June 2010

McDonnell Hated by the Left..?

By Too Conservative

Townhall.com listed him among the top 100 hated by the left……

Important to remember this must be the “elite left”, because the Governor had a TON of crossover support last November.

A Practical Guide to the Let’s Not Let Our Largest Donors Embarass Us Again Act of 2010

By Cato the Elder

bankingqueenLet’s begin by saying that we need to see how the actual language ends up being written before we call any element of FinReg good or bad (or somewhere in between).  Secondly, I’d invite you to read the HuPo’s take on it here as it has merit.  For those of you who are afraid that reading the HuPo will cause your eyeballs to spontaneously combust, don’t worry because I’m going to quote the more lucid observations. 

Let me preface by saying that I find very little in this bill that will do anything immediately, and am actually quite shocked at the amount of leeway given to the regulators as opposed to being codified.  This could be a good or a bad thing, as it leaves the regulations to the regulators which means that you’re going to see them change depending upon which party has control of the regulatory structure. It’s a question of whether you want to see the financial well-being of the country in the hands of feckless bureaucrats who are serial failures when it comes to preventing meltdowns or 535 elected dumbasses most of whom can’t even balance their own checkbook.


Should Campaign’s Use FourSquare?

By Too Conservative

Cross posted from TechRepublican

Ah FourSquare.* Am I obsessed? Perhaps. Every restaurant, movie theatre, and airport my girlfriend and I visit turns into a battle of “who will check-in first”. But besides the grandeur of winning badges, is FourSquare worth engaging in for a political campaign? It’s a question I was asked last week at a TechGOP event in Austin, and my inspiration for this post.

Let me begin with a disclaimer: None of my clients are using FourSquare, or even have “ghost-check-iners”, although both are something I have thought about pushing. I’m sure many fellow Tech-Republicans would share my frustration: JUST after we were able to convince campaigns and candidates that Twitter was a powerful message tool not to be avoided, here we sit trying to explain another popular medium.

Large, energetic campaigns (Meg Whitman, Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, etc.) could potentially use the tool effectively by setting up their HQ as a location, and asking volunteers to check-in when they stop by, perhaps rewarding them with a t-shirt if they do so. This would not only show grassroots support for their campaign, but would buy into the reward-system that volunteers really enjoy. Heck, “super-volunteers” could even battle for Mayor of the HQ, and enjoy a special office privilege for keeping their Mayorship.

Another potential use: setting up locations on a statewide tour, or rally and encouraging the press, and activists to follow the candidate across the district. (I could see this being used well in early 2012 primary states.)

A potential issue (and one I sympathize with) are concerns of privacy. If a candidate is using FourSquare to the degree that many of us activists do, they’d be checking-in to restaurants, airports, and even their local gym. All places where they are likely not wishing to be bombarded by the press taking unflattering photos, issues us average Joe’s don’t have to deal with.

FourSquare’s addictive. How do I know? Because I am addicted to it. Even if I am 5 miles closer to another Chipotle, I will travel to the one I am Mayor of to be able to check-in and retain my Mayorship, and I’ve got news for you: I am not the only one. Businesses are catching onto FourSquare, but it seems with mixed results. The other day I stopped by a frozen yogurt place in New York City that offered 10% off simply for showing the cashier that you had checked in there. Genius! But when I asked the cashier about how the promotion was going, he told me they only received 1 or 2 users a day.

Perhaps naturally this problem will be solved as more and more users join the FourSquare bandwagon, but it left me more resolute than ever that FourSquare just wasn’t worth trying to work into a campaign plan….not YET at least.

Earlier I wrote on “Facebook’s permanent place in politics” , but I think the verdict’s still out on FourSquare’s permanent place in society, let alone politics. That said, I am completely on board with and agree with Jordan Raynor’s petition, and encourage you to sign it if you haven’t yet.

Would love to get thoughts in the comment section, how would you suggest using geo-location in a campaign? Is it worth engaging?

*For the simplicity of this post I chose not to mention Austin-based Gowalla, although they also have a fairly sizeable user base, including my Governor, Rick Perry.

Metro $

By Too Conservative

Gov. Bob McDonnell said Tuesday that he will wait to decide whether to pay the state’s first $12.5 million payment to Metro until after a decision is made on whether the state can have two seats on the agency’s board of directors.

More here.

Health Care PSA

By Too Conservative

Stewart on Fox News This AM

By Too Conservative

Update from TC/Vincent Harris

By Too Conservative

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

I’m writing from San Antonio, Texas, and dang is it hot down here. For those who are regular reader, you’ll know I don’t often talk about my personal life, and like to keep the blog 100% political, but I thought it was time for another update. In the past 6 weeks I’ve been involved with 6 primary races, which has kept me out of the loop on a lot of the personality issues going on at the site. I want to thank Brian, and the other contributors for all of their time and help over the past years.

I’m enjoying life in Austin, Texas and will begin graduate school at the University of Texas (hook ’em horns!) in a couple months, aiming for my Doctorate so I can teach on the intersection of politics and the internet. My firm is involved in more than a dozen races across the country, and we’re loving what we’re doing, making a difference for the party by using new tools and technologies to reach and mobilize voters. A few weeks ago, I was able to travel to Turkey on behalf of USAID/IRI to train Egyptians on practical applications of online tools in political campaigns. It was an awesome experience.

I am in Virginia/DC very frequently, and would enjoy catching up with many of y’all when I’m up again in a couple weeks . Let me know by shooting me an e-mail at vincentrharris (at) gmail (dot) com.

I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, and to keep looking back to TC as we continue growing and providing content on Virginia politics, and common sense commentary.I am also blogging periodically at TechRepublican.com if you ever make it over there.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

FourSquare: I Voted Badge

By Too Conservative

Anyone use FourSquare? I’m a big fan, and agree 100% with Jordan Raynor’s post here.

Time to move on

By Brian S

19310_243bAbout a year ago, Vincent (Too Conservative) put out a call for additional contributors to Too Conservative. Having been a long time reader and commenter, I volunteered my services. I’ve had a lot of fun blogging over here at Too Conservative, and it’s given me both a platform for my opinion and the opportunity to meet dozens of great people, many of whom have become close friends.


But like any good guest invited in, it’s always important to know when to take your leave. That time for me is now. This will be my last post on Too Conservative as a contributor. It’s time for me to move on.

One of my law professors noted recently that all lawyers tend to be control freaks. This includes future lawyers like myself. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten frustrated at times with some things on the site – largely technical (still can’t get spaces between paragraphs without work arounds!) but a few that were more fundamental. I’ve always been vocal about my opinions and willing to defend them, but I’ve also been constrained in the knowledge that this was not my blog. Instead of remaining frustrated, I’ve decided to strike out on my own. As many of you know, I’ve begun my own blog, Common Sense. I hope that my readers here will take a few moments and add the new site to your roster of places to visit.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank a few people. First, of course, Vincent Harris, for the opportunity to blog here. I’d like to thank my co-contributors VA Blogger, Loudoun Insider and Cato the Elder – they’ve helped make the site what it is and bring in the stories that build a readership. I also have to thank that readership – from those who I’ve often agreed with, like NoVAScout, Lovettsville Lady, Bulletproof Monk, Ric James, Tito and Debbie Munoz and others to those who I’ve had plenty of arguments with, like James Young, Dan, Loudoun Lady, Sally, and many, many others. Getting into arguments and debates with all of you has been a great way to talk and think about politics and has gotten me through many a long day of work and longer night of studying. I’d also like to thank a few fellow bloggers – namely Ben Tribbett of Not Larry Sabato for his advice and sense of humor, J.R. Hoeft of Bearing Drift for his support, Chris Beer of Mason Conservative for giving me a lot of topics of convesation with friends and keeping me up to date on UFC, and Lowell Feld for showing me how not to run a blog.
I also want to thank the elected officials and party leaders I’ve gotten to know through the site, including Delegates Tim Hugo, Mark Keam, Jim LeMunyon, Barbara Comstock, Scott Surovell and Bob Brink, Supervisors John Cook and Pat Herrity, and current and former party leaders Glen Caroline and Anthony Bedell. It has been great working and discussing issues with you and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future at Common Sense.
Thanks again everyone and I look forward to seeing you all on the new site!


LEA FOIAs Loudoun Supervisors!

By Loudoun Insider

Looks like the Loudoun Education Association is demanding information about any anticipated budget surpluses, probably so they can get their hands on it!  They even had to hire a law firm to write their FOIA request – is this a precursor to a lawsuit?  The Montgomery County, Maryland School Board was threatening legal action against their County Council not too long ago – maybe that inspired Hatrick/LEA.  This must be in collusion with Hatrick in my opinion – if the LEA had any real independence they would be suing Hatrick over his boneheaded priorities.


I have a copy of the letter but am having trouble posting it – I’ll put it up when I can.  By the way, is Kelly Burk a dues paying LEA member?  How interesting that her dues are going to pay for this request – can’t she just hand them over everything they want???  Yet another benefit to having one of Hatrick’s serfs on the Board of Supervisors!