March 2013

So Are We Getting A Real Live Ballclub?

By Joe Budzinski

There was a hearing tonight, or was supposed to be, where the Loudoun public would have a chance to mix it up and share ideas with our elected leaders over whether a stadium will be plopped down at the sleepy little intersection of Rt 7 and Loudoun County Parkway.

I could not attend but am looking forward to hearing how it went.

Most of all, it will be interesting to learn if the forever-hinted-at-but-puckishly-hidden Loudoun Hounds will come bursting into being.

The Hounds, for those unfamiliar, are a yet to be realized baseball team that will be not Triple A, nor Double A, nor Single A, but actually the step just below that, which is Roman Numeral i: It’s not the doorstep of the big leagues, but it’s definitely the end of the driveway of the big leagues, so I personally am psyched.

More of a report will be coming soon, I hope, from the gathering of outstretched hands and listening ears.

Ask a Muslim Anything

By Liberal Anthropologist

I don’t normally discuss religion on here. But some are aware that I am a Muslim. I thought it might be valuable to answer questions if anyone is interested. I do not wish to give up too much personal information, but I can answer how I see things in Islam. I can also provide the generally accepted Sunni view as it is the sect I have the most personal experience with. And I can also do my best to explain the horrifyingly bad interpretations of Islam that are espoused by some – especially Islamist Terrorists.

Do not be afraid to offend me. I just got called a Rag Head by a lefty on another thread and that didn’t really bother me. I have been called a terrorist, an Islamist, and a right wing nut job. I can handle it.

I disdain bigotry, but rarely find it. Thinking that Islam has issues does not make you a bigot. There are issues in every religion and the Muslim world is going through some very rough times right now.

Anyway, ask me anything. Hijab. Attitudes towards Shariah. Specific verses in the Quran that bother you. What we think about Jews. What we think about Christianity. Why we pray the way we do. What I think about terrorists and Islamists. What I think about Muhammad and what he did in his life.

Whatever you like. I am happy to give my take on it. I will likely only do so in this one thread as this is not a religion blog. But after a bunch of assumptions made about me and what I think recently, I thought it useful to have this one discussion on it.

Note I have no interest in converting anyone. In fact, the act of conversion in Islam is supposed to be only to present the information and allow others to make whatever choice they like. And Christians and Jews (and other monotheists) are especially noted as already being on the right path already. I am a huge fan of Judaism and Christianity. I am especially hopeful that my Muslim brothers will find their way down the path the Christians made it down after their bloody religious wars. There is much in Christianity worthy of emulation.

I encourage my right leaning friends to ask whatever they like. It is better that I explain my point of view than that you worry about offending me. You won’t. Say what you think. But give me full consideration as I tell you how I think and how most Muslims I know think.

Loudoun Schools and The Compliant Loudoun Courts To Citizens: Don’t Bother Us For “Public” Information, Just Trust Us

By Loudoun Insider


Be sure to read the comments.  Just as with the absolutely ridiculous Board of Equalization FOIA case, the few citizens who dare to care get shit all over by the “public servants” who their tax dollars pay for, and the courts who are supposed to administer “justice”.

Sequestration (A.K.A. The Opocalypse) Open Thread

By Cato the Elder

Bill Dean’s $40 Mill “Party Pad” In the WSJ

By Loudoun Insider

The illustrious MC Dean & OpenBand owner / primary LCRC funder is doing pretty darn well for himself, I wonder which LoCo politicians will get invited to the Miami Party Pad.