Lloyd’s Political Rule No. 2: Don’t Anger Bloggers

By Lloyd the Idiot
A few weeks back, I offered some truly groundbreaking political advice, “Don’t be stupid.”  I now offer a second bit of equally radical  advice:  “If you don’t want to be vilified in the blogs, don’t piss off the bloggers.”


That means don’t lie to them, don’t threaten them, and don’t mention their families.  Ever. You may not like what they have to write, but keep in mind they have the pen and will always have the last word.


The advice is really just a corollary of Rule 1, but since some candidates just haven’t gotten the message, it apparently warrants separate mention as a rule of its own.


  • liz says:

    Any particular candidates or bloggers you have in mind for this advice?

  • Lloyd says:

    No one in particular

  • Yeah, Lloyd, has someone stepped over the line?

    Fact is, an angry blogger might not be that much of a threat to one’s candidacy (see “NVTH,” “ACTivist,” “whining,” etc.). Notwithstanding the famous maxim (first told to me by Roger Zurn), “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel,” I’ve pissed off a blogger or two, only to discover that, in a couple of notable cases, the club has grown so large with members whose transgressions only exist in the blogger’s mind that no one worries about it anymore.

    That said, there are still rules to this game and those who break them ought to be exposed.

    What happened?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I heard the story and it is truly disgusting and vile. If Lloyd ever decides to share it, you won’t be surprised. The threats are flying.

  • Yeah, “never pick a fight with someone who can type” does not have the same undertone of menace to it.

    As a general rule I don’t think bloggers have a lot of political sway – but “bloggers” is a very vague term. Some are way more influential than others, although most are more formidable in their own minds than reality would tend to confirm.

    However, when you get a network of people ticked off at you, regardless of their access to a keyboard, it can cause problems down the road. And when you get said people angry because you – the candidate or whomever – have proven yourself a truly low quality human being … well, word might spread, following the old customer service maxim about how many people talk about a good experience vs a bad one.

    If I knew, for instance, of incidents of candidates showing themselves to be not simply typical blowhard politicians but actual THUGS – well I just might make it my personal mission to make that candidate’s road a little more bumpy. It’s not about a fraternity of bloggers, but rather like-minded individuals who think there is too much incompetency, ego and unbridled hostility in positions of power already, and it is our duty as citizens to try and reduce the number of such people in office.

    Even though I am no longer a member of any “party,” I would definitely cross ANY party lines to keep a thug out of office.

    I also would love to hear more of any experiences Lloyd would care to relate, publicly or privately.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    The Loudoun political scene is much worse with you gone, Joe B!!! I wish you could have stuck it out for another couple months. You didn’t get some crazy threat to shut you up, did you? They’re certainly ratcheting up the heat on the rest of us independent thinkers.

  • Lloyd says:

    No particular story to tell. I also did not mean to suggest that bloggers had any influence or real power. However, if you don’t want it be hit, don’t take a swing.

  • Greg L says:

    I love it when a someone tries to pick a fight, especially when they get lawyers involved, and I’ve entirely derailed campaigns who have done so. One ended up not filed as a delegate for a convention. A municipality had a big name firm send a threatening letter, the story got picked up by InstaPundit and the national attention made them back away at full speed. It’s happened several other times, and in each case it’s backfired on them horribly.

    I wish more folks would stand up to threats like these, as it’s a lot like the right way to deal with schoolyard bullies. You punch them in the nose and they stop.

  • Nah, no threats – or, none from anyone with a functioning brain. I just got too busy to maintain a blog. I could use some fresh air, though, so maybe a jackass hunt would in order.

    Lloyd, you are a center of gravity among bloggers, my friend. As we say, “If a tree falls in the forest, Lloyd probably cut it down.”

  • I am truly confused.

    Liz: Any particular candidates or bloggers you have in mind for this advice?

    Lloyd: No one in particular.

    LI: I heard the story and it is truly disgusting and vile. If Lloyd ever decides to share it, you won’t be surprised. The threats are flying.

    Lloyd: No particular story to tell.

    Can you guys explain this a bit more?

  • (Dunno that last “Lloyd:” got in there.)

  • Hillsboro says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Stevens…. I was afraid they had gotten to Lloyd and silenced him!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Let it stew for now.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    I will say I know some details and I will never say, and I would ask you to let it go Stevens. If Lloyd wants to talk, he will. It is vile stuff in my opinion.

    To give you an example of the network effect in action and the downstream impact, whatever it is that has happened has caused me to seriously rethink my previous active support for a candidate.

    One blogger may not be important, but if you threaten one, you store up a hornets nest of supporters – and their friends – and their friends of friends.

    There is no sense in stupidly pissing off the average voter let alone a blogger who has influence over more people than the average voter.

    And if we are so unimportant, why not ignore us. Why the need to threaten us. I am new to this scene and I have already bent sent one annoying email fro a candidate I will cover in another post soon. Certainly nothing like what we are talking about here, but nonetheless, this candidate caused me consternation for no good reason and I am going to write something about it. I have no great power, but I can influence a few votes, and I may influence other bloggers who influence a few more votes and after a while, you are talking about margin of victory levels of influence.

    We WILL stick together. If someone threatens anyone in the blogosphere for no reason other than to try to shut them down, then they will get a whole lot of crap headed there way.

    I think it goes back to Lloyd’s first rule. Don’t be stupid. That includes pissing off bloggers for no reason with threats to jobs, families, etc.

  • I sense something internal to the local GOP.

    Not my table.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    I think the candidate in question – whom we know reads this site – needs to find their way back to Lloyd and apologize for any apparent harm he caused with his unfortunate comments. He can put it all down to a miscommunication, but he needs to make up with him or he will find my support – which went from positive and active to now neutral and passive, will go to negative and active.

    He’s going to have enough trouble winning without adding this to the list of things working against him.

    Not to be dramatic or anything… but…

    (stepping forward) I am Lloyd.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:


    It indeed is not at your side of the table.

    Let’s just say that some people in a party take anything less than absolutist glowing support with whoever has the (R) or (D) next to them as treason.

    I am sure you see this in internal (D) debates. I am going to guess the (D)’s coming out against McGimsey will feel heat if they have not already.

    I will never be a party hack. I may vote Republican almost all the time, but I WILL vote democrat and openly support good democrats when they exist in the wild.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “We WILL stick together. If someone threatens anyone in the blogosphere for no reason other than to try to shut them down, then they will get a whole lot of crap headed there way.”

    I will help with THAT charge – I don’t care WHO it is.

  • Lloyd says:

    All I care to say at this point is that what prompted the original post just happened again this afternoon.

  • Linda B says:

    Seriously? Same perpetrator?

  • Loudoun Insider says:


  • Liberal Anthropologist says:

    OK. I am going neutral to negative.

  • Member, McGimsey Aides Support Group says:


    people want to believe yiou have no “power” in elections. That may be somewhat true, but I do know that the minute I moved into Loudoun your blog was reccommended to me by a Democrat, and I hear people refer to this blog over coffee, etc., by the most unlikely suspects. So, while I may not always agree with you, I welcome the thought you all provoke. Contrary to seemingly popular opinion, thinking is a good thing, as is hearing opposite viewpoints…….not to mention the “entertainment value” this blog provides 😉

    Threats are unacceptable! Give them three chances to right the wrong. If it doesn’t work, then expose away..PLEASE 😉

  • Lloyd says:

    Just to close out my thoughts on this, blogging (and politics) is a hobby for me. Yes, a sick hobby, but strictly a hobby. I don’t blog for advertising revenue. I don’t blog to build a political consulting business. I don’t do it for influence. I don’t do it for power.

    And it’s just a freaking pissant local blog for Pete’s sake (apologies to LI, TC and LA). It’s not the Washington Post. So it’s all the more amazing that anyone would give a crap about anything I have to write here to the point of making petty (and worthless) attempts to silence me.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    No offense taken, Lloyd. I have never been one to tout this or any other blog’s importance. It is absolutely not the Washington Post. Others have a much more inflated opinion of their blogs and of this one – for some people this is enough to make them want to hurt you in any way they can. It’s beyond ridiculous here in Loudoun County.

    But this blog and others still serve a valuable purpose in getting stuff out there for discussion that the mainstream media has less and less time for these days. We do serve a purpose, and efforts to silence us always backfire. Only idiots who like to be “too cute by half” would think that was a good idea.

  • G.Stone says:

    The suspense is killing me : ) Quit screwing around , cage match !

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t told you yet, Stone. They’ll need to wind you up to attack Lloyd when he lets it rip.

  • Tom says:

    I agree that blogs serve an important purpose in getting information out that you cannot find in the mainstream media. However, the problem is that sometimes things shared in blog posts and comments have no factual basis. I am surprised by the ideas that people cook up about things and state them to be fact without any proof. They try to establish these big grand conspiracies that most likely do not even exist.

  • G.Stone says:

    ”I’m surprised they haven’t told you yet, Stone. They’ll need to wind you up to attack Lloyd when he lets it rip.”

    Then to disagree with Lloyd is to attack Lloyd ? Is that your suggestion ?

    Lloyd himself has admitted and I will paraphrase ” this is just a local political blog ” I could not agree more. So letting it RIP as you say will have a huge effect on the 6 people (myself included ) who are paying attention to this Blog. This is not the NY times. If it was they would make you opine using your real name instead of hiding behind faux indentities. Hence this is a good part of the crux of this issue, Bloggers opining and taking to task people with real names, real identities, hiding behind fake name and then getting pissed when those getting blasted fight back. This is a two way street, use your real name and you will be on solid ground. Oh I forgot the false IDs are needed in order to keep others such as employers from finding out that an employee is busting balls or taking a political position at all. Can’t have it both ways guys . Pick your process, pick your poison but stop bitching and moaning when someone pushes back. Had you operated in the daylight from day one there would be far less to deal with.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    To disagree is not to attack, Stone. TC is not the NY Times. Blog pseudonymity is a well established tradition and you’re not going to change that. The people and companies I work for could care less about my personal political interests. What they all do appreciate is that I am straightforward and brutally honest. I call it like I see it without any ass kissing.

    Plenty of people do pay attention to this blog, especially the people that really matter in this county, and that does not include you.

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