August 2011

Marsden Getting Desperate

By Too Conservative

Sends out e-mail trying to tie Jason Flanary to Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.


925 Days

By Too Conservative

It’s been 925 days since Barack Obama has presented a jobs plan. Cool video about what was accomplished in less than this time by Let Freedom Ring.

Debbie Rose Already Makes Hatrick Nervous

By Loudoun Insider

Debbie Rose was the star of the recent State of Loudoun Education address, asking tough questions of Hatrick and getting a hero’s welcome afterwards by numerous business leaders.  Read the Leesburg Today article for details.  Hatrick was so discombobulated by her tough question on the costs of technology that he let this stupid statement fly out of his mouth:

“Right now, we’re buying textbooks now just to say we buy them, and they’re not being used because they’re not up-to-date” 


This quote should be the defining quote of this year’s School Board races.  Obviously Rose flustered the King of LCPS, who is not used to being challenged on anything, especially not by his supplicant servants that currently sit on the School Board.  This is exactly what Loudoun County needs – School Board members that will actually ask the tough questions and truly manage the system, instead of being led around on a leash by their employee.

Weighing in on Riley’s Consultant Best/Worst

By Too Conservative

I can’t help but weigh in on Jim Riley’s “best/worst” list based upon the primary election. I agree with some of his assessment on his best list…BUT….

1) You can not put the blame on a single person for losing an election. And certainly this was not the case in the hard fought Stirrup race…where a district based HEAVILY in Loudoun County….and Dick Black’s old legislative seat was fought.*

Not only did Bob FitzSimmonds take votes away from Stirrup in Prince William…not only were Black cronies running around the district putting falsehoods about Supervisor Stirrup’s pro-life stance, but the race was a large uphill climb  for which Corry Bliss should be applauded as one of the BEST consultants in Virginia. Corry has been involved in Virginia politics for years and I worked with him last cycle on Brian Dubie’s gubernatorial race in Vermont. Corry is one of the hardest working and sharpest campaign folks I know…he gets incredibly caught up in his races and it’s his law school tenacity (Corry had a law degree) that makes him a great campaigner.

It’s easy to speculate on blogs and easy to look and critique races from the outside but Supervisor Stirrup, Corry, and the entire team worked incredibly hard to get where they ended up. I hope the Supervisor runs again in Virginia as he’s proven to be incredibly formidable.

UPDATE: I also wanted to point out how absolutely distasteful it is the way some folks on NovaCommonSense took personal attacks to the next level concerning this race. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion obviously but one of the negatives of blogging is it allows for the uneducated to post front page news to the masses.

2) I wanted to give a shout out to Steve Hunt who I’ve known since Middle School for a hard fought race. He fought incredibly hard and deserves a big pat on the back. Him and his wife are truly great people and I hope they stay involved as the county needs them. That all said….Jason Flanary and his team should for sure be mentioned among the bests for their victory in a closely fought race.

3) Miller Baker and his team including Dan Letovsky and Seamus Owens should be given credit as well among the best for their primary victory.

4) Notable mentions: Kris and Marty Nohe who served as their own consultants in the Coles district of PWC. They CRUSHED their primary opponent.

*I know many of you may disagree with some of my comments but I hope you will respect them as someone who knows many of these people personally and was involved on the Stirrup race.

Politico on Targeted Ads

By Too Conservative

Politico has an article out this afternoon about targeted web ads and some of their use this cycle which I’m quoted in.

Some of the new ad properties are amazing in their ability to interactive with web users.

When Will Dick Black and Eugene Delgaudio Weigh In?

By Loudoun Insider

Holy crap – I haven’t checked this LTM story in a while about the lesbian Loudoun County Boy Scout leader who was recently kicked out by a puritan – there are now 468 comments!  By far the most debated local newspaper story I’ve ever seen. 

What I really cannot believe is that Dick Black and/or Eugene Delgaudio haven’t been all over this story like flies on you-know-what.  I can only imagine what kind of wacky Public Advocate fundraising letter ED is cooking up right now (please send me $100 immediately to help fight this lesbian scourge!).  Have they finally learned that maybe these issues aren’t where their focus should be?  Unfortunately I just don’t see their obsessions with homosexuality going by the wayside so easily.  I can’t help but have a hilarious image of frantic campaign workers holding them down and stuffing socks into their mouths!  “I MUST speak out about this!”  “No, you musn’t!”  Somehow I think the public pronouncements would be all over the place if we were already past the election and they were safely back in office for four year terms.



That’s Going to Leave a Mark

By Lloyd the Idiot

From Yahoo!’s most-read news stories this morning:
Obama’s Legacy: A Failed Recovery & Double-Dip Recession

Does Tom Reed Fool The LCRC Again???

By Loudoun Insider

Here we go again.  It’s School Board endorsement time for the LCRC tonight.  And big spender Tom Reed, who has been making his obligatory recent stops at Republican campaign events, will once again go for the LCRC endorsement.  That’s right, the guy who consistently thinks we’re not spending enough money, who voted to spend millions on fancy whiteboards, and who has been a big backer of one over-priced stinky land deal after another, wants to be considered a “Republican” (whatever the hell that means these days, but I would think that big spending is not high on the trait list) and get on the sample ballot.  I would say, please don’t get fooled again, but I bet they probably will.

UPDATE:  Endorsement results – Reed wins against Ohneiser for At-Large, Rose against Murdock for Algonkian, Fox against Nuzzaco for Leesburg, and Ryan over Andrews for Ashburn.  Arias and Turgeon are uncontested and are endorsed for Catoctin and Blue Ridge respectively, as was Morse in Dulles.


A Reading of the Constitution

By Stevens Miller

BOS members get a lot of invitations to attend all kinds of events. How would people seeing it from a Northern Virginia Republican Viewpoint interpret my attendance at the one described below?


A Chicken in Every Spirit Pot

By Lloyd the Idiot


As the Democratic nominee for Dulles District supervisor, Larry Roeder touts his “ability to build innovative solutions.”   In the day job, he builds and sells something else:  “spirit pots” which are, in his own words, “special containers for the ashes and soul of the departed.  Many people use these for pets, others for people.”  Yes, that’s right, just like one from the Steve Martin/Lilly Tomlin movie All of Me.   Can I get one in magenta?  There’s a dead fly on my window sill that I’d like to remember properly.

One other thing from the day job.  He emphasizes his international experience with the State Department.  These days, that experience is used to increase international attention on animal welfare as a means of reducing the effects of climate change.  Sounds about as rational as any other climate change analysis I’ve seen.