June 2011

Speakman Slings Shit

By Loudoun Insider

The common perception around the LCRC is that Ron Speakman is full of shit.  Seriously – the guy is wacked.  He’s been sending out daily emails lately full of BS.  I don’t have time to dissect all of them right now, but believe me, we do not need a guy who was basically forced to resign from Leesburg PD and then went into the mortgage business for almost twenty years as Sheriff of a growing important county. 

While many LCSO employees are ready for a change, the feeling there now is that they would rather stick with the devil they know in Simpson (who is never really there anyway) than deal with Speakman as their boss.  Please don’t buy what this snake oil salesman is selling.  I’ve got some more stuff coming soon on this guy.  He is so unfit to be Sheriff of any backwater jurisdiction, let alone Loudoun County.

Loudoun Democrats, Here’s an Excuse You May Want to Use

By Lloyd the Idiot

With things already looking really bad for the local Democratic party this fall, let me pass along one excuse (courtesy of the North Korean women’s soccer team) they may wish to use  once the Republicans clean their clock in November:  “Our team was stuck by lightning!”

Liz Miller Is ON FIRE!!!

By Loudoun Insider

I tell you, Liz Miller leaving the LCDC is probably one of the most exciting developments so far in this campaign season.  Not only was it a big deal in the LCDC and further illustrates the mind numbing incompetence of Mike Turner and his henchmen and henchwomen, but it also freed Liz Miller to say whatever she feels like saying.  And after being a bit low key for a while after leaving the LCDC, all of a sudden the proverbial dam has broken and Liz is really lighting things up.

This started with the McGimsey post mentioned in my post below, but she has since followed up with another on that topic, and a great post on the worst candidate so far this year – Josh Actor, who is running for Commissioner of the Revenue, but can’t raise a measley $750 for his filing fee and is begging other candidates for it!  And that’s just at her personal blog  – over at Loudoun Progress she jumps on the whatever will Jim Plowman do without Jim Fisher bandwagon with a searing post wondering what in the world he does all day.  I like the liberated Liz Miller!  Keep it up!

Who Will Run The Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Office Now?

By Loudoun Insider

This has been bubbling for some time, but it’s now official – Jim Fisher is leaving the Loudoun CA’s office to run the Fauquier CA office.  Fauquier CA Jonathan Lynn (who beat Fisher years ago) has been appointed to a judgeship and Fisher will serve out Lynn’s term, while simultaneously running for the office in this year’s election (nice deal for Fisher – it pays to be a big part of the GOBN!).  As of this time, I have heard of no one else interested in the position, and it looks like Fisher won’t be coming back to Loudoun.

The biggest problem this creates is of course in the Loudoun CA office, where Fisher serves as the de facto Commonwealth’s Attorney according to many inside sources.  Putative Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman is often referred to as the George W. Bush of the office while Fisher is Dick Cheney running the show while the boss dawdles.  The sound you hear right now is a huge sucking sound as the gravitas leaves the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.  This is terrible timing for Plowman heading into an election where his competence will be strongly questioned.

UPDATE:  The Jim Plowman campaign theme song!

Liz Miller Completely DESTROYS Andrea McGimsey

By Loudoun Insider


Taxes To Be Slashed In Six Months!

By Loudoun Insider

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that there will be a strongly Republican dominated Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County after the upcoming local elections in November.  The new Board will take their seats after the first of the year, which is about six months away.  Since all of them are preaching cutting taxes and reducing spending, I am sure we will see a near immediate plan of action put into place to slash the school budget, layoff county employees, and generally stop spending as much money as possible in all aspects of government. 

Right?  I mean I am actually in favor of much of that, so I am really not complaining.  But the problem nearly always is that the electioneering rhetoric of candidates almost always gets flushed down the drain as soon as they take office and want to push their own agendas.  And the group getting poised to take office is full of people with their own agendas and lots of friends and associates to provide favors to.  Something tells me, as is usual in politics, that little will change with the new Board, other than the special people getting the special favors.  I thnk the rest of us everyday citizens will continue to get screwed day in and day out.  Then we’ll start all over again in 2015 when the Loudoun pendulum swings the other way.  Yipee.

Conspicuous By Her Absence

By Lloyd the Idiot

In today’s mail was  a piece from Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York that listed the endorsement of all the local Republican Loudoun County candidates except one – Suzanne Volpe.   The same is true of his website. Volpe’s website, moreover, has no reference to a York endorsement (or any endorsement for that matter other than Frank Wolf).  Steve Stockman, the other Republican candidate for chairman, has no endorsements listed on his site.

Given that even Mick Staton has endorsed York, it makes one wonder whether this is just a timing issue or if it’s something deeper.  It certainly could be timing – Dick Black’s reciprocal endorsement of York, for example, must still be in the mail.


By Too Conservative

America can’t afford chicken leadership by our elected officials! A new video from ForAmerica.org

Let’s Make a Deal – With Sears

By Lloyd the Idiot

Various media outlets are reporting that Sears is considering relocation of its headquarters from Chicago to, well, anywhere that’s not Illinois.  The DC area, including Virginia, is among several nominees.

Virginia, and Loudoun for its part, should be willing to cut just about whatever deal it takes to bring in this kind of major, long-term commercial activity to the area.  A deal would bring as many as 6,200 jobs to northern Virginia, reduce the vacancy rate of commercial office space and give a shot to the construction industry given that Sears now occupies 2.4 million square feet in Chicago.  Plus, God works there. 

Like Volkswagen and Hilton where Fairfax won out,  a Sears relocation to Loudoun would be a huge win for both the state and the county.  Of course,  there’s the immediate economic benefit and diversification of  the tax base,  but  perhaps more importantly a Sears relocation would be yet another endorsement of the business-friendly nature of Virginia and Loudoun that, in turn, spurs even greater interest in the area by other companies both big and small.

Come on, Gov. McDonnell and Loudoun Economic Development Commission!  Get to work and bring Sears to Loudoun – and make sure they bring the Sears Tower, too.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman Endorses Mike Chapman

By Lloyd the Idiot

Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, himself a candidate for re-eletion, has endorsed Mike Chapman is his bid to become Loudoun County sheriff.  The endorsement is big (perhaps as big as it gets) given that it comes from the other of the “two separate but equally important groups,” to steal  a line from Law & Order.

When you consider that the endorsment is effectively a rebuke of the sitting sheriff by a fellow constitutional officer, it’s huge.

LTM article here

UPDATED:  Text of endorsement below the fold (more…)