Weighing in on Riley’s Consultant Best/Worst

By Too Conservative

I can’t help but weigh in on Jim Riley’s “best/worst” list based upon the primary election. I agree with some of his assessment on his best list…BUT….

1) You can not put the blame on a single person for losing an election. And certainly this was not the case in the hard fought Stirrup race…where a district based HEAVILY in Loudoun County….and Dick Black’s old legislative seat was fought.*

Not only did Bob FitzSimmonds take votes away from Stirrup in Prince William…not only were Black cronies running around the district putting falsehoods about Supervisor Stirrup’s pro-life stance, but the race was a large uphill climb  for which Corry Bliss should be applauded as one of the BEST consultants in Virginia. Corry has been involved in Virginia politics for years and I worked with him last cycle on Brian Dubie’s gubernatorial race in Vermont. Corry is one of the hardest working and sharpest campaign folks I know…he gets incredibly caught up in his races and it’s his law school tenacity (Corry had a law degree) that makes him a great campaigner.

It’s easy to speculate on blogs and easy to look and critique races from the outside but Supervisor Stirrup, Corry, and the entire team worked incredibly hard to get where they ended up. I hope the Supervisor runs again in Virginia as he’s proven to be incredibly formidable.

UPDATE: I also wanted to point out how absolutely distasteful it is the way some folks on NovaCommonSense took personal attacks to the next level concerning this race. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion obviously but one of the negatives of blogging is it allows for the uneducated to post front page news to the masses.

2) I wanted to give a shout out to Steve Hunt who I’ve known since Middle School for a hard fought race. He fought incredibly hard and deserves a big pat on the back. Him and his wife are truly great people and I hope they stay involved as the county needs them. That all said….Jason Flanary and his team should for sure be mentioned among the bests for their victory in a closely fought race.

3) Miller Baker and his team including Dan Letovsky and Seamus Owens should be given credit as well among the best for their primary victory.

4) Notable mentions: Kris and Marty Nohe who served as their own consultants in the Coles district of PWC. They CRUSHED their primary opponent.

*I know many of you may disagree with some of my comments but I hope you will respect them as someone who knows many of these people personally and was involved on the Stirrup race.


  • Greg L says:

    I was with you right up to item number four, and then you lost me. Nohe’s opponent raised no money, had no yard signs, knocked on no doors other than to get petition signatures, and pretty much didn’t campaign in any way. If Nohe wasn’t going to run up big numbers against a campaign that didn’t happen, he has no business in politics.

    One of the candidates in the Gainesville District did this and ended up with 2% of the vote. Bob Pugh did quite a bit better than that.

  • Too Conservative says:

    The Gainesville vote was split multi way…you can hardly compare.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Holy cow, TC, for a second I thought you were going to discuss best and worst consultants in Loudoun County! Lord knows you can’t do that here – some people are special and can never be criticized. I think we should stay away from that topic lest we have an outbreak of hissy fits.

    On the topic of Corry Bliss, i know he is a friend of yours, but the Stirrup campaign was a shameful disaster, especially in Loudoun County, and he deserves a huge amount of the blame. He was the big cheese after all. There was no real “strategy” and no ground game to speak of, especially in Loudoun County. More than a few knowledgeable Loudouners offered advice and help only to be ignored. So Loudouners helped out by ignoring Stirrup at the polls. A textbook example of how NOT to run a NOVA campaign.

  • Major props to the Baker campaign. Letovsky is a fantastic campaigner. Ok I’m a little biased… his dad is my College’s Conservatives Club adviser so it’s great to see fellow Vermonters such as Dan Letovsky succeeding in the political world.

  • Fred says:

    @TC: “not only were Black cronies” So is it only Col. Black that has cronies or were Stirrups supporters beneath themselves to be called cronies? A little intellectual honesty would be a nice thing.

    “UPDATE: I also wanted to point out how absolutely distasteful it is the way some folks on NovaCommonSense took personal attacks to the next level concerning this race.” I’m not going to defend NovaCommonSense, although they were one of the few blogs that supported Col. Black. However you may want to look at the distasteful comments the few vocal Black haters have here on TC. Again, a little intellectual honesty would be a nice thing.

  • Loudoun GOPer says:

    I didn’t hear of any Black ‘cronies’ (interesting way to describe supporters) saying anything about Stirrup’s pro-life stance. Don’t know where you’re getting your information on that Vince.

    Bliss has worked for three high-profile candidates recently and he has destroyed their politcal careers in the process. He was told over and over that his tactics were losing him support, but he kept it up.

    We can spend the next few weeks going over how Stirrup lost, or how Black won, or we can concentrate on helping a whole lot of Republican candidates in Loudoun and Prince William win in November.

  • Fred says:

    Well said LG. I hope sore-loser-itis isn’t going to be a plague effecting Loudoun county.

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    Vince, As a supporter of Stirrup, I fully blame Bliss. Who else pulls 17 people who were scheduled to canvass Western Loudoun off at the last minute to put them in PWC????

  • novamiddleman says:


    Your professional affiliations/job interests cloud your judgement

    You chose a professional career and you lost being an objective observer a long long time ago

    There aren’t that many who can remember your issues with professional work clouding your judgement in the past including the original creation of this blog and it almost closing down after additional questionable ethical actions on your part.

    Stick to the majority of your comments congratulating those who won and focusing on working together. It makes the most business sense as well.

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