August 2010

Some People Just Don’t Know When To Quit

By Loudoun Insider

The Andrea McGimsey summer recess publicity tour continues unabated, with a gushing editorial in the LTM that is generating some fierce debate in comments.  While many accuse the LTM of a rightward tilt with the arrival of Managing Editor Nicholas Graham and new partner Bill Dean, the Arundels who own it are firmly in the enviro Middleburg crowd and will presumably back McG to the bitter end.

Apparently McG sent out a siren call to the Loudoun Sustainibility email list for help, producing a few folks, including one that seems like the Earth Goddess herself or one of her county paid aides (remember, monitoring blogs is a defined work task for McGimsey aides!).  Here’s my message – every time you and your backers whip out some self promotional BS I’ll be there to set the record straight.  Hypocrites like this need to be exposed and sent packing.  Rather than a tireless advocate for the environment as alleged by the LTM editorial staff, she is a self promoting shill who is one of the worst things to happen to the local environmental movement.  She has single handedly soured many reasonable people on common sense environmental causes with her hypocritical methods.  She sure could dish it out when on the other side, but can’t handle it at all when exposed for doing the same corner cutting, selfish things.  You people want to keep escalating this?  Go right ahead.

Florida Leading Online This Cycle

By Too Conservative

An opinion piece I wrote for the Daily Caller.


Wolf Backs ICE Request

By Too Conservative

Read more here.

Lovettsville Is A Mess!

By Loudoun Insider

Has anyone driven through Lovettsville lately?  It is by far the worst planned and ugliest town in Loudoun County –  the infamous “squircle” and its 50 million traffic signs, the half finished town center mess with its crooked cheap-o plastic fencing, huge houses with their hideous back sides towering over small houses on the main entrance from the north.  Ick.  Considering the state of the town, maybe this is part of the reason LCPS is fighting so hard to locate away from it!

Now the primary architect of all this loveliness is filing complaints against candidates who allegedly didn’t have proper disclosures on campaign literature (check out the comments – the LTM again takes the prize for nasty commentary!).  Sure, if there are indeed violations they should be adjudicated, but this reeks more of retribution than it does of seeking justice.  Please, let there be a more viable opponent to Elaine Walker next election!

UPDATE:  Mayor Walker has no clue about the campaign laws and how they apply to her town.  Cases dismissed, and she looks like an idiot.

John Stevens Attempts To Shift The Blame Again

By Loudoun Insider

Give me a break.  The reason teachers face furloughs is because this School Board failed to make the tough decisions that would have avoided furloughs.  They resorted to their old standby failsafe incitement tactic of scaring teachers and parents instead of tearing down their pandering to Hatrick budget system and starting from scratch.  Keep going dwon this route, please, while everyone is hurting economically.  Continue to pound those nails into your political coffins.  Teachers – don’t buy this bullshit, you know the real deal.

And People Think TC Is Bad!

By Loudoun Insider

Geez, a Subway gets robbed in Ashburn and all hell breaks loose at the LTM.

Dem Congressional Candidate Resorting To Stunts To Try To Get Noticed

By Loudoun Insider

Meanwhile, on the Dem side, things aren’t any better.  Their Congressional candidate, uh, what’s his name, will walk across the district to try to meet a few people.  Maybe he’ll do better than the “intimate crowd” of less than 10 who showed up for his last event!

Minchew To Work With McDonnell

By Loudoun Insider

LTM story here.  Excellent news.  Too bad the current LCRC regime doesn’t seek his counsel much.

Plowman and Zurn Deal With Black

By Loudoun Insider

Confirmed from several sources now – in the last month Jim Plowman and Roger Zurn agreed to deals with Dick Black to endorse him for State Senate in exchange for promises to not have primary opponents.  Just more evidence that Mark Sell is a hapless puppet sitting in as “Chairman” of the LCRC.  Who is Dick Black to promise such a thing?  The true leader of the LCRC obviously!  What a crock.  Plowman doesn’t surprise me at all, but Zurn does, and it’s a big part of the disgust I’ve been feeling lately towards the LCRC.  Politics at its worst!

Blogs > Mainstream Media

By Loudoun Insider

Once again, blogs are proven to be the only real place to get real investigative reports in Virginia politics by Riley at Virtucon.  I continue to lead on exposing all sorts of BS in Loudoun while the WaPo regurgitates press releases, NLS continually exposes things that the MSM ignores, BVBL did phenomenal work in the Rack N Roll scandal and other fishy goings ons in PWC, and now Riley simply disembowels Krystal Ball’s shady financials.  And we all basically do this for nothing.  Just how do these reporters earn thier salaries anyway?  Seriously – what do they do day in and day out???  Not much as far as I can tell.