December 2011

Pat Mullins Is In Trouble

By Loudoun Insider

When Pat Mullins announced he was seeking re-election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia a couple weeks ago, pretty much everyone figured he was a shoo-in. The party had just come off a good election cycle and not many compliants were to be heard about Mullins and his team at RPV.

What a difference a couple weeks can make. The primary debacle and the subsequent fall out has flipped the political calculus on Mullins on its head. Moderates are ticked at RPV for the pledge nonsense, conservatives are ticked about the primary choices, there is a sense that the establishment, which now (unfortunately for him) includes Mullins, favored Romney through the process, and Mullins has issued a series of strange and often contradicting official statements.

I cannot imagine a serious challenger to Mullins not arising at this point. RPV Chairman is a wide open slot at this point.

Virginia’s GOP Primary Process Continues To Embarrass

By Loudoun Insider

This is really turning into a freak show with the late return of “THE PLEDGE”.  RPV is demanding that voters in the Presidential primary sign one of their ridiculous pledges, and the SBE, chaired by longtime RPV fixture Charles Judd, voted to allow this.  Unfortunately, as pointed out by Vivian Page, this is supposed to happen 90 days prior to the election date and may not be enforceable.  Looks like another lawsuit coming down the pike.

The more I see of this whole process the more it stinks of an establishment push to help Romney at the expense of the other candidates.  The always entertaining Tim Boyer started the ball rolling on the conspiracy theories, and Norm Leahy posts another statement from RPV after they said they wouldn’t be commenting because of litigation, that once again says that Romney’s petitions were treated differently than the others.  This whole episode has been a huge embarrassment.  Sure the failing candidate’s campaigns deserve ridicule as well, but Virginia looks like a total train wreck to the rest of the country with this “process”.  What a mess, that is only getting worse by the day.

My Stalker Is Acting Out Again

By Loudoun Insider

Bullet Box Monk is going off the deep end again about me.  But he and his fellow creeps have also decided to make attacking Vincent (TC himself) part of the deal this time for daring to tolerate free speech on this site.  In fact, Bullet Box has told people that he is working at the highest levels of state government to shut down Too Conservative.  We’ll see how that works out.

I explained the basics in this post a few months ago.  Followed up by this one asking him to try to quit me.  I explained the meaning of his new nickname in this post about all the rage in the LCRC.  He shut up for a while but is now back in full blown OCD mode about me.  He even changed out his formerly creepy serial killer-style sidebar about me on his blog with a new one that is even more off the wall.

Here’s the old one:                                                         Here is the latest:











I’m still trying to figure out how I sacrificed anything and I did nothing out of the ordinary on October 19th.  Bullet Box adopted the Loudmouthed Incitor (Inciter spelled wrong of course) nickname for me a while back, so I’ve responded in kind with Bullet Box, which is much more accurate and appropriate.

Bullet Box got on a tangent back then that somehow Sheriff Mike Chapman was involved in “electoral fusion”, which Bullet Box declared was illegal in Virginia.  The whole “darling” thing is also all too predictable from these creeps, who make trying to screw with people’s marriages part of their tactics.

So I guess he’s accusing me of breaking the law.  If I broke the electoral fusion law he should either file a criminal complaint with his buddy Jim Plowman or shut the f*#$ up and take this degenerate fixated cheesy artwork down.  Come on, you creepy bastard, find a new fixation and get over me.  And quit your vendetta against Vincent, who has done more in politics just out of college than you and your cohorts have ever done in the entirety of your miserable lives.

Perry Sues About VA Balloting Laws

By Too Conservative

More here.

GREAT Move By Virginia HOD – Will The Senate Follow?

By Loudoun Insider

Bravo Jim LeMunyon and Mark Keam!  Anyone who cares about open government and sunshine should applaud this move and demand that the Virginia Senate follow suit.

Charlottesville, Virginia // Published December 25, 2011
COMMENTARY: A step toward more open government
By Jim LeMunyon and Mark Keam

When the Virginia House of Delegates convenes in January, there may be more people keeping tabs on how state legislators work. Those people could include you.

A resolution passed in 2011 requires that the General Assembly’s website provide an easy way for the public to look up votes by a delegate’s name. This is a significant change because until now, if a constituent wanted to find out how a delegate voted on a bill, the constituent needed to look up each bill — one by one — and read through the lists of yes and no votes until they found their own legislator’s name.


Merry Christmas From The TC Crew!

By Loudoun Insider

Here’s to everyone having a wonderful Christmas!

Here’s a great holiday tune from Rob Fahey, a Maryland singer-songwriter, that was written for those who have departed this world.  Keep them in your thoughts as well, especially those who have died overseas for all of our freedoms.

Virginia Primary Ballot

By Too Conservative

As someone who has stood out in front of Giants across Northern Virginia and Kroger’s across Virginia Beach to get folks on the ballot….the process is obviously in need of fixing.

The fact that Gingrich and Perry couldn’t get on the ballot doesn’t do anything except hurt the legitimacy of the primary and force Virginia GOP voters to vote for people they might be willing to do so.

Big Choices For Virginia Republicans

By Loudoun Insider

Only four Presidential candidates submitted the required signatures for Virginia’s primary, and only two were certified.  Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the two choices for a statewide primary.  Ridiculous.

UPDATE:  It’s hard to argue with NLS’ take on this – RPV absolutely should have done whatever it took to make sure a variety of candidates qualified.  I’m starting to wonder if this was some kind of purposeful laxity to help Bolling and his man Romney.  Which very well could backfire if the Paul folks really work it.

An Incredible Early Christmas Present For Dee Dee Hubbard

By Loudoun Insider

An extremely quick Not Guilty verdict in the weak politically charged case brought against the Middleburg Eccentric newspaper owner was surely the best Christmas present she could have hoped for.  I was aware of the Not Guilty verdict when it happened in late November, but had not read this excellent article at the Eccentric providing the sordid details.  This case and the way it was handled was despicable.  I’m glad Dee Dee Hubbard got this out of the way before Christmas this year.

Speaking of Eugene …

By Loudoun Insider

If you haven’t been to Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s scintillating Public Advocate of the United States website, treat yourself to some great comedy.  This one in which he takes credit for Newt Gingrich pledging to be faithful to his wife is a real screamer.  And some people wonder why it’s impossible for others to take this goofball seriously on any issue???