November 2013

33rd Republican Candidate

By Liberal Anthropologist

So far two people have thrown in their hats to the Republican ring in a likely need to replace Mark Herring.

1] Ron Meyer – a 24 year old PR guy who has little/no record.  Little chance of beating someone with name recognition from the dems.

2] John Whitbeck – A divorce attorney mentioned here several times who is the current 10th District Republican chair.  He is a losing candidate who already carries anti-semitic baggage and a controversy filled tenure on the HOA board in his home community.

In other words two likely losers.

The Republicans need to take this seat back.  My hope is there will be more people stepping up and we will get someone strong to stand behind.    I would love to see a Buona or Williams in that seat.  Experienced, with strong credentials and less of the severe controversy someone like a Whitbeck brings.

What are you thoughts on good Republican choices? Should a BOS member move over to the Senate?

I know you dems are going to want to bash, but can you name a couple of local Republicans that you would like to see in the mix?  What do you think of the Dem candidate Wexton?

Anyone think Joe May should run as an independent?

Any libertarians running?

It looks like we have a mini-election coming folks…  Place your bets!

It is about Health Care

By Liberal Anthropologist

… not health insurance

It is tempting in the weeks since the implementation of the exchanges and mandates and disastrous cancellations that are only just beginning and will eventually effect nearly 1 in 2 americans, to say “We told you so”.  Anyone who took the time to look at the law and did not have the ideological blinders could see there was no way this would work well.   Progressives, in typical fashion supported the goal, regardless of what the results would be.

I listened to the Sunday talk shows and progressive talk today and all I can say is that progressives don’t get it.  They clearly mistake the goal.  It is not to do anything with insurance, but to make sure health care costs don’t continue to rise the way they have and that people have access to health care they can afford in almost every case.  This is the shared goal of ALL people in the debate, despite the moral haughtiness and smugness of the left.

The Republicans have had every right to cheer the awakening of the American people to what it was that led us to townhalls in the leadup to a vote that was purely partisan.  The TEA party was right when they yelled “Shame” to Nancy Pelosi.  Those who called President Obama a liar were also accurate.

But make no mistake.   This will be turned on Republicans if they block so-called “fixes” and don’t make a united offering in response.  The house must get about passing again a repeal and replace to Obamacare to make it clear there is an alternative.  A good solution would be to repeal the federal regulations that Obamacare added, including, of course, all mandates.  And then repeal further all tax incentives for employers to offer health insurance.  The severely limit the regulations on how health care is delivered so that a wider range of practitioners can do a wider range of services.  Make it easy for doctors and other health workers to immigrate to the US.  Tort reform to reduce costly doctor’s insurance.

In exchange they can offer to universally widen the medicare base to offset any problems with the near poor.  Done in a bipartisan manner.

And I am sure there are many other ideas that can be added that reduce the actual cost of health care while increasing the competition.  This will reduce costs.

The results?  Doctor visits where you mostly pay for the doctor’s time.  Where they are far less expensive.  An return of health insurance to being pure insurance and not a health maintenance plan.  More pay in workers pockets.  More options in health care with easy competition increasing quality and spurring innovation.  A situation seen in many cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance such as lasik.

The only negative?  It won’t be perfect.  There will be cracks.  But it is this very imperfection that will make it better for everyone.  When an attempt is made to achieve an ideal, it often has unintended consequences that often create more problems than are solved.

Thanks for the perfect example for libertarianism to use for years to come Mr. President.  Now fix this.  Repeal Obamacare and replace it with more repeals and increased freedom in health care.


2017 Front Runners for Governor

By Too Conservative

…if Obenshain loses tonight

Congressman Tom Davis

Governor Bob McDonnell

Senator Jeff McWaters

Businessman Pete Snyder

….anyone else?

Time for a drink.

How I plan to Vote

By Liberal Anthropologist

This is my thinking on how I plan to vote Tuesday. I am interested if anyone has any good arguments to vote otherwise in any direction. Also is my prediction on who will win. Anyone else want to predict?

Governor – Cuccinelli – Prediction – McCauliffe
Lt Governor – Northam – Prediction – Northam
AG – Obenshain – Prediction – Obenshain
HOD – Greason – Prediction Greason

Debt for Park Facilities – No, Predict – Yes
Debt for Public Safety Apparatus and Facilities – No, Predict – Yes
Debt for Road Projects – No, Predict – Yes
Debt for School Projects – No, Predict – Yes

I encourage all Republicans to take this election seriously and get out and vote. McCaullife will bring us Obamacare like initiatives and growth restricting regulations galore. Virginia cannot afford it.