July 2012

A minute of national politics…

By Too Conservative

Have spent the past 14 months working for Ted Cruz here in Texas.

We have our runoff election tonight.

Wish us luck!

The Who’s Who Of Whitbeck World

By Loudoun Insider

Since John Whitbeck and his political committee lieutenant, Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz, have been in the news lately for their collaboration on official Loudoun County business, you should do yourself a favor, concerned citizens (all one dozen of you!) and see who else is on this vaunted committee.

We have supposed Tea Party leaders canoodling with establishment political operatives and pro-Metro PR agents.  We have appointed committee officials who aren’t even official voting members of the committee.  We even have an official “Sergeant at Arms” to provide protection to the royalty.

If Wertz gets tapped as Finance Chair why wasn’t Sheriff Mike Chapman tapped as Sergeant at Arms?  Oh, right, he embarrassed the crap out of most of the central characters in this crew by not buying their services and kicking their butts in the convention and election.

Is Jim Plowman the official legal counsel???

Loudoun Blogging Takes A Nose Dive While PWC Blogging Takes Off

By Loudoun Insider

The Loudoun blogosphere has definitely had a slow down in the last year, across all blogs.  Several new blogs appeared recently, only to quickly fade.  I almost feel sorry for Loudoun Dems with the sorry state of liberal-oriented blogs in Loudoun.  On a good note, I must say I am glad that Loudoun Opt Out has decided to keep on blogging.

On the other hand, Prince William County has seen a real increase in quality blogging, with The Sheriff of Nottingham in PWC taking the prize for best new Virginia blog.  Al Alborn has been doing great work as well, and a new blog called The Derecho has chimed in as well.

I’ve added Loudoun Opt Out and The Derecho to the blog roll.  Keep me posted of anything else new coming down the pike.  Loudoun needs some more people to step up to the plate.

Is Geary Higgins Really This Religious???

By Loudoun Insider

Realloudoun does it again.  Instead of finding someone in his huge district to serve as his representative on the Library Board, Geary Higgins instead picks Jackquelyn Veith, an out of district administrator at Patrick Henry College, which mandates that every thing you ever need to know is found in The Bible.  As Realloudoun states :

Ms. Veith’s spouse, by the way, also works at Patrick Henry, as provost and a professor of literature, though Professor Veith has an interesting view about literature: he is the author of a book which asserts that “we need nothing else” than the Bible and which “examines not only the sufficiency of God’s Word, but also the flawed thinking of those who try to add to or detract from it,” according to the publisher’s description.

That would certainly help the library’s budget problems: Just buy ONE book!

I’m not sure why Higgins wouldn’t have mentioned all these connections about his Library Board appointee in his newsletter.  After all, he has used his newsletter in the past to advertise a CEO Job Opening at Pro-Life Organization“, and his most recent newsletter talks about “a scene depicting Christ’s birth” in regard to the new courthouse displays (helpfully designed by those Patrick Henry College folks).

Is Higgins really this religious???  He’s never seemed that way to me.  He couldn’t just be pandering, could he???  Or maybe someone else is really in charge in that office since Higgins isn’t around much.

UPDATE:  To further illustrate the last sentence in this post, Higgins was absent for the vote to approve his pick from Janet Clarke’s district, which is where PHC resides as well.  Maybe he should just officially turn over his vote to Janet Clarke, subject to approval by Mike Farris, of course.


What Would Jesus Do, Loudoun BOS Staffers?

By Loudoun Insider

I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would do if he were a Loudoun County Supervisor or staffer.  Would he go along to get along, or would he rise up and make a stand for real righteousness?  Patrick Henry College students are in staff positions and they are well educated in the ways of Jesus, and for that matter, what would Patrick Henry himself do when confronted with petty drama, conflicts of interest, and just all around bad behavior by elected officials?

Would Jesus stand idly by while such nonsense is committed in the halls of government, or would he rise up against the modern age Pharisees?  Come on, PHC students and other self professed pious Christians in government service, quit playing the game and really stand up for what is right.  Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.

Assessor Plot Thickens

By Loudoun Insider

Things have been pretty quiet with the Todd Kaufman lawsuit after the BOS fired him.  But it’s clear that they have plans for his office, and many people think getting rid of Kaufman was the first step in injecting more politics into assessments.

First a Leesburg Today article on redoing the county’s financial system touches on some of this.  County staff are trying to put off any major restructuring until this is complete.  The best thing in that article is Government Reform Commission member/local political grand poobah 10th Congressional republican Committee Chairman John Whitbeck saying the county needs to expand and add more staff.  More big government nonsense and increased spending, kind of like what he foisted on the Lansdowne HOA when he was President.

Then we get more to the meat of the matter with this Leesburg Today article asking who should control the Assessor’s office.  It looks like this is more about who controls the process than doing a good job.  Surely it is, because by all accounts, even the County Administrator’s last assessment, Todd Kaufman did an outstanding job of restoring professionalism to the Assessor’s office.  But he had to go so they could argue about who control sit.

Once again the political hacks running the Government Reform Commission are running the show.  By the accounts I have read it appears as if county department heads go in front of these people and grovel.  All because the Government Reform Commission is comprised of the political lackeys put in charge of doing the dirty work of the supervisors and handing them pre-ordained recommendations in my opinion.

Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz is right in the middle of this, and has been stated by many for months now, Wertz wants the Assessor’s Office.  Apparently Grand Poobah Whitbeck will be leading this portion of the Government Reform Commission’s agenda.  But nowhere in that article is it mentioned that Wertz serves as a political sidekick to Whitbeck as his Finance Chairman of the 10th District Republican Committee.  Loudoun Progress lays it out well.  But hey, what do you expect when you have single party rule?

How in the world could Bob Wertz think it was a good idea to take this position?  Did he volunteer for it, or was he pressured into it?  It sounds like someone had a chit to call in with Wertz and used it to help prop up and legitimize Whitbeck.  This gets Wertz nothing other than grief while legitimizing Whitbeck who was propped into this position with zero local party experience.  Someone sold Wertz a bad bill of goods.

I’d rather my elected officials in charge of tax matters focus on the task at hand and not complicate things by getting overly political.  But this is LoCo Loudoun County – what the hell am I thinking.

The Local Press At “Work”

By Loudoun Insider

The Loudoun Times Mirror, Leesburg Today, and Ashburn Patch all put up basically the same advertisement masquerading as news about the unbelievably exciting news of a movie theater coming in to anchor one of the vaunted Metro station developments.  Wow.  A movie theater mega-plex.  We sure don’t have enough of those around here.  I guess this is the type of high end commercial development we were all promised if Metro to Loudoun was approved.  All of the “news stories” come complete with direct links to the Starplex Cinemas and Loudoun Station websites.  I’ll spare you the links here, go to those venerable news outlets for the full commercial advertising treatment.

Corey Stewart Is Running A Cesspool In PWC

By Loudoun Insider

I was once a fan of Corey Stewart, who combined good smart growth sensibilities with conservative ideals.  No longer.  And I hope he doesn’t get the nomination for Lt. Governor that he is shooting for.  Recent revelation after revelation have shown PWC government to be one of the worst in Virginia when it comes to petty political games and conflicts of interest.

While I may be sorely disappointed in the state of Loudoun County, concerned citizens in Prince William County need to be very proud of the best blogger to hit the scene in ages – The Sheriff of Nottingham in PWC.  The last week on that site has just been outstanding, I won’t repeat all of the revelations, just go to the site yourself and read up.

Loudoun County is dealing with much of the same BS, and while the flow of dissenting intel has been slow initially, it is starting to move with increasing tensions on the 9-0 Republican BOS.  What Loudoun really needs is someone to break from the pack and distinguish themselves as a real reformer, as Peter Candland has done in PWC.  I’m looking at you, Shawn Williams, you’ve been the one making the most sense lately.

We also need our own Sheriff of Nottingham in Loudoun County.  The drama surrounding the Sheriff in PWC as the local GOBGN scramble to figure out who it is reminds me of my initial days as LI.  Sleazy politicians hate to have their schemes exposed and they’ll do whatever they can to silence anyone who speaks up.  The Sheriff deserves everyone’s support, and it’s time for others to take up the charge in Loudoun as well.  Come on, someone out there must care enough to step up to the plate.


The Biggest Mistake Of My Life …

By Loudoun Insider

… was moving to Loudoun County Virginia and getting involved in politics.

When I moved here Loudoun had just enacted strict rural zoning and seemed to be led by reasonable people.  Me being a fan of the countryside this seemed like a good match.

I should have done a bit more homework before settling here.  That rural zoning was quickly tossed aside and a band of developer whores took over the county government.

This is a horribly planned county with the horrendous traffic and taxes that come with super-heated residential growth explosions.  And on top of that we have some of the most vile self-dealing self-promoting a-hole politicians and political operatives that I have ever come across.  Watching some of those a-holes make a mockery of good governance got me involved.

While myself and others have done some good, it really hasn’t changed things much in the grand scheme of things.  Just take a look at the current Board of Supervisors to see what I’m talking about.  And after thinking getting rid of the 2003-2007 majority would put things back on track, the crew that took over was full of some huge disappointments as well.  So much so to the general voting public that they were demolished in the next election, giving us the current crop of “leaders”.

They don’t call Loudoun LoCo for nothing.

By far the biggest frustration is the shocking level of voter and citizen apathy.  This is supposed to be one of the most highly educated counties in the nation.  Yet take a good hard look at the people that have been elected to represent this county.  Not exactly inspiring.

I thought that this would be a hotbed of active interested citizens working to keep a quality way of life and a respectable government.  Boy have I been sorely disappointed.  Sure there are a few folks who do their part but they are far too few to really make anything happen.  Much of this is due to past frustrations I am sure, just like what I am feeling now.  And don’t even get me started on the local press.

To anyone considering moving to Loudoun County, I offer this sage advice, born of experience.  Don’t do it.

Is George Running, Or Is It Susan???

By Loudoun Insider

Good grief, I just got another email from the George Allen campaign informing me of the campaign schedule of Susan Allen.  You don’t think Team Allen is trying to use Susan to blunt some of the certain blowback on George from all the ultrasound nonsense do you?  This is starting to get a little Clinton-esque in my opinion – if we elect George we get both of them I guess.