June 2012

God Dispenses Vengeance to Evil NOVA!

By Loudoun Insider

Good grief what a mess out there. They’re saying it may be seven days before everyone has power again. But don’t expect the politicians bought and paid for by Dominion and other NOVA power companies to do anything substantive about it. Maybe Bobby McD can ask Pat Robertson about what pissed God off this time. Persoanlly, I think it’s Bobby pushing for Godless Metro that did it this time!

McDonnell and 3M (Mismanaged Money-losing Metro)

By Loudoun Insider

The Virginia Republican establishment may as well just fold up shop and go home for good.  Bob McDonnell, the supposed head of the party in Virginia, is now urging Loudoun Republicans to vote for this boondoggle.

You can’t get around the inconvenient truth that Metro is a mess.  I urge everyone to think about it as Mismanaged Money-losing Metro every time you see it mentioned.  After all the bitching and moaning about TARP and federal stimulus spending from people like McDonnell, they now expect Loudoun County to sign on to continual subsidies in the millions of dollars per year.

Metro is absolutely mismanaged.  Every week brings another news story that drives that point home.  As hard as it is to believe, the entity that has been chosen to complete this project, MWAA, is even worse than Metro itself.  Metro is a huge money loser.  Fares are going up again and yet it will still require millions of dollars in subsidies to keep it running.  On top of the basic annual deficits for operations, Metro is so behind on basic infrastructure maintenance and upgrades that it will never catch up.

So here we have a DC-centric mismanaged money-losing Metro system and we have supposed fiscal conservatives who supposedly want to shrink government telling us we need to sign on to this mess to help keep it afloat.  There is nothing conservative in that message whatsoever.

Don’t ever forget, people, that the spend-happy Obama administration that these so-called conservatives love to vilify declined to fund this because it doesn’t come close to meeting their standards.  So instead these so-called conservatives will push a scheme that is basically arm-twisting greenie weenie nonsense – let’s tax the crap out of toll road users to try to force the peons onto Metro.

Why the abandonment of principles?  Why else – money.  A lot of very well connected powerful people stand to make a boatload of money off of this.  Fiscal conservatives, my ass.  What a joke.  Stick a fork in the heart of any notion of the Virginia Republican establishment as being fiscally conservative.

Where Does the SCOTUS Obamacare Decision Leave Cuccinelli?

By Lloyd the Idiot

As I said two years ago and several times since then, the suit challenging Obamacare was destined for failure.  Today, unfortunately, we have further proof that I am all-knowing.

As winners and losers go, there are some obvious ones.  Indeed, now that his hallmark case has been shot down (by a conservative jurist no less), Cuccinelli’s star isn’t shining so brightly.  Probably not enough to derail his gubernatorial bid, but it should help check his ego somewhat.

Burton Blogs!

By Loudoun Insider

Well, not exactly, but I liked that snappy title!  Jim Burton has updated and reorganized his campaign website into an excellent resource, and will be chiming in on issues from time to time, as he has done with this excellent piece on Metro.  Boy could things be just a little bit different and better if we still had him on the BOS instead of Queen Conflict.

9-0 Loudoun Republican BOS, Please Join Hands With Kurtz, McGimsey, Harris, and Stevens And Support Metro!

By Loudoun Insider

Yes, yes, yes, you so-called fiscal conservatives – stop your dilly dallying around and sign on to perpetual debt and subsidies to an inefficient and corrupt urban behemoth!!!  Why?  Because area Democrats and developers who put you in office want it, that’s why!  Sally Kurtz, Andrea McGimsey, Chuck Harris, and John Stevens among others demand it!  Hop to it!

Meanwhile, Geary Higgins writes an excellent LTE at Leesburg Today.

Paybacks Are A Bitch!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Janet Clarke continues to show that she lives by the payback, both positive and negative.  Phil Tran did lots of free work for Clarke during the campaign, listing it as in-kind contributions.  Then he got a county job as one of her aides. Then she fired him because he differed with her on Metro, announcing it on Facebook then deleting it.  First a positive payback, then a negative one. Paybacks are a bitch, aren’t they?

McDonnell Losing It In His Last Year

By Loudoun Insider

Things are really starting to unravel for Governor McDonnell.  I find it especially ironic that he was traveling on our dime in Sweden shortly after he canned Dennis Martire from the MWAA Board for his travels.  The UVA mess went down as he was in Europe, and the corporate welfare was doled out to Dan Snyder.  Note that he has disappeared from all recent articles speculating about Mitt Romney’s VP pick.  Not a good way to go out, and this does absolutely nothing good for an already troubled Bolling gubernatorial bid.

“Extreme Lawmaking”

By Loudoun Insider

Great term in this WaPo article that describes perfectly the mess that this last Virginia General Assembly was.  It will be fascinating to see how they react when they go back next year – do they read the tea leaves correctly and stay away from the extreme social BS, or do they double down.  I expect a healthy dose of double down which will then be met by voter revolt.

Delgaudio Plagiarizing?

By Lloyd the Idiot

In an email blast yesterday, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio called the Metro the “Death Star of Debt.”

Hmmm.  Now where have I heard that Death Star reference before?

Relevant portion of email below the fold.


“Rot in Hell!”

By Lloyd the Idiot

That’s what was shouted at Jerry Sandusky this evening as he walked out of the Centre County courthouse after having been convicted of raping several young boys.

I shout it, too, and not only at Sandusky, but all those despicable Penn State coaches, janitors and administrators who enabled it for more than 15 years.