September 2012

Lyme Loonies Convince Romney Campaign To Fall In Line

By Loudoun Insider

Good grief this is ridiculous.  More hysteria about this “massive epidemic” with medical advice from “Dr.” Farris.

“Mitt, I’m telling you, this is the way to win elections in northern Virginia!”

Loudoun Republicans Still Silent About Delgaudio’s Abuse Of Staff and County Tax Dollars

By Loudoun Insider

I can’t find a link to the story at the WaPo, but today’s Loudoun section article about yet another ineffectual plea for Delgaudio’s resignation from the LCDC states that Loudoun Supervisors, all 9 Republicans, and the Loudoun County Republican Committee have no comment about Delgaudio’s despicable actions.

You would think these supposed fiscal conservatives would not be happy about a public official wasting county tax dollars to have staff spend most of their time fund raising for him.  But nah, it’s A-OK if it is a fellow Republican furthering their own political fortunes.  If there happened to be just one Dem on the BOS (more evidence of the ineffectual worthless nature of the LCDC) and they were caught doing this you would bet there would be demands for, and a forthcoming investigation from fellow LCRCer Jim Plowman, our politically compromised Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I guess we all shouldn’t be surprised that the rest of this Board followed Delgaudio’s lead by refusing to sign the Code of Ethics that two previous Boards signed.  Now that they all see that Delgaudio is getting away with this, expect more to follow suit.  Their silence taints them immensely – we may as well assume they’re all doing this.

Gangs Of Loudoun County

By Loudoun Insider

That really is what the political parties are here (and elsewhere of course).  The prime function of the party is to get its own loyal members elected, and once elected, keep them in line and keep the spoils flowing to themselves and other loyal party members.

Selfless public servants just looking out for the public good???  Just a convenient talking point to throw out for public consumption.  Any actions that go against their own interests are purely because they are more interested in political self preservation than anything else.  Some sacrifices need to be made in order to keep the rest of the gravy train flowing.

Each party has its enforcers as well – the cretins who attack those who get out of line or pose threats to their party members.  The LCRC cretins are pretty well known, but the LCDC has its share as well – just look at how they treated Stevens Miller and his wife for Stevens daring to not support their ridiculous redistricting plan that got them completely crushed.

Both local parties stink.  We need more true Independents if we are ever to break the cycle of incompetence and malfeasance.

A Rancid Land Deal

By Loudoun Insider

I wrote earlier about the smelliness of the former Islamic Saudi Academy land deal being secretly hashed out by the Board of Supervisors.    Leesburg Today partially awoke from its slumber and wrote an excellent editorial about itThe LTM says that the deal is almost done, but still no word at all on who the buyer is, and nothing in that article about the ridiculousness of the price or the process, just a rehashing of the Loudoun County official talking points.

The Cretins Are Going To Shut Down TC Again!

By Loudoun Insider

Uh oh, I am really ticking off the self appointed movers and shakers in the Republican Party.  They’re making noise again about shutting down TC because I dare to criticize those that they bow down to.  We went through this a few months ago, and inevitably it all comes down to David Ramadan and the LCRC After Meeting Drinking Crew.  I continue to expose them for what they are.  They can’t seem to quit me.  As much as they say they don’t pay attention, they do.  All the time.  They just can’t help themselves, it’s how cretins operate.

WaPo Roasts Delgaudio

By Loudoun Insider

In this front page article, detailing what most of us in Loudoun already knew – he’s a shameless huckster.  Expect nothing to happen, as usual when it comes to Loudoun ethical lapses.

Letourneau Should Just Resign

By Loudoun Insider

For God’s sakes, first he sends a whining email to a constituent complaining about how much his Board job takes away time from his family, and now he writes this on his special adviser Barbara Munsey’s Facebook page:

Hope you had a great day–Happy Birthday! You could have spent it at the BOS Strategic Planning retreat today..I’m glad you didn’t!

If this job is such a hassle, maybe you shouldn’t have sought it out in the first place, and if it really is so awful to attend a planning day, then maybe you should resign.

Oh, and to top it all off, he wants to raise Supervisor pay.  You know, to make up for all the sacrifices he makes.

There Just May Be A Bigger Local Camera Hog Than David Ramadan

By Loudoun Insider

And that would be Barbara Comstock, working herself next to whoever may be the main attraction in just about every instance possible.  And even though he is very very busy, Ramadan still manages to force himself into the front row in a line of women staged for the “Women for Romney” theme. Yes, Romney and Virginia Republicans need help with women, but goddammit, he’s David Ramadan and he deserves to be front and center!

Leesburg Today photo from this article on Haley’s appearance.

The Lyme Disease Hysterics Continue

By Loudoun Insider

Realloudoun has the scoop.  What a joke.  But hey, they look like they’re doing something!  And they’re keeping Mike Farris happy!  Your “fiscally conservative” 9-0 Republican Board at “work”.

The Martire Mess

By Loudoun Insider

What a joke this whole Dennis Martire MWAA Board mess has become.  After hearing for months now how awful Martire is from the guys who really run the MWAA Board, they then reinstate him, only to have him pledge to resign later.  This is all because the powers that be didn’t want Martire’s lawsuit to move forward because lots of embarrassing emails and other documents were set to be revealed.

Martire was clearly singled out because of his union ties and his ouster and the buy-out of Mame Reilly (and that’s exactly what her deal was – she was supposedly too sick to continue as a Board member, but not too sick to work there full time!!!) was just another excuse to get GOP cronies on the MWAA Board.  All of these deals were orchestrated by the McDonnell and Davis Republican establishment crews so they can control the next phase of Metro and who gets the contracts and handouts.  Politics at its absolute worst from our “Christian” Republican leaders.