Debbie Rose Already Makes Hatrick Nervous

By Loudoun Insider

Debbie Rose was the star of the recent State of Loudoun Education address, asking tough questions of Hatrick and getting a hero’s welcome afterwards by numerous business leaders.  Read the Leesburg Today article for details.  Hatrick was so discombobulated by her tough question on the costs of technology that he let this stupid statement fly out of his mouth:

“Right now, we’re buying textbooks now just to say we buy them, and they’re not being used because they’re not up-to-date” 


This quote should be the defining quote of this year’s School Board races.  Obviously Rose flustered the King of LCPS, who is not used to being challenged on anything, especially not by his supplicant servants that currently sit on the School Board.  This is exactly what Loudoun County needs – School Board members that will actually ask the tough questions and truly manage the system, instead of being led around on a leash by their employee.


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    And Ima? where have I dissed teachers, or called them overpaid? Dissing the curriculum they are handed is a different thing.

    I’m on the way to permanently dissing you, because I somehow doubt you are a teacher. You sound way more campaign activist than an in the trenches educator, most of whom are too busy to spend time on blogs taking advantage of anonymity to act out.

    (BTW, “fail the assignment” may sound like something a teacher would say, but it is a way overworked metaphor of someone with a history of sockpuppeting here who is NOT a teacher, but fancies themselves an authority on all things school. You may BE a teacher, but try a bit of actual discussion–it might work wonders for some credibility beyond pot-stirring.)

  • G.Stone says:

    So, questions still out there for you:

    1. The John Birch Society is now a smear that offends you. Yes or no?

    2. Do you have some kind of real data on textbooks or just your “OOYA” number?

    3. Can you cite where I have used “standard response centered around racism, tea parties or monster truck rallies”?

    Blog sidebar: he won’t answer 1, 2, and “no” for number 3.

    I don’t have much time so here is short version.
    1. No. However, same concerns that WF Buckley had about LBS. Do your own research. And you know the reason I made the connection, that being the false narrative that LBS is a ” racist” org. For many on the left the terms are interchangable. You having drifted in that direction probably used it for that very reason.
    2. No. However you get the larger point, if you don’t read it again slow.
    3. This is a blog , I am not going to do hours of research. Having siad that , you do have a propensity to insert the third party straw men in order to move yourself off the x. I simply beat you it and hence have caused some confusion. I will add I should have added Sarah Palin to the list .
    here comes the part where we now chance the subject to Sarah Palin. Oh, sorry I have done it again, I anticipated EB’s response prior to actually allowing him to do it himself. EB, let me state I am not a Palin supporter so you don’t waste your time digging in that hole.

    The Monster Truck Rally was an attempt at humor. Did you really think I was asserting you actually made reference to this ? Really ?

    For the record I have never been to a Monstser Truck Rally. However, I would not turn down tickets if offered. This of course would depend on the price of beer. If beer was 2 or 3 bucks I’m in. If like a redskins game a beer is 9 bucks , forget it.

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