April 2012

Damn, I Missed It!!!

By Loudoun Insider

What else could I be talking about, the political event of the year, the opening of David Ramadan’s district office happened today.  And somehow I forgot about it after receiving three email alerts about it, even though I am nowhere near his district.

First, I wanted to see how many of the recipients of his political money showed up.  I bet they all did, because Ramadan has people working for him who keep track of who owes who what.  I bet there’s a spreadsheet somewhere keeping track of how much they do in return.

Secondly, I wanted to ask him how he was doing in getting Too Conservative shut down.  I was promised a few months ago by one of the most important political operatives in the county (just ask him, he’ll tell you) that people at the top levels of state government, spearheaded by David Ramadan, were going to get TC pulled from the internet.  Somehow we’re still here.

Thirdly, I wanted to see if Howard Heavin was there and if he is as rotund as fellow Curves man Ramadan himself.

And finally, I wanted to see if he was displaying the Ikrhras Shoe of the Month Award he received.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it.  If anyone was there please fill in the blanks for me.

“Don’t Resist a Robber.” Really?

By Lloyd the Idiot

Today’s print edition of the WaPo’s Loudoun Extra (a whopping 8 pages of mostly non-news) includes a story on what to do in the case of a home invasion.  In the article, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Liz Mills urges residents, “Don’t resist a robber.  Your possessions are not worth your life.  Follow the robber’s commands but don’t offer assistance.”

While I agree that your possessions are not worth your life, I completely disagree with the idea that you can trust a burglar to just take your stuff and leave you alone.  It seems like the more frequent result is that the burglars rape, murder or severely injure the residents.  I mean, heck, they aren’t there to drop off a plate of cupcakes!  If it were me, I hope I’d fight like a bastard right down to groin kicks and eye scratching – and doing so to my dying breath.  I know I don’t want to go down without a fight.

NoVa: Love It or Hate It?

By Lloyd the Idiot

As a fifth-generation Californian, it took a good long while before I was willing to admit that I preferred living here to LA.  In fact, it took a solid 7 years before before the thought even crossed my mind (coincidentally, they say 7 years is the time it takes for all the cells in your body to be replaced).  That said, there are still some things I really, really hate about it.

Prompted by an article in Northern Virginia Magazine, 40 Reasons We Love NoVa, I decided to put together my own list of some pros and cons of living in northern Virginia.  There are others, and some may seem a bit contradictory, but here they are (below the fold): (more…)

TC DC Sports Post

By Loudoun Insider

Lots going on.

The Caps won a tough tough series with a phenomenal Game 7, with lots of boneheaded bruins fans taking ridiculous racist potshots at Joel Ward who scored the game winner in overtime.  The Caps are looking damn good and peaking at the right time.  Dale Hunter is the man!

The Redskins get RGIII as expected.  Who knows if it will help them.  It should but there are no guarantee, especially with first round QB picks.

The Nationals continue to surprise everyone.  besides having some good acquisitions, you cannot deny the incredible influence of Davey Johnson.  I’m a former long time Baltimore Orioles fan who lost all faith in the franchise when Peter Angelos fired Davey Johnson.  The Nats reap the rewards years later.  Good for them.

Feel free to pontificate in comments.

The Salahi-Cuccinelli Affair, With An Unfortunate Side Helping Of Dave Albo

By Loudoun Insider

Ibbie Hedrick, spokesperson for Lt. Governor Bill Bolling gets the Quote of the Month Award!  AG Ken Cuccinelli, soon to be running for Governor, decided to sue Tareq Salahi, famous for being an ass and crashing the White House, over some funky business practices of Salahi.  Then Salahi announces he is going to run for Governor.  In response to these events, Ms. Hedrick says in this WaPo article that nicely summarizes the situation:

“The lieutenant governor is focused on creating jobs for Virginia families, not the Salahi-Cuccinelli affair”

Almost as hilarious in that article is the revelation that Dave Albo, most recently known for embarrassing the crap out of his wife, and before that the ridiculous abuser fees that he wanted to impose on drivers (which he would profit from as an ambulance chaser) declares that he is a great friend of Tareq Salahi:

“Del. David B. Albo (R-Fairfax), who has known Salahi for more than a decade and even made an appearance on “The Real Housewives of D.C.” said his friend told him a while back that he planned to run.

“My friend, Tareq, is an eccentric guy,’’ he said. But Albo said he is unlikely to support Salahi. “I don’t see how anyone without a $1 million can win.””

My post I linked to above for Albo’s embarrassment of his wife was entitled “Virginia Is For Assholes“, and Albo shows that assholes like Salahi and himself tend to stick together.  If Dave Albo wins another term after all the previous nonsense and now bragging about being friends with Tareq Salahi, I will officially lose all faith in the Virginia electorate (even though I am already 99% there).  Salahi has 0.0% chance of being Governor, but Albo must go.

Get Elected In Loudoun County, Travel The World

By Loudoun Insider

Scott York is in Germany and heading to Taiwan when he gets back and Janet Clarke is in Korea!  Good grief, is there any evidence at all that these trips produce anything?  And just to send Barbara Munsey into histrionics, Realloudoun has a good post up about it as well.

Support Deputy B.J. Mull!

By Loudoun Insider

Someone sent me a link to this article about a Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s deputy, B.J. Mull, who had his neck crushed when a huge tree branch fell on the top of his patrol car while on duty.  The Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission DENIED his claim saying it was an “act of God”.  What  a load of unmitigated horse shit.  Take care of this man NOW!

Defending Racism at All Costs

By Lloyd the Idiot

The University of Texas will pay Washington lawyers close to $1 million to defend the admissions preference it gives to white students in a case now pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Oh, did I say a preference for white students?  Silly me.  That clearly would be illegal, wouldn’t it?

But what’s the difference really?  These preferences are nothing more than state-sanctioned racism, every bit as repugnant to the Constitution as segregated schools, beaches and buses. Just like Brown v. Board of Education overturned a century of  “separate but equal,” it is time to end “affirmative action” programs that do nothing more than perpetuate racial and ethnic divisions in this country.

More about the case here.  Should be an interesting one, particularly with Justice Kagan recusing herself.



Richmond Dems: “There is Absolutely No Voter Fraud in the Commonwealth – Well, Except for Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.”

By Lloyd the Idiot

The GA Dems’ continuing and groundless objection to very, very basic and non-intrusive voter ID laws continues to astound me, particularly in light of  38 actual CONVICTIONS  for voter fraud in the 2008 alone and nearly 200 other cases where authorities believed a crime had occurred but the cases were not prosecuted.

Look, guys, if you need the votes of convicts to win  elections,  you really should rethink your message.


Why In The Hell Does Howie Lind Need Security???

By Loudoun Insider

Someone just pointed me to this recent revised filing by Howie Lind’s 10th Republican Congressional District Committee, where Howie was apparently so threatened  that he had to hire LCRC tough guy Greg Stone for $100 to provide security on December 15. 2011 (entry on page 9 of 10).   Was this the date of that meeting where Stone was announced as security at a meeting because they were so scared of Jo-Ann Chase???  Is Howie really that scared of a little woman???  Your committee dollars at work, contributors.  Please, someone give us the official explanation of the need for “security”.  Good grief, what elitist bullshit.