January 2012

Romney Wins Decisively In Florida

By Loudoun Insider

Florida Board of Elections website here.

Littner Spins A New Tale, and Flannery’s Bills Continue To Pile Up

By Loudoun Insider

Good grief.  Caitlin Gibson of the WaPo gives us an update on the ridiculous Board of Equalization lawsuit mess.  J. Scott Littner, the obnoxious Chairman of the BOE, gave a different version than everyone else’s recollection of his encounter with Beverly Bradford over her audacity to take a photo in an open public meeting.  And the trial was extended once again, giving $400 an hour attorney John Flannery who knows how many more hours to continue to pad his taxpyer bill of at least $54,000 before yesterday’s hearing.  What a complete waste of everyone’s time and more importantly our tax dollars.

Who Was Paying For All This, Howie?

By Loudoun Insider

Howie Lind made a huge deal about the 10th Republican Congressional District opening and staffing two offices during this past election cycle.  Here is the announcement on the 10th CD’s webpage.

Unfortunately, when you look at the campaign finance reports filed by Howie’s committee for the last quarter of the year, there is absolutely nothing about rent or in-kind contributions for these two office spaces.  So who paid for them?  Did the owners of the office space donate the market price rent for the space?  If so then it should be declared as an in-kind contribution.  This is elementary campaign finance compliance.

If anyone knows more about this, please fill us in, along with the State Board of Elections.

UPDATE:  Good info coming in comments.  Come on, people, help me out here and do a little research, I can’t do it all myself!

David LaRock Deserves A Medal

By Loudoun Insider

David LaRock has been THE leader in the opposition to the Metro to Dulles, boondoggle, and spent time manning a booth in the lobby at tonight’s LCRC meeting, much to the chagrin of some of the supervisors and land use operatives who were there.

The more info that comes out on this, the worse it looks for Loudoun taxpayers.  I am sick to death of hearing how great this is going to be for economic development in Loudoun County.  Give me a break, we’re talking about a couple stops and a couple miles of track.  The only economic boon it will provide is for certain well connected landowners and developers, all while we the people get to pay the long term freight to pay for it all.

Visit Loudoun Opt Out for ongoing information.

Anna Lee Likely To Challenge John Whitbeck for 10th CD Chair

By Loudoun Insider

It isn’t fully confirmed yet, but it looks like long time Republican Party stalwart and super volunteer Anna Lee is going to challenge failed candidate John Whitbeck for the position vacated by Howie Lind.

Whitbeck and his handlers are doing their best to line up endorsements, and they have secured a few, but some of those people are already having regrets after hearing about Anna Lee’s interest.  Remember, Whitbeck performed in much the same way in his failed bid for the 10th HOD nomination – he got out early, lined up endorsements, and ultimately lost with the same people pushing him then as now.

10th District convention goers will need to decide who they want as the leader of the 10th overseeing the various units and sitting on the RPV Executive Committee.  A woman who has worked hard for years in the trenches at all levels, or a Johnny Come Lately who has told people he has caught the political bug and really wants to be elected to something, and is eying this important party position as a stepping stone to his next run for office.

I’ll have more on Howie’s last minute decision not to run for re-election and some related issues soon.  There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

The Most Important Piece of Legislation – EVER

By Lloyd the Idiot

Sure, the Code of Hammurabi, the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta and the Constitution are kind of important, but they pale in comparison to the magnitude, and sheer beauty, of House Joint Resolution 104.

HJ 104, patroned by Del. Randy Minchew (R-Loudoun), would commission a feasibility study for the construction of a museum to honor great Americans.   You’ll recall that  I suggested just such a study in a previous post, Time for Virginia to Save the Real Hall of Fame.  And while my characterization of the importance of the resolution may be a bit colored, Del. Minchew should be commended  for answering the call.  Thank you, Randy!

To say it again, America desperately needs a hall that honors its greatest achievers.  America has no single place that honors our Founding Fathers, our great inventors, businessmen, statesmen, philosophers, poets, humanitarians, explorers and all the other patriots that have proven that freedom does indeed bestow wonderful blessings.  We  need a hall that is deep in content but still interactive and entertaining.  A hall that captures the past but uses 21st century technology to make that history come alive. A hall that recognizes not fame but true greatness.  Most of all, we need a hall that inspires future generations of Americans to be great.

Although modest in the world of legislative priorities, this study nonetheless lights the flame by which Virginia will again show her leadership in  celebrating and preserving the accomplishments of the American spirit.

The resolution is coming for hearing in the Studies subcommittee of the House Rules committee this week.  If you believe it the project, please voice your support by contacting these members of the subcommittee:

Chairman R. Steven Landes, DelSLandes@house.virginia.gov

Del. Delegate R. Lee Ware, Jr.,  DelLWare@house.virginia.gov

Del. Robert D. Orrock, Sr.,  DelBOrrock@house.virginia.gov

Del. Barry D. Knight, DelBKnight@house.virginia.gov

Del. Johnny S. Joannou, (804) 698-1079 (no email)

Del. Kenneth C. Alexander, DelKAlexander@house.virginia.gov

Gingrich in Florida

By Too Conservative

I am headed down to Florida tomorrow morning to spend a couple of days in Orlando with the Gingrich campaign. As you may have figured out, I am assisting with their digital/technology side of things.

We launched a Florida Action Center earlier this week for the Speaker and I’m excited to head down to see how everything’s looking on the ground. I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida over the past couple of years since my firm has an office in Tallahassee (and does work with Governor Rick Scott) and I know the base of the party down there fits extremely well with Speaker Gingrich’s brand of conservativism.

Yesterday Herman Cain endorsed Newt and tonight new polls show the race tightening again.

I feel very strongly that the GOP needs a conservative on the top of the ticket. Someone who is not afraid to take the fight to President Obama. With Governor Perry out, Speaker Gingrich is that guy.

I’ll be in Virginia the end of this week and then I hope to be in Richmond next week and can meet up with some of y’all for drinks! Wish us luck on Tuesday.

David “Illegal Sign King” Ramadan Strikes Again

By Loudoun Insider

Stilson from Leesburg Today hit the nail on the head with his cartoon this past week:

Ramadan wants to give the Greenway the ability to have outdoor advertising on it, basically meaning billboards.  All this after the Loudoun Board’s measure to keep more illegal signs on our roadways and allow flashing electronic signs with no set standards.  Of course Ramadan was a big funder of many of those Supervisors while being the worst violator of VDOT’s restrictions on signs in road rights of way.  What Ramadan and the press also don’t tell you is that his personal PR consultants who helped him barely get elected also represent The Greenway as lobbyists/PR people.  Your government at work, folks.

Challenger To Whitbeck Coming Soon

By Loudoun Insider

John Whitbeck looks to be quite desperate to be somebody in politics.  He ran for and lost the Republican nomination for the 10th HOD seat last year, and now thinks he is qualified to run the 10th Republican Congressional District Committee.  With basically ZERO committee experience.  Whoever wins this will be sitting on the RPV Executive Committee.  You would think people would want someone with some real party experience besides being a losing candidate.  Several people told me Howie Lind was leading him around by the arm at last week’s State Central Committee and Whitbeck looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  As much as I didn’t care for Howie Lind, you could not argue that he didn’t have significant party experience.

Unfortunately Whitbeck has had a good head start and has lined up a variety of support, with some saying they are supporting him because no one else is running.  Hold your horses before committing, folks.  Whitbeck is not liked or trusted at all by too many people in the party, and there is a concerted effort underway to find an alternative with experience.  Too many people wonder why he has been anointed by some players without having any relevant experience.  There has been some serious wheeling and dealing with various political game players all giddy about the prospects of running the 10th District Committee, with an unusual combination of factions involved.

Luckily for the opposition, the people running Whitbeck’s campaign have lost every contested Republican contest that they have run.  Whitbeck had a big head start against Minchew and lost.  Look for a repeat if the right candidate emerges.

Loudoun Board Of Equalization Wastes Our Tax Dollars

By Loudoun Insider

In more than one way.  They regularly make boneheaded assessment decisions, and now they have caused the taxpayers of Loudoun County to blow nearly EIGHTY GRAND defending themselves in a ridiculous legal battle where they had a hissy fit over someone taking a photo at a public meeting.  That EIGHTY GRAND figure includes $54,000 to local attorney and Dem activist John Flannery defending the boneheaded BOE, and $25,000 to outside attorneys to represent the Board of Supervisors, who simply want to make this go away with a simple apology to the woman who snapped the incredibly damaging EIGHTY GRAND photo.  Tom Jackman lays out the case brilliantly at The State of NOVA.  Good grief what a joke.  Once again Loudoun County lives up to its LoCo reputation.