February 2011

THIS Should be the Face of the Republican Party

By Lloyd the Idiot

Newt, Sarah and Rush should just step aside, shut up and let Chris Christie take the role of lead Republican cheerleader.  There, I said it.  I’m still here.  I didn’t vaporize.

Whether he runs in 2012 or not, his genuine, non-political persona conveys a refreshing honesty that will appeal to moderates and independents as well as hardcore Republicans that, in turn, can build  and energize the base for whomever gets the nomination.  Watch the Face the Nation interview for yourself and you’ll see he’s the real deal.

Guess The Loudoun Property Tax Rate Contest

By Loudoun Insider

It’s $1.30 now, and the County Administrator proposed $1.32.  I’m guessing they’ll cut it back to $1.29 so they can say they lowered taxes in front of the election and put a 2 in the second spot instead of a 3.  Four of the nine voting won’t be back anyway and have little to fear in terms of blowback, and the liberals looking to go back know that even though they may tick off the teachers, the teachers certainly aren’t going to go for their conservative opponents.  Have at it with your guesses and reasoning.

LCSO Morale In The Crapper

By Loudoun Insider

The average deputy on the street is more and more unhappy as their pay and work hours get messed with while the bigwigs get a raise and are seemingly never in the office.  This video was making the rounds at the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office recently, and it sent the brass into a tizzy.  Of course if I were a deputy out on the street every day in this situation I wouldn’t be very happy either.  Especially while the head honcho is out on leave selling sports drinks while collecting his $154,000 county salary.

I Think I’m Gonna Cry!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Defintely NOT, but that’s the desired result of the game being played against me these days.  Bulletproof Monk and Lovettsville Lady don’t like me anymore.  They think I have one friend left in the world (hilarious!).  That I am a democratic operative (yes, my critical posts of Kelly Burk, Andrea McGimsey, and Stevens Miller spell that out).  That their blog posts are better than mine (judge for yourself).  All a bunch of BS.  If you want their brand of reactionary frothing and vapid shotgun posts, go to Virginia Virtucon.  I don’t mind telling you where they are these days, since they and their cohorts have decided to stop commenting here and are no longer dropping links here to their sites, as they continue to do elsewhere in a quest for traffic.  As they say, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

That’s some of the publicly available whining about me lately.  In private conversations I’ve been told that “everyone” thinks I need to grow up, that “everyone” misses the old me, that “all of my friends” think I’ve lost it.  What a bunch of unadulterated crap.  I have plenty of friends from all walks of life – personal, professional, and yes, political, including plenty still inside the LCRC.  I’ll continue to do what I do here in my quest to clean up this rotten political scene.  Those who want to read what I have to say, do so, those that don’t, I could care less.

Big Mistake by Wisconsin Republicans

By Lloyd the Idiot


As a follow-up to my original post about the budget battle in Wisconsin, the AP is reporting that the state Republican leadership has sent state troopers to the homes of  Democratic state senators in the hope of dragging a few into the state capitol to establish a quorum.

Although perfectly legal, such tactics undoubtedly make the Republicans look like thugs.  The better approach, as I suggested before, is to simply wait out the Democrats.  Eventually, the senators, like petulant five year-olds holding their breath, will have to give in.  No need for the Republicans to tarnish the perception that they are the adults here.

Simpson On Leave???

By Loudoun Insider

I’ve heard from two people now with inside knowledge that Sheriff Steve Simpson has told his head honchos at LCSO that he won’t be in much for a while since he’s so busy as CEO of Performance Beverage Group, the manufacturer of Nine Iron.  It does make sense since he’s missed some regular meetings recently.   It could have something to do with the civil suit he’s embroiled in over the control of Performance Beverage Group.  I’ve been promised some court documents soon.  Does he still draw a county salary while he works all that out?

Chance Of Success – Zero Point Zero

By Loudoun Insider

That’s my comment to the announcement in the LTM of Democrat Tom Bellanca running for Chairman of the Board against Scott York.

Do You Think They Would Have Done This For W?

By Lloyd the Idiot

U.S. news outlets held back disclosing Davis’ CIA ties.

Oh, the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration knows no end.

Where Does Ron Speakman Really Live?

By Lloyd the Idiot

In a recent comment on Too Conservative, Amy Kelly, a paid campaign advisor for Ron Speakman said in defending Ron Speakman’s claimed residence in Leesburg, “Ron has a Leesburg residence that he has owned for over 25 years, and from which he files both Federal and Virginia taxes.”  Mr. Speakman’s website similarly states he is a “26 year resident of Loudoun County.”

The statements, at best, are misleading.  Their clear implication is that he’s a long time Loudouner, but note that neither statement actually says he’s lived here continuously for that period.  In fact, Mr. Speakman owns a residence in Potomac, Maryland, and it is that Maryland address he used in reporting political contributions made in 2000.

Although I don’t expect a candidate’s family to have lived in his district since the Revolution, I do expect unquestionable honesty from any candidate, especially when he’s seeking the position of the county’s top law enforcement officer.  Frankly, after what we’ve already seen with Sheriff Simpson, we simply cannot risk a sheriff who is anything but a “straight shooter” (pardon the pun).  From what I’ve seen so far, we don’t have that in Mr. Speakman.

Lazaro Trial Balloon Pops

By Loudoun Insider

Even though everyone knew this was dead, Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro makes it official that he won’t be running for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in an article at the LTM.  The more I learn about official Purcellville business, the more I think Lazaro’s critics are on the money about so many things. 

This is now spilling over to the nascent Janet Clarke campaign, as discussed in the comments on a puff piece post at Nova Common Sense.  Clarke is a nice woman, but I don’t think she’ll be able to escape the Purcellville GOBGN (Good Old Boy and Girl Network) stench.