Schoeneman Looking Good

By Loudoun Insider

Brian Schoeneman, the Republican challenger to David Bulova for the 37th HOD seat in Fairfax County, is looking stronger and stronger.  As a first time candidate with little initial fundraising, Brian has impressed people with his great disposition, mainstream views, and hard work.  Bulova seems to want to coast to victory without working for it, not a smart thing to do in a strong Republican year.

Recently Schoeneman was subjected to a ridiculous push poll (Shaun Kenney covered it well) that, among other things, called him a “segregationist”.  Anyone that has read Schoenman’s well reasoned posts here and elsewhere know that he is anything but.  It’s a completely ludicrous statement with zero basis in fact.  The Dems would not be doing this if their polling showed Bulova comfortably ahead.

And now NLS reports that Schoeneman will be provided an initial $75,000 in targeted funds from RPV.  Any first time candidate running against an entrenched incumbent in a perceived safe seat is going to have fundraising challenges.  But Schoenman’s hard work has paid off and the RPV support will be a huge force multiplier.  Look for Schoeneman to far outperform expectations.


  • Dan says:

    Brian Schoeneman is the kind of young man we need to see run for office. Each party will win some elections and lose some elections, but if we have more candidates of the caliber of Brian we will all be much better served in the future. Running for office is a huge imposition on a candidate’s family. I’d like to thank Brian for stepping up to the plate.

    The push polling is despicable. Obviously Brian is not a segregationist. But I certainly wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Kenney does that it was conducted by the Bulova campaign or the DPVA. Or that it was done with their knowledge and approval. In fact, I would think that is highly unlikely.

  • Thanks LI! We’re out working hard every day. Looking forward to surprising a lot of folks on election day.

  • Greg L says:

    Schoeneman is a great candidate – very well spoken, thoughtful, and genuine. Despite these qualities I hadn’t thought him to be in a competitive race, based on campaign finance reports. Yet after a bunch of polling by the Governor’s PAC in numerous districts here we have the House Caucus dumping a pretty sizeable chunk of money in this race.

    That doesn’t happen when a race is out of reach. If this district is competitive for Republicans, I can only imagine how bad things are for Dems this cycle across all of NOVA. Kinda makes this comment from one of the Dem House members stand out: “This is our year to get f*&ked.”

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Yeah, Dan, I’m sure some random group just decided to do that. Disgusting.

  • Dan says:

    LI, for someone who usually brings facts and evidence to the table to support your arguments you are uncharacteristically willing to accept an unsupported assertion in this case. I believe we agree that push polling is wrong and should be discredited at every opportunity. And we both resent someone like Brian being targeted. But we part company on leaping to the conclusion that this was done by or supported by either the Bulova campaign or the DPVA in the absence of anything beyond speculation that that is the case.

    There have been some recent examples around the country of rather disgusting ads run by wacko groups in support of Republican candidates. In several of those cases the Republican candidates quite properly condemned what was done in support of them (but not by them). No evidence was presented that the Republican candidates in those cases was involved in the questionable activities.

    Should I have adopted your standard and condemned those Republican candidates as if they had been directly involved? Or should conclusions be drawn based on actual facts and evidence.?

    Another question I have is whether or not this push poll actually took place. I don’t doubt that Brian was told what he was told. But we have one report from one person that he received a push poll. And he said he was on the phone for twenty minutes before he hung up? Really? Twenty minutes? And then they called him back? Does that sound reasonable? Just asking?

    Brian is credible. I have no idea if the source of this single anecdote is credible or just a random goofball.

    It might be doing Brian a disservice to go too far out on this limb in the absence of credible evidence. His friends may end up making him look foolish. And that would be a shame.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ll admit I don’t have many first hand facts there – it’s pretty far away from me and I have not been following it closely. But I tend to trust Shaun Kenney, and I just cannot fathom why some outside interest group would go to such lengths against a moderate candidate (a pro union Republican for God’s sakes!) in this district.

  • Dan says:

    I understand your point. On the other hand, the whole “segregationist, radical libertarian” thing is so bizarre and ham fisted and irrelevant to this race that it is hard to imagine the Bulova campaign would have come up with it. Bulova is not an idiot.

    If this really took place (which I believe is very much an open question) it sounds more like the product of a kook group than the product of the campaign of a candidate who has his act together. I haven’t seen any comments from others who claim to have been called by this alleged push polling. When this blog has had threads about questionable polling tactics in the past there have always been multiple folks commenting who actually received calls.

    Perhaps you can’t fathom this happening because it didn’t actually happen. Until there is more to indicate it did, my bet is that it didn’t.

    Now if we want to stir up the conspiracy minded we can speculate that this was made up by Brian’s campaign in order to draw attention and to cast his opponent in a negative light.

    No. No. No. Tin foil hat wearers stand down!!! I was only kidding.

    I know Brian wouldn’t operate that way. No doubt there exist pinhead political operatives who would suggest something like that but I trust Brian would throw them out for suggesting such a thing.

    I just don’t think there is anything to see here.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I have been very impressed with Brian’s effort to take political discourse up a notch. He’s the kind of person we need to encourage to enter the lists in political contests. I wish him well.

  • G.Stone says:

    Great work Brian, we are all pulling for ya.

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