensuing drama was easily classified into the “Not important and not interesting” category.  I unfortunately (please cue the screams as I poke my eyes with hot needles) agree wholeheartedly.


Mark Sell, purported real conservative “leader” running for LCRC Chairman, made a motion that the bylaws be considered one by one rather than as a whole.  Mind you, Sell sat on the committee that drafted these bylaws and voted to move them forward to the full committee for a vote WITHOUT RAISING SO MUCH AS A PEEP ABOUT THEM.   


Except that he really didn’t make a stink about them himself.  He made the motion, then his puppet handlers lept into action.  Suzanne Volpe (drafter of the RPV rejected call several years ago) made all the substantive verbalizations about supposed problems, with the vile Dimitri Kesari making endless calls for division, sometimes assisted by noted parliamentarians Bob Maistros, Joanne Chase, and John Grigsby.  All while Sell, the purported “leader” of this cabal, sat in his chair like a bump on a log.


What a complete debacle for Sell.  Candace Strother gave a great speech spelling out why she wanted to be Chairman and where she  would take the committee while Sell came up and tried in vain to explain why he had just wasted everyone’s time by making a motion and letting others lead the charge.  Many people who came to the meeting pre-disposed for Sell left shaking their heads and vowing to work for Candace Strother.  I wholeheartedly agree – do we want another puppet in the Chairman’s seat or an accomplished woman who worked for Ronald Reagan and has political credentials these naysayers could only dream of?  This is no longer even a contest.


*Suggested in comments by Jonathan Weintraub, of all people, who was unfortunately there on loan from the LCDC to see the LCRC in “action”.