October 2010

Connolly-Fimian Predictions?

By Loudoun Insider

I have no clue how this will turn out, but with so many negatives about both, I can only say that if Pat Herrity had won the GOP nomination this would be over by now.  I cannot wait for an end to the endless dueling commercials!

Socialism IS cool?

By Too Conservative

What Will Wolf’s Margin of Victory Be?

By Loudoun Insider

This is so funny at NLS:

10th Congressional
Safe Republican

Earlier this year, Jeff Barnett’s campaign manager bragged to some people about his “strategy” of hoping blogs like this one ignored his race to avoid any critiques of his candidate or their performance.  When I heard, I decided to give them what they wanted.  I’m sure the biggest fan of their “strategy” is Frank Wolf.


I haven’t paid much attention to this race here at TC because I think Barnett is basically invisible anyway and Wolf will cruise to an easy victory.  It sounds like Barnett’s campaign manager is an imbecile of the first degree, and maybe he’s the one who came up with those ridiculous Halloweeny  (orange with blue lettering!) campaign signs that are so difficult to read, especially at night.  This looks to be a stealth campaign that is indeed working as advertised – Barnett remains nearly invisible and will be nearly invisible in the results.  I predict Wolf 62, Barnett 37, Redpath 1.

Weber Tries To Re-write History

By Loudoun Insider

I really like Ben Weber personally – he’s a fun guy, but his announcement that he will be running yet again for the Blue Ridge supervisor seat is a big yawn inducer.  It’s also quite curious that both the Leesburg Today and Loudoun Times Mirror articles mention his run against Burton in 2003, yet make it appear that he sat out 2007.  I see no way that both papers make this mistake without it being pushed by Weber in interviews. 

Weber ran again in 2007 but was beat by Mark Albright for the LCRC nomination, who was then spanked hard by Burton in the general election.  I don’t think Weber would have fared much better in 2007 general against Burton, but I bet he would have done better than right wing idealogue Albright.  With Janet Clarke already lining up support and being a fresh new face, this makes no sense at all other than to help deliver the nomination to some as yet unannounced wingnut.  I also have never been a fan of a newspaper owner running for public office, and if he thinks that having his wife run the editorial side will make anyone think the paper is not playing favorites, he’s really lost his rational thought processing ability.  Weber should save himself the trouble and sit this one out.

Mr. Say Anything to Get the Bill Passed

By Too Conservative


Hatrick Wants ALL Your Money!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Dear Lord this is nauseating!  Watch this video tribute to the greatest school administrator the world has ever seen – who says we must stop worrying about all those pesky little other things in life (you know, family, home, etc.) and devote ALL of our time, energy and money to public schools!  Watch the fawning of School Board Chairman John Stevens, the guy who is supposed to be in charge of Hatrick, as he says we will be paying him a huge salary and benefits to “share Dr. Hatrick with the country” as he jet sets around the world even more so than usual this year!  Watch Supervisor Kelly Burk chat it up with the guy who allows her time off and supplies substitutes for her as she votes on the school budgets that pays her own salary!  Happy days are here for the chosen ones!

TC Caption Contest – Rocca Catches Hatrick’s Dreams of More More Money

By Loudoun Insider

OMG, what a hilarious photo published in the LTM!  Tuscarora Chief Johnny Rocca presenting Herr Hatrick with a dreamcatcher.  So many possibilities, have at it!


Burton Gets A Formidable Challenger

By Loudoun Insider

The post below got hijacked onto this topic – former Purcellville Council member Janet Clarke, and LCPS employee (big negative for me!), will try for the LCRC nomination to run against Jim Burton.  I doubt if she’ll meet the purity test of the current regime, so expect more challengers to pop up.

Stevens Miller Nails John Stevens Cold

By Loudoun Insider

Hey, I’ve had plenty of issues with Stevens Miller, but he totally gets it in regard to LCPS and does a great job debunking John Stevens plea for more, more, more money.  Even the most partisan Republicans out there should admit that he is totally right on this one.  And for all those die-hard Steve Snow partisans out there, please enlighten me as to anything he ever did to try to control the out of control LCPS spending machine.

Dick Black Campaign Steals My “Black Is Back” Slogan

By Loudoun Insider

I first whipped this out in 2006, with another repeat this month.  The Black Brigade was passing out bumper stickers and lapel pins with this slogan at this week’s LCRC meeting (please someone send me a scan of a bumper sticker!).  Of course they would think this sounds great, but boy oh boy does this open up so many avenues of derision and parody – feel free to use it, good soldiers of the Black Brigade.  Most disturbing of all, I heard that the Black is Back announcement was met by spontaneous near-orgasmic cries from female Black fans.  Yeesh – I’m so glad I missed it!