May 2012

LTM Shuts Down Comments, Starts Writing Pro-LCRC Puff Pieces

By Loudoun Insider

I actually thought the Loudoun Times Mirror was making some good strides recently.  Then they just about shut down their comments section by requiring registration and pre-clearance of comments, and then start putting out pro-LCRC GOBGN articles at a brisk pace.  First we had a glowing article about Dick Black writing a letter urging state funding for a road project, and now we have a puff piece about John Whitbeck.  Again.  After the last article about him winning the relatively obscure 10th District Republican Committee Chairmanship went haywire in comments.  But given that Whitbeck’s new Communications Chair David D’Onofrio has always had a super cozy relationship of undetermined status it isn’t too surprising that the LTM would print whatever D’Onofrio wants.  More on that later.


The REAL Jim Messina

By Loudoun Insider

Every time I see references to Obama Spokesman Jim Messina, this guy pops into my head, a man with an impeccable musical resume – Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and Loggins & Messina.

Loggins & Messina also did one of the greatest Memorial Day worthy songs ever off the same album, a little late but worth posting (not sure why this YouTube poster cut out the awesome long jam at the end!)  WARNING – Do NOT watch this vid if you’re squeamish – some disturbing images in it:

Make Some Money With Eugene Today!

By Loudoun Insider

So this is what Eugene Delgaudio does with all that money Pubic Advocate raises – pay people to show up to his rallies!

This email was forwarded to me by someone normally on ED’s side – all names have been kept anonymous to protect the innocent:

Hello all,

Here’s a chance to make an easy $150 while fighting the progressives in the great culture war being fought for the soul of America:
There’s an effort to influence members of Congress to support traditional marriage being led by the Executive Director of Public Advocate of the U.S., Eugene Delgaudio.
This will take the form of a rally on the steps of the capitol, and should take several hours including transportation to and from the Capitol.
We will meet at:
 5613 Leesburg Pike, Suite 17 · Falls Church, VA 22041
at 9am and will return to that same location at 1pm.  Anyone who shows up and participates will be paid $150.
This is an issue the libs lose even in blue states like California, and thus serves as a great way to recruit people into the culture war to save our great Republic.  The progressives wanted this fight; THEY started all this, now let US finish it.
Please respond if you’re interested.
This was sent to me last night but I just opened it this morning – too bad I didn’t get it up sooner, we could have helped deplete ED’s treasury a bit!

HUGE, Wholly Unexpected News!!! Dick Black Endorses Ken Cuccinelli For Governor!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Stop the presses!  Here’s the text from Uncle Dick the Mortician (I’m sorry but that image of him as a mortician just pops int my head every time I see him!), which came complete with that heart warming photo above:

“Ken is the most inspiring public figure in Virginia’s recent history…
Ken Cuccinelli never sidestepped an issue because it was too hard… I am proud to announce my endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli to be the next Governor of Virginia.” ~Senator Black

I strongly endorse Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in the race for Governor. Ken is the most inspiring public figure in Virginia’s recent history. I endorsed Cuccinelli when he first ran for office because he is a passionate man of principle. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

From State Senator to Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli never sidestepped an issue because it was too hard. He represents the state with energy and keen intellect. Because of Ken, Virginia was the first state to challenge Obamacare in federal court—and that initiative quickly spread across the nation.

Ken Cuccinelli is an unwavering constitutional conservative. His actions do not require constant oversight because they are part of his inner core; his beliefs do not shift. He took on the toughest challenges at a time when our country desperately needed bold leadership. Virginians were inspired by his courageous defense of a limited, constitutional government and family values. I am proud to announce my endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli as the next Governor of Virginia.

Warm Regards,

Colonel Richard H. “Dick” Black (Ret.)
Senator of Virginia, 13th District



By Loudoun Insider

For God’s sakes, I know what Memorial Day is all about.  I don’t need emails from self promoters like Dick Black and frigging John Whitbeck telling me how much it means to them and trying to prove their all-American-ness.  At least DB served in Vietnam, but of all days this shouldn’t be a day of self-promotion.

Loudoun GOBGN Paybacks Continue

By Loudoun Insider

Don’t mess with the Loudoun Good Old Boy and Girl Network!  They’ll get you!

Another example of what happens when you challenge the mighty rulers of this county.

Erika Cotti deserves an award for all she has done for the citizens of this county, and especially those in Broadlands stuck with the atrocious OpenBand mess.  Instead, she gets the extra special payback treatment from OpenBand business partner Van Metre.  Typical Loudoun politics, unfortunately.

Introducing “Whitbeck Fan”

By Loudoun Insider

Lloyd and I both think this is probably Ken Reid posting since the comments have the right amount of obnoxiousness and crudeness.  Of course Reid got burned here when he dared me to prove that he was posting pro-Steve Simpson comments as “Black/Delgaudio Fan” and whoever this is commenting has learned to use an anonymizer.  So we can’t be sure who it is exactly, but it’s interesting that they showed up immediately after John Whitbeck was elected as 10th Congressional District Chairman.  So we’ll change this person’s crude handles to “Whitbeck Fan” and put them through so you can see the “quality” of the typical Whitbeck supporter.

Just to give you a rundown of the comments so far, here they are – real classy stuff:

“Lloyd has a kid? I thought you and LI were Log Cabin fuck buddies?????”

“How about a display of you cornholing Lloyd on the Courthouse lawn? Or maybe you and your d-bag friends at “Real LoudounMouths” ? Do you prefer budiansky or his ugly wife?”

“I still think a display of you, BlackOut and other morons who waste their days posting on this sorry web site would be so cool!”

“U write a lot about assholes. Takes one to know one!”

Seriously, folks, that’s the kind of person supporting John Whitbeck and his Royal Court of Freak Show Political Hacks.

Ralph Buona Wants To Raise Your Taxes!

By Loudoun Insider

Of course if you were a huge SCTV fan like I am, you would say that in your best Lola Heatherton impersonation voice (classic SCTV bit where Lola, played by the great Catherine O’Hara, would blab out “I wanna bear your children” in bad attempts at comedy).

Since only at best two TC readers will get that, on to the meat of the post.

Someone sent me a copy of Ralph Buona’s latest Facebook page update.  he actually talks about how funding Metro will only cost us 3.5 cents additional on the tax rate.  Yep, rich Telos VP Ralph Buona is telling us peons that it will only costs us a few bucks to make his pals at the Chamber very very rich and provide basically no overall transportation benefit.

Here are his own words.  I cannot believe he thought it would be a good idea to post this:

Erika Jacobson Moore pens a good overview of our finance work session on Rail to Loudoun last night. We discussed various funding options, including special tax districts around the stations, commercial & industrial taxes and general fund revenue. KEY TAKE-AWAY — if the BOS chose to rely on general fund revenue (only one possible scenario), the tax rate would only be raised about 3.5 cents… which is about $98 per year for the average homeowner or .27 cents a day.

Postscript – On second thought, the parallels between the fictional Lola Heatherton and the song and dance the Metro proponents are pushing on us really do have a lot in common!

HUGE Surprise!

By Loudoun Insider

Well, not exactly!  The new Coochiriffic RPV State Central Committee wants to reconsider the vote to have a primary next year to determine statewide nominees.

Thanks TC!

By Too Conservative

Campaigns and Elections magazine today named me the youngest of the political “Rising Star” class of 2012.

They profiled my history in NOVA with Congressman Davis and TooConservative.

I am very grateful and it seems like yesterday I was 15 years old starting the site. Wow how things change!

Here’s a snippet:

Vincent Harris’ first political gig wasn’t a glamorous one. As a high school student in Northern Virginia, he would accompany former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) to parades—Harris was the guy who walked next to the congressman wearing an elephant costume. “I’d actually skip school to go to those parades with him dressed up as an elephant,” Harris recalls. Thankfully, his career has been on a steady rise ever since.

Harris launched a blog,, which gained a following in Northern Virginia. At the age of 18, he decided to weigh in on the 2008 presidential race, endorsing Mike Huckabee long before anyone was paying attention to the former Arkansas governor.

The full profile here