February 2013

McDonnell Visualizes his bill

By Too Conservative

Governor McDonnell visualized his bill online in a website he launched tonight. Check it out below and help share the truth about the transportation problems in Virginia and his solutions for them…


Transportation Deal Open Thread

By Loudoun Insider

Go at it about this new transportation/tax hike deal.  Personally I think it sucks – NOVA gets to pay more and there is still no guarantee Richmond will do right by NOVA.  Surely we’ll see more money wasted on down state boondoggles and close-in boondoggles like Metro to Dulles, while true NOVA road needs languish.

NYT on Future of GOP

By Too Conservative

For those who missed it, the New York Times has a fantastic cover story which discusses the failure of the GOP leadership (and many at the RNC) to look at new technologies and ways to reach voters.

Messaging is also discussed.

I was glad to be a part of the profile and would of course welcome feedback.

Delgaudio Requires Religious Litmus Test?

By Liberal Anthropologist

I am admittedly behind on local politics.  Consistently.  I just got around to reading this report in Leesburg Today and noted this:

“The third plank of their case is an allegation that Delgaudio required his employees to hold a specific set of religious views and pressed job applicants to answer questions about their religious beliefs. That “religious litmus test” puts the county government at risk of litigation, critics said.”

Is this accurate?  What is the evidence?  I had never heard of this.  Clearly illegal if true (whether it should be illegal or not).

I have never liked Delgaudio.  He is on the wrong side of many issues – most notably his fixation on homosexuality.  He embarrasses Loudoun.  But people should not be jumping to recall him unless absolutely necessary.  There is always the next election.  To be fair, some interesting points are made about his effectiveness if he is not on any committees.

Again I know little.  And I bet you guys know more.

Who Else Is Sick Of The RPV LG Race?

By Loudoun Insider

The excruciating convention is months away, but the ridiculous onslaught of emails and mailers from prospective Lieutenant Governor candidates seeking the nomination of the Republican Party of Virginia is way past annoying. I doubt I will ever attend one of these party hack events ever agin in my lifetime, but since I did in the past I get barraged with too much of this vote trolling for what is a truly minor political position. But to those with too much personal political ambition, the stepping stone is just too exciting to pass up.

What passes for “fact” for President Obama

By Liberal Anthropologist

“But the fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and floods – all are now more frequent and intense. We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science – and act before it’s too late. ”

It is not true simplistically that 12 of the hottest years on record have come in the last 15. Which measurement? How does that compare to other measurements? How MUCH hotter? Was it significant or statistically insignificant?

There is no scientist claiming increases in storm events or intensity as fact. Only a – yet unproven – theory. No scientist claiming increases in droughts. Another unproven theory.

There is no emergency. No need to react in a way that hurts the price of fossil fuels.

The lack of science understanding amongst the political class is terrible. No party specific on that complaint. Just Obama is now the latest to trot out anti-science positions that favor his world view.

Science needs to be depoliticized. Climate change is not an urgent issue. We can have all fuel sources. But don’t artificially prop up one or another. I include oil in that as well. Let the market find solutions. Stop treating CO2 as pollution. Is is plant food.

The Democrats have no right to claim a superior scientific rationality. Between foolishness on climate change, GMO, and alternative medicine, they have enough anti-science nonsense of their own to match up with the few creationists.

For The Gullible On Valentine’s Day

By Loudoun Insider

Will anyone really take up the Horrible Hounds and their mascot Retch on this???  They still haven’t even come close to playing a game yet, and this seems to be their only money making venture so far, helped along by the lame-o Loudoun “press”.      Good grief.

Your Loudoun Government At “Work”

By Loudoun Insider

Lots of ridiculousness in this article on recent BOS actions, including dubious privatization initiatives, massive Metro signs (they just love huge signs!),  and most ridiculous of all the dissolving of a volunteer fire and rescue squad in the middle of nowhere where people could actually use relatively timely help in an emergency (remember they shelved the volunteer illegal sign removal crews as well).

Then they have a super special secret meeting today to discuss security.  This great comment on the linked LTM story made me laugh:

“Perhaps the goal is to figure out if there are any more informants slipping into the government center, ready to expose another Super like they did Delgaudio…”

Maybe they will have the super special LCRC thugs who specialize in security there to advise them.

And don’t forget about the ongoing work of the LCRC political hacks on the Government Reform Commission, and the ongoing rush to pave the way for the Always Promised, Never Playing Loudoun Hounds (be sure to visit the No Stadium On Route 7 blog for more info).  Your government at “work”, apparently looking to drum up as much business for their pals as possible.


My Super Bowl Wish

By Lloyd the Idiot

Move it to Saturday!  Come on, Goodell!

Obama’s Justice Department Drunk with Power

By Lloyd the Idiot

In yet another appalling abuse of power, the Obama Justice Department has filed suit to enjoin the merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Grupo Modelo citing the reduction in number of beer choices for Americans that would occur as a result of the merger.  Mind you, neither of the merging corporations are American —  with crap like this, can you blame them?

Just look at how ludicrous this is.  Even if AB completely shut  down the Modelo brands altogether, the US would still have more than 2,000 breweries and probably 10,000 types of beer!   Indeed, even if the merger caused some incremental (but more fairly characterized as imaginary) price increases, considering the taxes the federal and state governments already impose on beer, those increases are almost irrelevant.  If the government were really worried about competition, it would reduce the outrageous $7/barrell federal excise tax.

I need a drink.