When Will Dick Black and Eugene Delgaudio Weigh In?

By Loudoun Insider

Holy crap – I haven’t checked this LTM story in a while about the lesbian Loudoun County Boy Scout leader who was recently kicked out by a puritan – there are now 468 comments!  By far the most debated local newspaper story I’ve ever seen. 

What I really cannot believe is that Dick Black and/or Eugene Delgaudio haven’t been all over this story like flies on you-know-what.  I can only imagine what kind of wacky Public Advocate fundraising letter ED is cooking up right now (please send me $100 immediately to help fight this lesbian scourge!).  Have they finally learned that maybe these issues aren’t where their focus should be?  Unfortunately I just don’t see their obsessions with homosexuality going by the wayside so easily.  I can’t help but have a hilarious image of frantic campaign workers holding them down and stuffing socks into their mouths!  “I MUST speak out about this!”  “No, you musn’t!”  Somehow I think the public pronouncements would be all over the place if we were already past the election and they were safely back in office for four year terms.




  • James Young,

    Exactly what value is kicking a good volunteer out of scouting. What value is being upheld?

    You are completely conflating values with beliefs. There is no value in what this guy did to this woman. Who benefited? And how?

    You have no idea what the word values means. Christianity isn’t a value. It is a belief. A Buddhist can hold 100% the same “values” as a christian with different beliefs.

    A homosexual can have all the same beliefs AND values as a heterosexual. Does that not make sense to you?

    If the value is excluding people who are sinners, why pick such a small sin? As noted somewhere, this particular sin didn’t even make God’s top ten list. Are we going to kick out of scouts everyone who openly parks without paying the meter? That is “stealing” and covered in the 10 commandments.

    You simply make no sense. What value was upheld?

  • “You are completely conflating values with beliefs.”

    That is exactly right. The BSA is having a problem because the values of the organization are in direct conflict with some of its beliefs.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “Obviously, you don’t speak for Scouting on this subject. Indeed, a fair case can be made that it’s values are utterly lost on you.”

    Make the case, JY. Which value of the Scouting program promotes exclusion of our fellow human beings and examining the sexuality of a child to determine if he is qualified for membership? You are correct, I missed that part growing up in the program.

    So when were you awarded your Eagle? How long have you been an ASM? What troop committee do you sit on? How were those ten years serving as a Den Leader? Was your father a scout master as well for 30 years? Were you a Junior Assistant Scout Master? I am sure you worked at as BSA summer camp staff in your youth as well. Didn’t you love those Order of the Arrow service weekends? What is the Admontion, btw? Amazing how much we have in common, eh?

  • FedUp says:

    “She was open with everyone all along the way. Nobody cared until…”

    Lib A – Maybe a little too open about it? The language on http://www.bsalegal.org clearly states openly homosexual. Perhaps if she had not of discussed it with anyone, she might still be a troop leader.

    Maybe it’s true everyone she talked to did not have a problem with a homosexual leader, but she was taking a risk that one day someone would object to it and report her. All leaders, scouts and parents have a right and a responsibility to report any rules not being adhered to. They can choose to report it to any level of the BSA organization: the Troop, Goose Creek District, NCAC or National. It is disgusting that a leader in a private organization has been publicly criticized and ridiculed for allegedly reporting a rules violation.

    “It is well known this is not enforced.”

    Lib A – So, how many other rules do you suggest the scouting leaders not enforce? The 2-deep leadership rule can be a hassle at times, so why not just ignore it when it is convenient to do so? That’s a slippery slope. Rules must be enforced until they are changed.

  • dntrllycare says:


    “I know you did not ask this but other asked, “Why is it unAmerican?” Because we American live in a social system based on acceptance of differing values not judgement and exclusion. In America we recognize that our common humanity is our strength and that through division we are weaker. One can argue semantics all one wants. One can twist history all one wants. But this fact is true and no amount of revision will change it.”

    You are the one twisting history, and frankly you are not even talking about history. You made a general philosophical statement and applied it to a specific historical argument. I am talking about History here, based on facts.

    Same-sex sexual activity wasn’t even legal in all states until 2003, the gay “rights” movement didn’t gain any traction until the 1960’s, how un-american. I suppose America was full of un-american people before the 1960’s.

    I guess you think that this county was founded by un-american people.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “I guess you think that this county was founded by un-american people.”

    Are you referring to the same founders who owned slaves and considered blacks to be 3/5 of a person. That was certainly one of those “American” ideals on the same level as this policy, I suppose.

  • BlackOut says:

    FedUp, make sure you send that scout home early from a camping trip when you see he is wearing blue jeans and not scout issue pants. It’s the rules ya know. Make sure you report him too.

  • dntrllycare says:

    “Are you referring to the same founders who owned slaves and considered blacks to be 3/5 of a person. That was certainly one of those “American” ideals on the same level as this policy, I suppose..”

    You are comparing a homosexual not allowed to be a scout master to slavery, how can you be serious? It’s insulting to even compare the two.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    No, whoever you migth be, slavery is indeed more insidious than this form of bigotry but since you were unableto grasp the metaphor (no wonder you don’t use your name) I’ll spell it our for you.

    Your argument was that since gay rights is a relatively new civil rights issue, then discriminating against gays can not be unamerican since the founding fathers must have discriminated against gays (did they?) and no one is more American than the FF. I, therefore, pointed out that the FF also held slaves and considered a black person to be 3/5 a person (I could have cited their viewpoint of women just as easily – but that is another story) so they hardly were the paragons of what we now consider American values (unless you wish to argue that slavery and deny women the right to vote are REALLY American values).

    So notice, Mr. whatever you migth be called, I actually DID NOT compare slavery to gay discrimination in any manner what so ever. I simply showed you to be totally inept when it comes to stringing together a coherent argument.

  • dntrllycare says:


    It would be incorrect to label your last post (http://www.tooconservative.com/?p=10189&cpage=2#comment-150874) as only containing a metaphor, it was actually a analogy, which I believe to be false/incomplete.

    Let me summarize your analogy for you:
    A is to B as X is to B

    Here is your argument in the form of a syllogism:

    Premise 1: (A)slavery is in conflict with (B) american ideals
    Premise 2: MISSING
    Conclusion: Therefore, (X)BSA’s policy is in conflict with(B) american ideals

    As you can probably see the minor premise in your argument is missing, although the one possibility is clearly implied. The implied premise is (X)BSA’s policy shares the qualities of (A)slavery.

    So in order for your previous argument to make any logical sense you had compare slavery to the BSA’s policy. A comparison which I believe to be absurd enough to speak for itself.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    No, Mr. X, I was not comparing slavery to anything at all. You really have a reading comprehension issue here. Go back and read what I wrote. I was saying that the FF were, by today’s standards, relatively devoid of American values (at least when it came to issues of equality) because of their stance on slavery, blacks, and women. Therefore, what they may or may not have felt about gays is completely irrelevant in the discussion about whether discrimination against gays unAmerican or not. Do you understand now? Do you see how there is not comparison being made between slavery and gay discrimination now?

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