November 2012

Bill Bolling Does The Smart Thing

By Joe Budzinski

Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling has decided to “suspend” his quest for the GOP nomination for governor in 2013, clearing the way for Ken Cuccinelli to lead the Republican ticket in next year’s elections.

In related news, I have decided to suspend my quest for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in 2013, clearing the way for Brad Keselowski to repeat as champion.

Bolling is by all accounts a nice guy and truly decent man, and also the candidate of the Republican establishment, who presumably looked at the newspaper the morning of November 7 and noted the respective fates of George Allen and Mitt Romney … and put two and two together.

On top of the fact that reportedly he was polling at least 30 points behind Ken Cuccinelli, Bill Bolling probably discerned the signs of the times.

To wit: There is a deprecatory adage among Republicans, of being prone to choosing the person who is “next in line” for higher office in the party hierarchy. This year, Bolling suffered the double disadvantage of a lower profile among voters and being, literally, next in line – as a result of a deal he cut with (then-candidate, now Governor) Bob McDonnell in 2009, to step aside in that year’s nomination contest in return for the presumed nomination in 2013.

On top of everything else happening within the Republican Party right now, this is the wrong time to be that guy.

Cuccinelli, who apparently got in the wrong line when they were handing out places in line, made a hash of the orderly succession of Virginia gentlemen by announcing his own candidacy for the GOP nomination. Cuccinelli’s star not only has been on a steady ascent within Virginia, but he enjoys a national stature among conservative grassroots and Tea Party activists for a variety of reasons, most notably his leadership opposing the implementation of ObamaCare.

Regardless of current R vs D polls, Bolling’s announcement is good news for the Republican ticket. It is going to save large sums of money for the general election, and provide a higher profile, for a longer period of time, for the superior campaigner. Cuccinelli will not only fire up the base during the campaign season of the next eleven months, but he is also a creative thinker at a time when tried and true election tactics are now a proven losing proposition for Republican candidates.

I, for one, expect fewer robocalls next year.

UPDATE: The first comment reminds me of a point not included in the post: Democrats undoubtedly will respond with deep concern over the general rightward drift represented by Ken Cuccinelli’s leadership on the ticket, and such concerns should be received with all appropriate seriousness and gratitude relative to the sincerity in which they are proffered. Undoubtedly, Cuccinelli will study long and hard each of the elections he has lost to Democrats in the past, for clues on how to achieve better results in the future.

Snyder Announces for LG

By Too Conservative

Solid guy.


York’s Delgaudio Situation Town Hall Meeting

By Loudoun Insider

I was there last night and there was nothing earth shattering.  I was most surprised by the lack of Delgaudio supporters, I figured they would be out to support their hero.  Not much time to report right now, all the local reporters were there and should be posting stories soon.  Please take the lead yourselves here, faithful TC readers, and add your observations and put the story links in comments as they appear.

The Dust Bowl

By Lloyd the Idiot

Ken Burns’  The Dust Bowl aired over the last two nights on PBS (yes, I watch PBS, but I still don’t want my taxes paying for it).  It was, not surprising, a compelling documentary as Burns’ films usually are.  Burns portrayed FDR literally as a savior of the downtrodden Dust Bowl farmers and their families, which, again, is not particularly surprising given Burns’ strong Democratic ties.  I have to admit it, though, it did give me a greater appreciation for the safety net we now have —  particularly when you hear the stories of those who otherwise would have starved to death without the New Deal programs. 

As a granchild of one of them, the film also gave me a great apprecation for the “Okies” who migrated to California.  Although my grandfather often referred to himself as one, I never knew that it was such a perjorative term nor did I know of the mistreatment they received from their fellow Americans.  Californians were not a particularly welcoming bunch in the ’30s and ’40s.

Warner Won’t Run for Governor

By Too Conservative

Great for Bolling and Cuccinelli.

More Delgaudio Stench

By Loudoun Insider

Excellent post at Real Advocate about Delgaudio steering county printing work to campaign contributors.  Disgusting.  Can’t wait for the next “investigation”.

Schools (not) Out For Summer! (Redux)

By Liberal Anthropologist

In a previous post we had a discussion about Year Round Multi-Track (schooling). Unlike many others on here, this post was not partisan in its discussion.  School schedules are not a partisan issue.

Last weekend Bill Fox (who has taxpayer and student interests at heart as is clear from his comments here) and Eric Hornberger (whom I assume also does) held a townhall at Seldens Landing Elementary School to discuss the idea of year round multi-track schooling and how it might resolve redistricting issues that affected Seldens.  The explanations given were clear and intelligent.  There were huge misconceptions about what it meant to students, parents, and the community that were cleared up.  What was most interesting was at the end when Mr. Hornberger asked the assembled audience how many were in favor of such an arrangement and I would estimate more than 90% of hands went up.  When asked how many were opposed, only a few were raised.

I personally am in favor of the concept now since our discussion on here earlier.  The potential savings to Loundoun County over 5 – 10 years could easily exceed 100 million dollars.  The potential impact to families with children in school is highly positive.  The ability to take vacations at non-peak periods and get non-peak pricing is very attractive.  The positive impact on the students is well understood as well.  Not to mention that the only reason we have summer vacations is a holdover of agrarian needs pre-industrial revolution.    The bottom line is I can see effectively no reason not to begin experimenting with this in Loudoun County.  In areas where it has been done, people don’t want to go back.  Communities adapt, money is saved, and children flourish.

Some more information on the concept can be found here.

Can anyone explain to me any good reason why Loudoun County should not begin exploring this path?


By Lloyd the Idiot


This is the most schizophrenic campaign I’ve ever seen.

On the one hand, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling offers himself as the moderate alternative to Attorney General Ken Cucchinelli in their race for governor, warning against “ideological firebrands” like Cuccinelli who can’t win the governorship

On the other hand, in a recent campaign mailer, he touts his conservative credentials, pointing to his 100% pro-life rating from the Family Foundation and his A+ rating from the NRA.  In fact, he says, “Bill has used his tie breaking vote to defund Planned Parenthood, require additional state regulation of abortion clinics and exclude abortion coverage from federally mandated Health Insurance Exchange.”

His most recent email titled, “What Lessons Can We Learn From The 2012 Campaigns,” is a whopper, mixing those positions in the same message.  Citing losses among Hispanic, women and Asian voters, Bolling argues, “We must do a better job reaching out to the changing face of Virginia, and to the more moderate and independent voters whose support we must have in these campaigns.”  Then, literally in the next sentence, he says, “We must show these voters how our conservative values are right for Virginia and for America, and we must relate these principles to the issues these voters care most about.”


What is it?  Moderate your views to appeal to other voters or beef up the proselytizing of extreme positions?

Obviously, he’s trying to have it both ways — and it’s just not going to work.  Fact is, he’s as conservative as Cuccinelli, and he’ll have to prove that to get the nomination.  Problem is, that position just won’t win the general election.


Parasite Kills the Host(ess)

By Lloyd the Idiot

Hostess Brands, already in a bankruptcy reorganization, filed a motion yesterday to convert its bankruptcy proceeding from a reorgainzation to a liquidation because a small labor union would not compromise on key labor issues that would have kept the struggling baker afloat. 

Enjoy your Christmas season, dear members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union.

More Retching For Fetch

By Loudoun Insider

The Loudoun Hounds and their “irresistible mascot” Fetch continue to make me retch, with help from their salesmen on the Board of Supervisors.  Details in a retch-worthy post at Realloudoun.

Thanks to a loyal TC reader for supplying the new Hounds logo for me!