November 2010

The Time For NOVA Democrat Brotherly Love Is Well Past

By Loudoun Insider

NLS puts up an incredible piece skewering the noxious Moran brothers.  For as “progressive” as NOVA Dems think they are, the fact that they tolerate and work for these two (especially obnoxious anti-Semitic a-hole Jim) is telling us that political power means more to them than ethics.  The next time any NOVA Dem crows about corrupt Republicans looking out only for big business, just send them the NLS link above.  Now I certainly know that the GOP is full of crooked scumbags as well, but this is proof positive that both parties need a thorough house cleaning.

UPDATE:  It gets worse!  Brian moves into a tie with Jim as worst Moran brother!

Sarah Palin’s Facebook: All Bark, No Bite?

By Too Conservative

The Daily Caller just published an opinion piece I wrote on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. Head here to check it out.

Kelly Burk and Edgar Hatrick Announce The Substitute Teacher Full Employment Act

By Loudoun Insider


UPDATE:  Someone requested this – does anyone want four more years of this?  She voted for it before she voted against it!

Stewart on Allen

By Too Conservative

Protic Returns

By Loudoun Insider

Paul Protic just popped out of the proverbial woodwork recently to read a personal letter from RPV Chairman Pat Mullins to the last LCRC meeting announcing Mullins’ endorsement of Dick Black.  Paul Protic is a nice man.  But woefully out of touch with a majority of Loudoun voters, as evidenced by his disastrous term as LCRC Chairman, where Loudoun County went from six Republican supervisors to two, with one of those eventual winners targeted by Protic’s team for elimination.  That election also spawned the Protic Principle, where he was quoted in the weeks before the election as saying “we may not win, but at least we’ll be pure”.  Brilliant political philosophy!  Where you can’t do squat to further ANY of your political goals IF YOU DO NOT GET ELECTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

So what has he been up to before popping back into the Loudoun spotlight to read the Pat Mullins Dick Black endorsement?  He was campaign manager for the disastrous Congressional campaign of Glen Urquhart in Delaware.  Urquhart was a Rehobeth Beach developer (which is where failed Loudoun BOS Chairman candidate and developer Mike Firetti moved after losing!) who ran as a fellow Tea Party candidate with the horrendous Christine O’Donnell.  Urquhart became nationally known for his mind boggling comparison of liberals to Nazis.  His campaign also utilized some of the tried and true push poll dirty tricks with a heavy abortion emphasis that we have seen here in Loudoun County.   Urquhart ended up with a whopping 41% of the vote.  They didn’t win, but at least they were pure, and Delaware went from being assured of one Republican Senator and sole Representative to two Democratic Senators and a Democratic representative.  Looks like the Protic Principle is coming back strong in Loudoun County.  Nice.

UPDATE:  For all those offended by this because of Protic’s son’s accident, see my comment.  The push poll link above is now dead for some reason (interesting), here’s another one.

RPV Over $300k In Debt In Last FEC Filing

By Loudoun Insider

Write about RPV Chairman Pat Mullins and all sorts of things fly into the tip line.  As of mid-October  the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) had a debt load of $319,212.91 (more detail here) while DPVA had a debt of $0.  Sure, Republicans won big statewide, but how and when are they going to pay this debt off?  Especially when they have to abide by the federal campaign limits of $2100 per person?  Between this and the ongoing financial mess at the RNC (including this one that Establishment Ken will appreciate – big spending on conventions), it sure does look like the Republican establishment is still hellbent on spending up a storm for thier own edification.

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Loses His Mind, Endorses Dick Black

By Loudoun Insider

I am well past feeling sorry for Patricia Phillips, but this is really ridiculous for the RPV Chairman to come out and endorse a lead weight like Dick Black in a county as important as Loudoun in the next elections.  This is from DB’s email blast:


Howie Lind Rewards Cronies

By Loudoun Insider

What a surprise, Howie Lind gives awards to Mark Sell and Suzanne Volpe!  For supposedly helping Frank Wolf win re-election!  Hilarious!!!  Please, Frank Wolf never needed any help from the LCRC to win big yet again, especially against an unknown. 

And what an affront to a great leader like Glen Caroline to give this “leadership” crew similar awards for doing basically nothing.  Wolf won this of his own accord (as he always does) against a pitifully under-funded opponent.  Glen Caroline led a resurgence of the Loudoun GOP, turning the entire House of Delegates county delegation red from majority blue.  AND he did it after the Volpe-Protic-Sell team badly lost that delegation majority and the Board of Supervisors last time around.  There is absolutely no comparison to the accomplishments of this committee and the last LCRC.  None.

Establishment Ken Strikes Again!

By Loudoun Insider

me-37th“Establishment Ken” has got to be his new nickname, now that he has a statewide office and seems to be doing everything he can to diminish his fellow conservatives who happen to be potential rivals.  The Cooch now also says that teachers can confiscate student’s cell phones and read their messages.  Utterly ridiculous – if I had a kid I would tell them to shove the phone up the teacher’s …, well, you get the picture (if not ask DB or ED!).

Flying Soon? Watch Out For The Homos At TSA!

By Loudoun Insider

Eugene Delgaudio once again proves  that he knows no limits when it comes to ridiculous assertions.  According to our ever vigilant homo protector, the new TSA frisking procedures are nothing more than an excuse for homosexuals to fondle our packages.  I am not a fan of what is going on, but come on, this is just so over the top ridiculous. 

With Eugene being the only incumbent R supervisor seeking re-election, and the re-emergence of fellow anti-gay crusader Dick Black, the Loudoun Republican ticket is assured of top down stench and never ending embarassment.

UPDATE:  LTM picks up the story and gets commentary from ED and TSA.