January 2011

Klancher Out, Buona In

By Loudoun Insider

Broad Run Planning Commissioner Bob Klancher was long rumored to be interested in the Broad Run supervisor seat, but he’s decided he is not going forward due to business responsibilities. 

Telos executive Ralph Buona has decided to get into the mix (LTM story and LT story).  Although currently in the Dulles district, who knows where he’ll end up after redistricting.  Cue the consternation from those who think John Wood, Telos CEO, is out to run the county (Telos also employs Robert DuPree, and Wood is on many advisory committees).  Personally I don’t feel that way and obviously we need more people with business sensibilities on the BOS.  Buona is probably a shoo-in, especially with the quality of candidate the Dems are lining up these days.

More Virginia Regional Transit Stuff

By Loudoun Insider

First off, a public service announcement:  All Loudoun County candidates for any elected office in 2011 – please contact Virginia Regional Transit (VRT) for your share of gas tax funding for your political campaign.  If they can donate freely to Bob Gordon and Steve Simpson as a 501(c)3 non-profit funded by our federal, state, and local tax dollars, then any and all candidates should work to get their equal fair share.  Hurry before the money’s all gone!

A few other tidbits rolled in on the tip line:

VRT is quite cozy with Loudoun Youth, Inc. both as a vendor to LYI and a recipient of LYI funds.  VRT CEO Mark McGregor is also on the LYI Board of Directors.  Simpson’s political Svengali, Dale Polen Myers, was very influential in LYI for a number of years.

VRT Board member and 2007 Loudoun BOS candidate Ken Mikeman is the recipient of the biggest cumulative single source in-kind contribution to a local campaign I have ever seen – $23,631 from GAM Printing, run by the son of VRT Chairman Emeritus Charlie Grant.  As I recall, this started out as a loan to the Mikeman campaign, and was later converted to an in-kind contribution.  Do you think Mikeman is a reliable vote on the VRT Board?  Is this post to help him continue to build a political resume?

Speaking of GAM Printing, their website is full of samples of work for VRT.  Was this work competitively bid, or was GAM sole-sourced?  And GAM is still getting free advertising on the non-profit VRT website as of today.

Florida Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional

By Lloyd the Idiot



Report here.  Full opinion here

I haven’t read the full opinion yet, but I certainly don’t expect this will be the  outcome after all appeals are exhausted (as much as I would like it to be). 


Relevant portion of opinion below the fold.


Wayde Byard Fan Club

By Loudoun Insider

OMG is this hilarious!

Watch out CPR Members!

By Loudoun Insider

BVBL writes about an absolutely ridiculous official definition of terrorist by the Commonwealth of Virginia, supposedly governed by conservatives opposed to usurpation of property rights.  Property rights activists aren’t just potential terrosrists, they are defined AS terrorists.  While I vehemently disagree with some property rights activists on some issues (primarily zoning) they are absolutely not by definition terrorists.  I am also firmly opposed to Kelo-style governmental takings for private gain, so I guess I am now a terrorist.  Seriously folks, everyone get to writing letters, emails, and calling your representatives.  This is an outrage.

UPDATE:  I also need to tell Sam and Uta Brown and their supporters opposed to the Purcellville SCR condemnation to watch out for special forces raids on them as well, since they are opposed to municipal eminent domain.

Simpson Again Getting Heat Over Illegal Immigration Failures

By Loudoun Insider

Loudoun Sheriff Steve Simpson’s reluctance to get involved with the federal 287(g) program became an issue in his last re-election campaign, and it looks like there will be more controversy on the topic this season.  Loudoun County had an illegal immigrant in its jail but failed to  find out that he was an back in the country illegally after being deported in 2003.  Shortly after his recent release by Loudoun County, he raped an 8 year old girl in Fairfax County.  The WaPo had a story on this where Simpson tried to explain himself, but an interesting dissection of that showed up on BVBL yesterday by someone obviously with inside knowledge, and Frank Wolf is demanding an investigation.  Sounds kind of like the el-Atari backtracking to me, where political expediency trumps doing the right thing.

2nd Amendment Rocks!

By Lloyd the Idiot

As wonderful as our First Amendment rights are, every time I see a foreign insurrection where the masses are armed against a repressive regime with literally  nothing more than sticks and stones, I thank God for our right to bear arms.

Awesome new video

By Too Conservative

Bearing Drift Goes Print

By Lloyd the Idiot

Our friendly mailman today delivered a single piece of mail – the first print edition of Bearing Drift magazine.  I’m not quite sure whether an electronic magazine/blog going to print is a move up in stature or a move backward in technology.  At any rate, congratulations to the Bearing Drift crew including former TC contributor Brian Schoeneman.

On the Good Side
The print edition features solid, substantive articles including Brian’s detailed description of the redistricting process.  Also on the good side is the cover story, a guest article by Lt.Gov. Bill Bolling.  Bill sure is grabbing some headlines lately, which, again, makes me wonder whether he’ll throw in his hat for the US Senate.

On the “Opportunity” Side
LCRC’s own Eve Marie Barner offered an article on health care, which was fine.  However, as is the case with just about any political discussion with Eve, Ken Cuccinelli figures prominently.  Again, that’s fine, too, but I think it would be fair/helpful for readers to know the background of the authors including, in this case, Eve’s former employment by Mr. Cuccinelli.

Overall, though, I think it’s a great addition to my mailbox.  And my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for a successful run in the print arena.  I’d put up a link to it, but  . . .

Six Inches Causes Complete Societal Meltdown

By Loudoun Insider

After watching the news and reading up in the local paper websites, I am amazed at how crazy things were after six or so inches of snow.  In addition to the road mess, a couple hundred thousand utility customers in the DC Metro area are without power.  I’m quite thankful I wasn’t on the road today and remain fully electrified.  But surely the nation’s capital region can do better than this as far as emergency management!