October 2013

Obamacare Debacle Shows the Limits of Radical Progressivism

By Liberal Anthropologist

In my usual daily perusal of left wing news I have been shocked at the degree of anger being expressed towards Obama over the lies he has told about Obamacare.  Let’s review the lies:

1] You can keep your insurance.

2] It is not a tax.

3] It will be as easy as shopping on Kayak.

4] The average family will see reductions in health care costs.

5] The uninsured will have insurance.

6] Your coverage will be better.

None of the above is true.  Even the core reasons stated around universal coverage have no chance of coming true.

It was a failed idea.  It was an obvious failure to many when it was proposed.   But the ideological blinders of radical progressives who insisted on following their leader in a cult like fashion have led us to this.

It is time you guys apologize to the rest of the country for losing your minds completely in 2008 and electing a community organizer who knows nothing about how to work with others instead of an honorable man who had more than proven his ability to work with others.

And don’t make the same mistake in 2013 Virginia.  The democrat in the race is a radical who will certainly hurt further the economy of Virginia with similar hair-brained ideas.

Can you really afford another Obama level disaster – this time focused on Virginia?  Good dems need to get control of their party back from the radicals like Pelosi and Obama.




60 Minutes Report On Benghazi Raid, 7 pm Tonight

By Joe Budzinski

Tonight on CBS, 60 Minutes will air a report on the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya.

60 Minutes, 7 pm ET/PT, Sunday, Oct 27. Click here for more information.

Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi attack

Hillary Clinton said of the White House misinformation campaign about the attack on U.S. personnel, "What difference does it make?"

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department Information Officer Sean Smith and two other Americans were killed in the September 11, 2012 assault on the consulate. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delayed testifying to Congress for months because of vague “illness” and when she did appear before the Senate Foreign Relations committee she accepted “responsibility for security lapses in Benghazi but not the blame.”

The 60 Minute report tonight is significant because it will include testimony from an eyewitness to the attack. Thus far, the Obama Administration has made all surviving Benghazi witnesses off-limits to questioning (tonight’s interviewee will appear under an assumed name), and the mainstream media has been remarkably incurious about what happened during the attack, why no rescue mission was sent and why the White House circulated false information in the months afterwards.

Dems Reopen Government They Closed

By Liberal Anthropologist

And Realize They Are Giving Away The Store

Day 1 of reopened Government – Still no effect. It is funny. They can come and go and I don’t even notice. It is almost as if they were non-essential. Hmmm.

The reality today is that democrats won a battle through the media. But they are losing the policy war. There is a reason Republicans stood and cheered yesterday. Let us look at why by comparing the goals stated by President Obama in his State of the Union address with the realities of 2013.

End Sequestration – Hey dems. Did you notice that yesterday’s deal is what the Republicans called a victory just a few months ago and the dems said was unacceptable. Sequestration continues. On September 6, Eric Cantor said, “signing a CR at sequester levels, the President would be endorsing a level of spending that wipes away all the increases he and Congressional Democrats made while they were in charge and returns us to a pre-2008 level of discretionary spending.”.  Only the foolish in the Republican party would say that holding spending at essentially 2008 levels is loss. You may not have noticed the pea moving but the Republicans set very high goals and ended up getting this concession in response. The Center for American Progress warned of this on September 10:  “It’s easy to see why this approach would be attractive to Speaker Boehner; it is much harder to understand why any progressive or centrist would support such an approach.”

It was a huge concession of policy lost in the last few weeks of politics. Can we now admit that 2008 spending levels work just fine and the government has adapted and we do not need them any more? The sequestration is permanent. Thanks dems!

Obamacare Roll Out – The Republicans actually got a little piece of what they needed on this. Too small to be sure. But the dems got nothing. And now the public turns its attention back to the immense failure this is. Rates are higher for more people than not. Only a few thousand signed up so far. Technical glitches are horrendous and will take months to fix. There are already privacy issues arising. Hackers are attacking. People are being kicked off of plans. Hours are being reduced. Almost nothing good is happening and a lot of bad is happening. Now the dems can work on putting in place the delays they just denied. Because they are needed. The law is a bad one and the government can’t run even a Kayak.

Climate Change – Nothing in Legislation. Some new coal rules that the EPA chief has said will do nothing to effect climate change but will definitely hurt the poor. She said they were symbolic. CO2 keeps rising. The Supreme court just agreed to hear a new case over the EPA finding.

Gun Control – Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Immigration Reform – This is something I want, as do many Republicans. But Obama hasn’t managed to get this together in nearly a year. Prospects look dimmer. Core reason? Obama is a terrible leader. He knows nothing about how to work with opposition and is a community organizer. He is not presidential material. He was a double mistake by the dems who have left us with an ongoing stagnant economy and high unemployment.

Infrastructure investment – Nope.

Universal Preschool – Nothing.

Voting Rights Protections – Whatever that means.  Nothing.

Raising the minimum wage – Still the same.

All this is not to mention some of his first term goals – Guantanamo still open.  Iran still doing the same stuff.  He not only is still in Afghanistan, but has even managed to start another war.  That is what you get peace prizes for.

I could go on and on.  The only thing Obama has accomplished as president is Obamacare.  And that is a disaster.  All the sound and fury of the last few weeks just get him back to Zero.  That is the great victory.    Keep celebrating those kinds of victories dems.  I will celebrate mine.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Vote for Terry McAuliffe

By Liberal Anthropologist

Terry McAuliffe never made sense for Virginia.  The only thing he has had going for him is the stupidity and ineptitude of the Republican Party.  Today however, he disqualified himself completely.  He said during a campaign stop:

“I support what we need to do to obviously protect our air and our water.”

Good enough on its own.  I do too.  As does everyone.  But this was a response to a question about the new (and foolish) coal regulations.  These regulations do ZERO to affect air or water quality and even don’t do anything measurable to affect warming.

So Terry is in favor of proactively hurting the economy of Virgina and the United States as a whole.  Is this who should be governor?  Do we really want to go down the economic path of California?  Do we want someone who instinctively supports regulations that have no benefits?

I am not saying who you should vote for.  The Republicans and Democrats are both screwed up right now.  But whatever you do, don’t vote for McAuliffe.

Dems Shut Down Government

By Liberal Anthropologist

Thank you democrats for refusing the bill from the house and shutting down the government. Almost all of the 800, 000 workers are truly non -essential. Let them get work in the private sector and do something productive for society. I am glad to see the Democrats beginning to embrace libertarianism. About time. The Republican bill really did spend too much money.

This shutdown will have zero effect on my life.

It’s a bright morning in America.