December 2013

The Problem with Obamacare

By Liberal Anthropologist

We are now several months into the big rollout of some of the key aspects of Obamacare.  Some of the quickly done elements were the easiest and most widely agreed to. Keeping children on to 26 and pre-existing conditions.

But in reality those are small parts of the law.  The bigger and more controversial parts are kicking in now and people are not happy.  The Washington Post and others have said that “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” is the biggest lie of the year.  In reality, it is an even bigger lie next year as the same provisions that affected the individual market will reshape employer provided health insurance.  We have already seen the law create new unemployment and underemployment through its provisions around numbers of hours and numbers of employees.  This now spreads into all business where the cost of insurance is soon to rise and there will certainly be many plan changes that will not allow people to keep their doctors.  5 to 10 times as many policies will be affected negatively as have been so far.

Costs continue to rise, despite lie #2 ($2500 savings per family).   There are no savings.  Costs are – of course – going up.  As anyone with any economic sense predicted at the beginning.  More doctors are leaving the insurance based market altogether due to the amount of overhead going to bureaucrats and administrators.  This is decreasing the availability of actual health care.  It does us no good to improve insurance and reduce care.

Very little good has come of Obamacare.  Much more damage is to come in the next 1 to 2 years.  We will all pay more.  A lot more.  Our choices will shrink.

I expect the few remaining hardcore supporters to scoff at my predictions.  There are the same ones who called us “stupid” when we said that millions would not be keeping their plans and costs would not go down.  The reality is they have little understanding of the actual law (as opposed to theoretical intents) and they have little understanding of economics.

It is time for them to admit that they were wrong to support Obamacare and help us to repeal all but the 26 year old and pre-existing elements.  As of January 1, we will quite literally be better off when the law was passed than we are now.  Costs have risen.  Doctors have changed.

And the worst part?  Not only will we not have universal health insurance, we will have literally less people insured than when we started this.  A complete and utter failure.

John Whitbeck v Ron Meyer – The Videos

By Liberal Anthropologist

I thought it would be interesting to put a few videos up from the candidates.  I will put up three from each and intersperse them.  Note that the first is one calling attention to John Whitbeck’s controversial past.  If this is seen at the primary level, imagine what will be the firestorm used against Whitbeck in the general.  I don’t see a way for Whitbeck to win given his baggage.

Ad calling attention to John Whitbeck’s Jewish Joke:

John Whitbeck’s appearance on the Rachel Maddow show:

Ron Meyer’s “trailer” with many TV appearances:

John Whitbeck’s badly handled interview regarding reaching out to minority communities:

Ron Meyer classic campaign commercial:

John Whitbeck’s closing speech from his failed candidacy to the HOD:

Consider as you decide what to do in picking who can ACTUALLY beat the democrat in the election.

Ron Meyer v John Whitbeck – Dec 16

By Liberal Anthropologist

I discovered some unreleased comments and released them on the two previous threads.  Sorry they were held a few days.  Amongst them was someone who indicated that John Whitbeck would be a good candidate.  I understand that on a few short meetings it is possible to get that sense.  The speeches I watched him give historically have covered some conservative principles but were – much like Obama – filled with empty rhetoric and nothing in the way of unique ideas.  He seemed to have a weak grasp on the subjects he spoke on.

As I said, I do not know Ron Meyer at all, so when I received the beginning of the barrage of literature today from both candidates I went to both websites – Whitbeck and Meyer – and gave them both a second look.  The usual fluffy stuff was on both.  I did notice Whitbeck claimed a bunch of endorsements that I am doubtful he has already received.  Perhaps he is reusing endorsements from his past failed campaign without checking with those people first.  I then went to look them both up with a simple Google search – Meyer and Whitbeck.  It confirmed my fears about Whitbeck again.  Both men appear on the front page of the search.  But Whitbeck has a lot of recent negative press.  He is not a good candidate for the Republicans because he has little chance of winning.  It does not matter whether you agree with his speeches or had a couple nice discussions with him.  Watch the two videos above to get a sense of the two men.

My thinking is this:

1] Ron Meyer is clearly the smarter of the two men.

2] Meyer has good presence and can think on his feet.

3] Meyer seems to have a command of facts that I have not seen Whitbeck possess.

4] Whitbeck carries baggage from just the last few months that will be used against him in a general election to great effect.

5] Whitbeck has lost by a landslide in the past.

6] Both men have similar stances on key issues and thus the issues will be represented similarly by both.

I just don’t see it likely Whitbeck could win.  No matter if you think that the joke Whitbeck made and the other controversies of his past are overblown.  It will be blown up even further if he is the Republican candidate.  Whitbeck will inspire the Democratic base to come out in a way that Meyer would not.  It is very important to win this election for Republicans.  They cannot afford to put forward a less electable candidate.

It seems Meyer is the only good choice for the 16th for Republicans who want to win.