March 2012

LCRC Mass Meeting

By Loudoun Insider

Someone left me a phone message wondering if I went to the LCRC Mass Meeting today. I had much better things to do, so the answer is no f-ing way. I heard it was an aborted gay zombie themed extravaganza, with a special breakout session on the Biblical treatment of Lyme Disease. Feel free to share the exciting details if you participated.

John Stevens Is Still A Sore Loser Prick

By Loudoun Insider

What a tool.  He’s trolling the new School Board members’ personal Facebook accounts for stuff to use on his blog.  Not Poor Jill at all, it’s Poor John who got his clock cleaned at the polls and still can’t get over it.

The Final Chapter in the Pro-Life Debate

By Lloyd the Idiot

As an appropriate bookend to the latest round of debate over the beginning of life, there have been several stories lately about suicide by elderly couples, showing how decisions made at the end of life can be just as controversial as those at the beginning.  It also reminds us of the overreach of government, particularly by social “conservatives,” when it comes to our inevitable exit.

We all remember the Terry Schiavo case, and I won’t rehash the antics of mindless pro-lifers in Florida.  However, I hope you will recall also the Virginia equivalent to Schiavo (actually a predecessor) in which former Governor Jim Gilmore sought to force a wife to keep her brain-dead husband on life support, and then refused to pay her attorneys fees when she fought back and won.  I have never forgiven him for that disgusting, patronizing arrogance, and it’s exactly why I didn’t vote for him when he ran for Senate in 2010.  (Editorial Note:  The War Department has my advanced medical directive saying pull the plug.  And, boy, she just can’t wait for the opportunity).


Sick Of It All!

By Loudoun Insider

I’m in the midst of one of my F it all moods in regards to politics.  What a mess we have in this county, in this state, and in this nation.  And too few people pay attention or really give a shit.  Worst of all is the overbearing ridiculous partisanship that turns most activists into mindless reflexive robots.

The Loudoun BOS continues to cut tiny programs while paving the way to put us into massive long term debt for two lousy Metro stops.  They’re also busy trying to placate Mike Farris with Lyme Disease BS, as laid out so well by Realloudoun.  Remember when Farris canned a bunch of teachers at Patrick Henry College because they dared to suggest that not all answers are found in the Bible?  Just where in the world is long term antibiotic use spelled out in the Bible?  The more I think about it, the more I think this just might be another plank in the developer friendly BOS’ agenda – hell, if they pave the county there will be no room for deer or deer ticks.

Arlington just held a special election to elect a supervisor.  12% of registered voters bothered to turn out.  Ridiculous.  In our last local and statewide elections in Virginia we had about 25% turnout.  Even more ridiculous, and why I now have feeble abortion and gay obsessed Dick Black as my State Senator.  For more lamentable news about Virginia, go to Bacon’s Rebellion, where they have been on an incredible roll detailing the mind numbing stupidity of The Clown Show in Richmond.

Nationally, I am now convinced that this country is in irreversible decline that I will not see turned around in my lifetime.  Of course any mention of the growing disparity between the haves and have nots automatically makes me a socialist in some peoples’ eyes, but to those I say screw you.  Big money rules more than ever and the power of the voters is diluted more than ever .  The two party system is a disaster, producing ever more weak and inept leaders.

We are turning into a country where the 1% increasingly lord over a citizenry that they want to all have earning ten bucks and hour with no benefits paying every exorbitant taxes.  Harold Meyerson wrote an excellent piece in the WaPo yesterday about the growing income disparity in America, where in 2010, 93% of all income growth went to the top 1% of earners.  This is not sustainable if we are to be any kind of powerhouse in the world, but this is globalization reaping its “rewards” on America’s vanishing middle class.  It’s hard to argue the closing paragraph:

“A nation where 93 percent of income growth goes to the top 1 percent is not a nation that will embark on great projects, or long command the allegiance of its people.”

Now get ready for some of Loudoun’s top “conservative” activists, many of whom make money off the government or spend their time trying to get government contracts and/or jobs to tell me I’m all wrong and things would just be great if we could get rid of that socialist Obama.  Of course socialism isn’t the answer, but neither is feudalism and we just might be heading that way if this keeps up.

What a Difference a Republican School Board Makes

By Lloyd the Idiot

Remember last year when, after going to far as to close school for a few days because it was short on funding, the Loudoun County School Board came up with a $8.5 million surplus and didn’t know what to do with it?  Instead of simply giving it back to the County, it decided, over heated disagreement with the Board of Supervisors, to spend $4 million of it on electronic blackboards.

Well, this Board has found $11.6 million between the cushions.  This time, though, instead of spending it on something like espresso makers in the classroom or Ipads for custodians, it’s turning it all over to the County.

Isn’t that the way things are supposed to work?

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back to Richmond . . .

By Lloyd the Idiot

. . . the House of Delegates rejects the Senate’s budget amendments.

Good for them!  Glad to see the House Republicans holding the line on the Senate Dems’ extortionist spending add-ons, though, of course, the Dems will now try to paint them as the obstructionists.

That said, my guess is that a compromised budget will be worked out relatively quickly.  Why do I think that?  Simply put, these guys (and gals) have other things to do.  Like their real jobs.  Thank goodness for a part-time legislature.   Even with the occasional distraction of divisive social issues, the limited nature of the General Assembly really does force efficient use of the legislators’ time.


Fairfax County Republican Committee Spring and Summer Internships Available!

By Guest Conservative

Apply to be a 2012 Spring/Summer Intern – join the winning team today! Please, apply with the application found at or by emailing Executive Director Susan Falconer at Thank you, Too Conservative, for posting this information on behalf of our team!

LCDC Takes a Swing at Delgaudio – and Misses

By Lloyd the Idiot

Evan Macbeth, the newly minted chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, leads off his administration with a  call for Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio to resign following a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center that called Delgaudio’s Public Advocate of the United
States . . . a hate group.  [Dramatic “daa daa daaa” here]

Swing and a miss for Macbeth.  Not that Delgaudio deserves any slack, but, if you’ve ever read a paper or a blog in this town, you’d know (quite well) that Public Advocate is, and has been, about as anti-homosexual as they come.

The Dems will have to do a heck of a lot better than just relaying the scorn of some leftist group from Montgomery, Alabama if they ever expect to take out Eugene.


Obamacare SCOTUS Prediction Thread

By Cato the Elder

My take? They’ll punt. They’ll mouth something along the lines of “come see us again in 2014 when the insurance requirement kicks in.” Sorry folks, I just don’t see the Roberts court having the cojones to rule on the substance during election season.

Hilarious Fact of the Day

By Cato the Elder

Apparently, some joker has decided that it’s time for some truth in advertising and has redirected and to

Well played.

Now if we can just get and redirected we’ll be all set.