October 2012

How I Wish Chris Christie Were Running

By Loudoun Insider

After seeing him on the various news shows and seeing him have the courage to be seen with Obama, I like this guy even more. Can you just imagine the grief Christie has received for daring to be seen with the President and speaking kindly of him? But he obviously doesn’t give a damn.

I have no faith in Obama or Romney to unite this country and move us forward. Christie has what it takes. Too bad he isn’t on the ballot.

Nightmare on Main Street

By Too Conservative

Just in time for Halloween!

A New Mythical Loudoun Sports Franchise — with the Same Ownership

By Lloyd the Idiot

Holy cow!  How stupid do they think we are?

After their success sucker punching Loudouners with the Hounds, the Hound’s ownership team is about to announce that another yet-to-be-created sports franchise will play in Loudoun.  This time, it’s a minor league soccer team. 

Proposed names include:

  • Loudoun Unicorns
  • Leesburg Leprechauns
  • Ashburn Cold Fusion

(By the way, those names were proposed by me to reflect the likelihood of a team actually being fielded in our lifetime).


By Loudoun Insider

A TC reader just sent me shameless self promoter David Ramadan’s latest email blast, with a note saying “this guy is too much, using the hurricane to troll for likes on Facebook and Twitter followers”. I’ve seen other blasts from other poiticians and none have taken this tack. I’m not at all surprised that Ramadan would. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“To stay in touch with the latest information I have, please ‘like’ me on Facebook or ‘follow’ me on Twitter. I send out updates as soon as I receive them.”


By Lloyd the Idiot

From a Facebook post:

“Just in case people forget, there are Amazing soldiers standing at the Tomb through this craziness. This a picture from this morning.”

I’m Still Alive, How About You?

By Loudoun Insider

I know, many of you are disappointed.  Sorry!

Could perhaps these hurricane winds blow some of the political stench out of northern Virginia?  Somehow I am not too optimistic.

Maybe Romney Singing Wasn’t So Bad After All!

By Loudoun Insider

Holy crap, what a frigging train wreck this is!  I had seen the ending but not the whole thing – in its entirety it is even more atrocious, if that is even possible!  This is truly one of the worst performances of supposed professional singers that I have ever seen!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Waiting for the Storm (to Be Blamed on the Bush Administration)

By Lloyd the Idiot

It seems like every big storm is, in the eyes of at least one so-called expert, the result of global warming and, of course, that is solely the result of the Bush Administration’s environmental policies.  To that yet-to-be-named expert, and to the others who will chime in, I offer the following because each of you rightfully deserve to be branded a fool.


Official Loudoun County Government/LCRC Spokesperson Takes LTM To Task!

By Loudoun Insider

Thank God the 9-0 LCRC BOS has an official Newspaper Comment Section/Blog Spokesperson in Barbara Munsey to set the record straight everywhere according to LCRC doctrine.  See this article and the comments at the LTM about the recent Ann Romney event.  Here’s the comment I made, if it ever appears – you never know with the LTM and its comment censorship.

“Thank God the Official Loudoun County Government Reform Commission Newspaper Comment Section/Blog Spokesperson is here to provide editorial support!  Expect to see “Increase LCRC control over local newspapers” added to the Government Reform Commission agenda soon.  Lord knows they aren’t focusing much on real reform.”

And this is at a newspaper partly owned by the biggest LCRC funder, Bill Dean.  Man, if they can’t keep those reporters in line with the program, they may have bigger problems than we realize.

Thank God Loudoun Signed On To Metro!

By Loudoun Insider

Another report of corruption at MWAA, to which our supposedly fiscally conservative and ethical Board of Supervisors tied us to for eternity.  So we can send millions and millions of dollars for two miles of track and two stations.  What a deal.