September 2010

Buckley Shaking Things Up On Her Way Out!

By Loudoun Insider

Susan Buckley has shaken things up big time with a move to reconsider the motion to send the Ches Bay regs back to committee (LTM and LT articles).  It’s amazing how deciding not to run for re-election can free people up to do exactly what they want to do without worrying about ticking off big donors.    Not that Buckley was ever really swayed by that tremendously before, but she’s really ticking off her nominal fellow Dems now, who have all been jealous of her and constantly badmouthing her behind her back.  Sometimes payback is a bitch, folks!  Don’t expect her to show you any respect if you don’t reciprocate.

Loudoun Sheriff’s Race Starts To Gain Speed

By Loudoun Insider

We already have an announced challenger in Ron Speakman, and quite the comment war going on at the LTM between pro and anti-Simpson forces.  The more challengers the better for Simpson, who has seen his portion of the vote shrink significantly with each passing election, dipping well below 40% last time.  With a strong challenger and a two way race I would have to think that Simpson would be toast,  but from what I’ve seen and heard of Speakman so far I don’t think he is that strong of a candidate.  I’ve heard of one other coming Republican challenger, but he isn’t a household name either.  I don’t expect the Dems to let this slot go unfilled in the next election, although I have not heard of any candidates on the horizon, or if Mike Geroge, the second place finisher last time, will re-enter the fray.  Simpson’s best bet for re-election is to remain an Independent and come out ahead again in a three way race, where his loyal voters and name recognition should give him the edge.

Speaking of Liberal Loudoun Blogs…

By Loudoun Insider

Why isn’t Stevens Miller’s new blog part of the scintillating Loudoun Progress website, where three liberal bloggers (including Miller’s wife) post and comment (to the virtual exclusion of any other commenters) amongst themselves???

Oh Dear God!

By Loudoun Insider

Stevens Miller has a blog.  I don’t have time to examine it in detail yet, and am out the door soon for a meeting, but at first glance it is really full of liberal angst.  Have at it!

LTM Moving Into The Lead In the Loudoun Newspaper World

By Loudoun Insider

I’ve always been a big Leesburg Today (LT) supporter, but they are being left in the dust by the Loudoun Times Mirror (LTM), which has been re-energized by new Executive Editor Nicholas Graham.  Even though LT still has more thorough, in-depth articles in general, the LTM has been beating LT to the punch on stories and generating more buzz.  A huge advantage for the LTM in generating interest is their un-moderated comments, as opposed to the moderated comments at LT, where it seems comments can take days to show up.  Sure, unmoderated comments can lead to some real crazy comments on occasion, but that’s the way things are these days in the digital world.  LT also has some horrible pop up ads that make it just about impossible to view on a smart phone – get rid of them now!

Since the LTM – Loudoun Independent merger, the newly branded Indie has fallen off the map web-wise.  What was once one of the snazzier local websites is now absolutely at the bottom.  Either update it, or get rid of it.  The Ashburn Connection and Purcellville Gazette websites remain woefully sub-par to the big boys.  And forget finding anything close to useful in regard to Loudoun at the WaPo – the failure of the Loudoun Extra seems to have scared them out of Loudoun County altogether.

Threats, Threats, and More Threats!!!

By Loudoun Insider

We’ve already covered the bogus threats from the LEA and their work to rule fiasco, which is backfiring nicely on them.

I missed posting about this when it happened, but we also have noted anti-Wolf robocaller John Grigsby threatening Keith Fimian.  Fimian is probably the most conservative Republican who ever ran for Congress in Virginia, and Grigsby is apoplectic because Fimian wasn’t scheduled to attend a Tea Party rally.  I have no clue if Fimian went or not, but what a bogus threat.  The email is provided below the fold.

Then we have a dire warning from Donny Ferguson, Delgaudio’s former aide who has been promoted from PR guy to Executive Director of the never before heard of Western Tradition Partnership (I bet this is a one man office).  In true over the top Delgaudio-trained style, Donny has blown the Ches Bay Act totally out of proportion in an attempt to incite hysterical fear with his “final warning”.  Another threat sure to be ignored by its intended recipients.  The press release is also below the fold.


The Emerging Loudoun Political Landscape

By Loudoun Insider

Lots of recent articles on how the 2011 BOS race are shaping up.  Susan Buckley and Sally Kurtz are out for good, while York and Burton are back in.  The LTM ran two good Q&A bits with Buckley and Kurtz, and had an excellent editorial on the departure of the intelligent and ethical Susan Buckley.  I agree wholeheartedly with the premise of the editorial, even though I often disagree wholeheartedly with Buckley (as does the LTM) on school reform issues and taxes.  We desparately need more supervisors with her demeanor and character, and less in the mold of Delgaudio and McGimsey.  Speaking of Delgaudio, we have notice of a new potential challenger, but surely another failure from the hapless Dems in Sterling.  As embarrassing as he is, he is Supervisor for life.

It’s Not Getting Any Better, Folks!

By Loudoun Insider

Dear Lord.  While Herr Hatrick whines about never getting enough to the Chamber of Commerce, comes news that Loudoun County will start its 2011 budget deliberations at $124 million in the red.  Tax rate of $1.50 anyone?  That’s what Hatrick would impose on us if he had his way.  Something’s gotta give, people.

Help Keith Take the Hill

By Too Conservative

Primary Day

By Loudoun Insider

An open thread for results and commentary.  The big one locally is the DC Democratic Primary  for Mayor.  I for one will be glad to have a cessation of the endless Fenty and Gray promotionals!  I am one who believes Fenty has done a pretty good job, but he is so damn arrogant and unlikable, and that will probably be his downfall.  Nationally, there are some Tea Party challenges to establishment candidates that will be interesting to watch.