December 2010

Happy New Year!

By Loudoun Insider

That’s about all I have to say right now.  I’m hoping to take it easy for the next couple days.  If you have any exciting resolutions or predictions, comment away.

Patricia Phillips Has An EMERGENCY!!!!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Damn it, I’m so peeved that embedding is disabled on this clip (please watch it on YouTube by clicking the link)!  This was my great-humored grandmother’s favorite line from her favorite movie of all time – The Russians are Coming.  She used to whip this line out all the time to get a laugh, and it always worked with me!

And that line popped into my head as soon as I read this hysterical fundraising email (below the fold) from Patricia Phillips.  Dear Lord, it looks like she has Eugene Delgaudio writing her fundraising appeals now.  I do feel sorry for her for being steamrollered by Dick Black, but this is just too much.  I guess you could say she’s had an electoral emergency ever since Dick Black came back from the political graveyard!


Tea Party Senate Candidate Linked To The Stinky Mark Tate Case

By Loudoun Insider

The more I read about Jamie Radtke, the more it looks like Virginia will have its own Christine O’Donnell running for the GOP US Senate nomination.  While reading the comments on this post about her at Bearing Drift I came across a comment by JKM that mentioned her involvement in a scandalous State Senate mess.  I thought her name sounded a bit familiar, and sure enough, she was the Political Director for the Virginia Conservative Action PAC (VCAP) when they got advance notice of the Tate indictments.   Tate’s defense attorney’s motion to subpoena her is in this link at pages 20-21 of the PDF.  Here’s an old TC post of mine discussing those motions, even though I did not call out Radtke’s name specifically at the time  (Robin DeJarnette, the Ex. Dir. of VCAP got most of the attention).

For all of her newfound Tea Party fire and brimstone, she certainly seems to be pretty well connected in the establishment, touting her work for George Allen and Jesse Helms.  This bio touts her credentials as a bona fide RINO hunter.  Yeah, that’s the ticket to winning the US Senate seat back for the GOP.  For all of my misgivings about George Allen, I don’t think Radtke is the answer either.

Only in Loudoun County!

By Loudoun Insider

Only in the wackiest district in the wackiest political county, would you have a bank robber wearing a Hillary Clinton mask as he does his dirty deed.

George Allen – Love Him or Leave Him?

By Loudoun Insider

The WaPo had a big article about George Allen’s potential (likely) run for US Senate today, with plenty of quotes from NOVA GOPers.  Personally I think he was  a much better Governor than Senator, apparently he hated the Senate, and he made one of the stupidest political mistakes ever with the whole macaca incident.  I think he should look elsewhere to keep himself busy, but I’m not overly thrilled with the other potential candidates either.

Merry Christmas!

By Loudoun Insider

From all of us here at TC to you and yours – Merry Christmas!

Here’s an awesome new Christmas tune by a Baltimore area singer songwriter, Rob Fahey.  While looking back at the Vietnam era, it has special relevance today for all those serving overseas.  May they have as merry a Christmas as conditions allow.

Loudoun Dems in Disarray

By Loudoun Insider

For as bad as the LCRC is at times, the best thing they have going for them is the equally sorry state of the LCDC.  Here’s just a few of their problems:

Chairman Mike Turner has been invisible, and with all of the issues listed below, cannot be said to be doing a good job as Chairman. 

With all of the wackiness coming out of the LCRC from Eugene Delgaudio and Dick Black the Dems have done absolutely nothing to capitalize on it.

Two of their prime movers and shakers, Stevens and Liz Miller, engage in odd public conversations, lamenting how not enough people share their very liberal Democratic values in a very purple county.

The semi-official LCDC blog, run by three LCDC officers, is an absolute dud, where the three officers/bloggers basically talk amongst themselves (and their spouses, ah, well, one spouse).

Their most sensible, respected, and popular incumbent, Susan Buckley, is not returning, leaving behind the most inept and liberal members to carry the dim torch forward.  Most of them don’t like Buckley anyway, and are thrilled that she isn’t returning.

Their Dulles District Chairman, Larry Roeder, is an announced candidate for supervisor in a contested field, but no one seems to think that this is a conflict.

I thought she had resigned her party positions, but the LCDC website still lists current Loudoun Electoral Board member Ellen Heald as a party officer.

In their never-ending quest to only try to take out Eugene Delgaudio with an approved Dem minority group, the Dems are so far fielding a Hispanic and a Muslim, after losing in the past with a gay guy and a woman.  Affirmative action is not exactly a great way to select candidates, Dems.


For all of my complaints about the LCRC and some of the candidates they are putting forward, it looks like the Dems just may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with brash ineptitude and atrocious strategic planning and candidate selection.  Surely a county like Loudoun can do better than these two extremes!

UPDATE:  More Loudoun Dem ridiculousness:

In yet another example of how odd Stevens Miller is, just look at HOW SMART he is!!!  I can’t believe he graces us by serving on the Board!!!  Can he spell narcissist?

You would think that maybe Bob Marshall would be vulnerable after his latest far-right escapades, but the best local Dems can come up with to challenge him is this skinhead/skater/singer from Midnight Oil looking dude:


Bob Marshall is surely not worried!

Loudoun County Becomes Ground Zero For Gays In The Military Battle

By Loudoun Insider

I happen to personally believe that the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will cause some readiness and morale issues initially.  However, the military is adaptable, and they will adapt to this change as well as they have many others in the past.  Besides, each successive younger generation is more and more accepting of gays in every walk of life.  This is a losing battle for Republicans who wish to ride this issue into oblivion.

But Bob Marshall is taking it off the deep end with his proposal to ban gays from the Virginia National Guard (Brian S. did a great job in his post on this issue).  And we can only imagine how Loudoun’s infamous anti-gay warriors Eugene Delgaudio and Dick Black will react. 

The LTM has a new story up on this, quoting Tag Greason as opposing Marshall, which will probably send the Black Brigade into a tizzy looking to primary him out of existence.  Let’s hope not, since Greason has shown (even though it may not have sunk in fully) Loudoun Republicans what kind of candidate can win easily for Republicans in Loudoun County.  Mark Herring has also come out strongly against Marshall on this, which will surely send the Black Brigade robo-posters into another spat of frothing comments at the LTM.  I guess we may also get to look forward to some kind of big rally at Patrick Henry College as well.

Enough!  This issue is over, and public opinion is firnly behind the end of DADT.  Give it up, it’s over, or keep at it full-bore until the voters get sick of it.

AFP on Net Neutrality

By Too Conservative

FP VP Policy Phil Kerpen issued the following statement on the FCC’s adopted network neutrality order:

“The FCC has fittingly chosen the darkest day in 372 years to impose potentially devastating regulations on the up-to-now free-market Internet. As the moon was eclipsed earlier today, Congress and the American people will be eclipsed by this regulatory coup d’état — orchestrated by the White House — that will substitute the judgment of three Democrats at the FCC for the legitimate democratic process.

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