June 2013

9 out of 10 Scientists Agree! 97% Consensus on Climate Change is 100% Bunk.

By Liberal Anthropologist


Today, the Obama administration released their long awaited and long feared climate change plan. I took the time to read it and the summary. For those who will not, I will say that it must be a disappointment to alarmists and it differs significantly from his speech discussing it today.

Why? My guess is this is simply a political document to shore up support before the 2014 election with a certain part of the Democratic constituency. The plan itself offers little in real world steps and what little it does offer will be resisted and fought on the state and federal level like so much else of the wasted effort of this administration. States will fight this.

Good from my perspective is that it recognizes the value of fracking and nuclear power. This must be causing consternation. In his speech, he also set up the approval of the Keystone pipeline while sounding like he was being difficult about it.

All in all it is a waste. It does nothing good and what little it does will only hurt the economy and hurt the poor.

Unfortunately he repeated many of his oft asserted propagandistic sound bites. Most egregious was his assertion that weather is getting worse under a warming planet. As I have said before – and am happy to prove over and over again – there are NO scientists saying that and the data currently shows weather patterns to be CALMING, not getting worse. This is such an amazingly false statement that reasonable people would ignore the rest of what the president said. He also repeated the half-truth that 12 of the last 15 years were the warmest. As I have detailed before, only one data set says this and it only measures a short historical period. The most objective measure of Earth’s temperature – satellites – show slight cooling.

But what I found most offensive and want to address here is his repeated assertion is that 97% of scientists are in agreement with his thinking and that the “skeptics” are part of a “flat earth society”. This is offensive on many levels, but mostly because it is Orwellian is its perspective. More below the fold:

RIP James Gandolfini

By Liberal Anthropologist

A brief aside from politics. I am in LA this week getting ready to vote on the upcoming Emmy’s amongst other things. Today’s death of James Gandolfini hit hard in the entertainment community. I think this is in large part because of two aspects of James. On a personal level he was warm and funny and one of the few people I felt was down to earth enough in my business that I could get along with. On a professional level he was a very hard working genius. Few actors in history could play the flawed anti-hero like James. He was always focused, polite, and we will all miss him. We lost a great actor today way too young. It should remind us all how important it is to do what we can in this life because it is always too short.

RIP James.

Obama Problem Overload. Beep! Beep! Administration Shutting Down…

By Liberal Anthropologist

In just the last 48 hours, the sheer number of serious issues being raised about the activities of this (and the previous) administration, have reached mental saturation for me. Tonight I learned of the PRISM program and Credit Card data collection. This is on top of multiple older issues (Fast and Furious and Benghazi) and recent ones like journalist data collection, IRS targeting, and collection of call data from phone companies.

As someone who is pretty close to the liberal/progressive community, it is hard to see how a defense of the Obama administration remains possible. In fact, in articles in the Politico and Huffington Post I read today, people are beginning to awake to the fact that Obama has been little different from Bush. It is said to be Bush’s 4th term. That he should be called George W. Obama. I didn’t see Jon Stewart’s show tonight, but I would bet he is happy he is off to direct a film.

And this is something I have said for some time. The liberal world has received NOTHING of value or note from Obama. He did not deliver on health care and what he delivered is falling apart. He did not deliver on climate change. He did not close Guantanamo. He did not get rid of the patriot act. He upped the drones. He got the US involved in a war. He did not fix the economy or even help it much. The best you could argue is that he eliminated DADT. But that was widely supported by the libertarian wing of the Republicans and could hardly be called a progressive victory solely.

Only partisans could continue to defend him. It is important that true liberals wake up to the fact that they were sold a bill of goods when they stepped away from a far more reliable Hillary Clinton in 2008 in order to “make history”. They made history all right. They advanced the police state when they swept Obama into office chanting “Hope and Change” like deranged puppets following their Dear Leader.

I feel sick with all this news coming out. Someone – please assure me I am actually in the USA.

Schools By Right in Loudoun

By TC Guest

A Zoning Ordinance Amendment (ZOAM) being considered by Loudoun Supervisors will allow public Schools By Right, County-wide. Action Item #13 is on the agenda for this week’s June 5 BOS meeting and posted at the County’s website: www.loudoun.gov/schoolsbyright. If you don’t know anything about what is about to happen, then it shows that transparency in Loudoun government continues to be a serious problem!

Backup for Action Item #13 shows draft language was sent out for Referrals to many officials in the Planning Dept, Parks and Rec, Loudoun Public Schools, Economic Development Commission, Transportation, etc. They were given months to formulate their comments and many of those recommendations were indeed incorporated in the currently proposed ZOAM language. Conversely when it came to getting public comment, the public was marginally informed of a single opportunity (on May 29) which lasted from 6-6:30pm. No Supervisors attended. The public meeting was scheduled less than one week before the Supervisors vote on whether to advance the Item. With this timing, staff couldn’t possibly have had sufficient time to reasonably evaluate, much less incorporate, any citizen recommendations in the proposed ZOAM, which was posted on May 31 for next week’s meeting on June 5. The ZOAM concept for Schools By Right has merit, but citizens just want a sincere invitation to sit at the input table!

Because of the huge rush to advance the Action Item, one excellent recommendation could not be incorporated in the proposed ZOAM. That being a revised Performance Standard requiring Schools By Right be served by public utilities. After all, if direct access to a paved road is required (see Performance Standard I (1), why not also require schools be served by public utilities? The vast majority of public schools are on public water/sewer, and even the latest schools built in western Loudoun (Culbert ES and Woodgrove HS) are served by public utilities. But if a great site comes along and it can’t be served by public utilities, then a Special Exception permit can always be issued. Because the urgency for schools currently exists in the central/eastern portions of the County, where water/sewer lines already exist, a Performance Standard for schools on public utilities should be no problem. Right? Further, such a Performance Standard would comply with the County’s Comprehensive Plan which calls for schools to be sited in existing communities. No matter your side, east or west, few can argue that after all is said and done, Loudoun County Public Schools building multi-million dollar well fields and wastewater treatment plants (and roads) is probably not be the best bang for limited education bucks.