Upcoming Loudoun Elections

By Loudoun Insider

Starting very soon I’ll be doing a weekly series on the various upcoming Loudoun elections, one by one, a la NLS’ ongoing state Senate series. I’ll look at the 2003 local election results and recent state and national election stats along with the likely players in each race. As we have all seen, this is going to be a very interesting year in Loudoun politics.

Please use this thread to post any rumors you’re hearing in regard to likely candidates, and please feel free to email me with anything you may want to keep under the radar.


  • t says:

    t prays that the most Hon. Richard Black runs, once again, against Poison. We all need to jump on board to help out Eugene as well, it what assuredly will be a challenging race.

  • Another Moderate Republican says:

    Whatever you are smokin’, -t, keep puffin’ Neither of these guys is electable in 2007 or anytime in the foreseeable future. In case you haven’t heard, the Dems are on a roll and only moderate Reps. can beat them.

    BTW, stop the childish misspelling of the Honorable David Poisson’s name. I believe -t is above this juvenile crap.

  • Here’s the latest crdeible rumors I’ve heard on potential matchups:

    Delgaudio (R) vs. George Hidy (I) vs. ? (D)

    Staton (R) vs. Susan Buckley (D)

    Waters (R) first vs. anyone Dale Polen Myers can get to run against her in the primary, maybe John Andrews (R) vs. possibly Chuck Harris (D)

    Tulloch (R) vs. ???, surprising no names have surfaced

    Clem (R) vs. any number of Leesburg council members or Leesburg mayor Kristen Ummstaad (D)

    Snow (R) if he runs again vs. Stevens Miller (D), if no Snow, then Jey Jeyanathan, Barbara Munsey, and/or John Milheiser will slug it out for the R nomination

    Kurtz (D) – all indications are she’s retiring, then Tamar Datan (D) vs. Mark Smith (R) or Geary Higgins (R)

    Burton (I) vs. Ben Weber (R)

    Scott York (I) vs. ??? Various names swirl around but no one has really stepped in yet.

  • A Moderate Voice says:


    …”crdeible rumors”

    A bit of an oxymoron, don’t ya think? LOL

    I don’t know this Phillips person, but I don’t think Herring will have any trouble with her. He’s a rational, moderate State Senator, He’ll win in a walk.

  • JOHN W. MOBBERLY says:

    John Andrews… that’s funny.

  • Moderate Voice, for whatever reason the link you posted to Leesburg Today was causing a huge never-ending blank space to show up to viewers. I deleted that postion of your post and it seems to have corrected it. I have no clue why that happened, but feel free to try again.

    I know “credible rumors” is pretty funny, but I think you get the drift!

  • A Moderate Voice says:


    I noticed that, I’m not sure why it happened, sorry.

  • Not Jack Herrity says:

    So Eugene thinks local businesses are stupid and selfish? What a trailblazer he is.


  • In case anyone doesn’t get where NJH is coming from, Delgaudio says local businesses affected by a proposed road closing are stupid and selfish for asking for reconsideration that may delay the opening of the Sterling Blvd./Rt. 28 interchange. See Leesburg Today for more detailed info including some choice quotes.

  • Andrew Phelps says:

    The 2007 Loudoun Elections will be interesting, no doubt, and many of the same Republicans nominated back in 2003 will be running again.

    The big difference between 2003 and 2007 will be in the LCRC leadership. Today, for better or worse, the Dick Black wing of the Loudoun GOP controls the local party in the form of Chairman Paul Protic and his two vice chairs, Suzanne Volpe and Eve Barner who together basically run things.

    Back in 2003, there was an unusual and powerful coalition of Loudoun Republicans who ran things very well, did not make mistakes, and somehow remarkably avoided the fratercide that we see in local politics. Dean Settle wrote about this a few months ago and I agree with him.

  • t says:

    Blackout, two of three aint bad. However, Eugene lives on to see another day.

  • It looks like the candidates being bandied about for various non-GOP incumbent seats are firmly in the Black mold. For all those that thought less than highly of Randy Minchew, I have heard many lament the loss of him as LCRC Chairman. Fortunately he remains quite active, much more so than the current Chairman.

  • BlackOut says:


    Good observation. Distressing to say the least.


    “No soup for you, come back one year” 🙂

  • Fed-up! says:

    Well, the rumor mill is:

    George Hidy may run as a Democrat. An insider poll has 64% of the voters dissatisfied with Delgottago.

    Staton (Black-Lite) is almost gone, but if Father-in-Law Dick Black can pull one more this would be the district.

    John Andrews is a home builder, so if he beats Lori Waters he will lose to Chuck Harris. If Lori prevails it will be a very close race.

    A couple of names against Tolluch, but no one ready to step forward.

    Snow, “if you do not agree with me or say something I do not like the H*ll with you”. If he or one of his cronies runs they will lose just by association with him. Snow is the poster child for the builders.

    Buckley will not have an easy time but should win vs Mark Smith or Geary Higgins. Both are to much affiliated with the LCRC and Dick Black.

    No one can beat Burton!

    The Democrats would waste their money challenging Scott York or Burton. They should concentrate on supporting Hidy, Buckley, Miller and Harris (only if Andrews runs).

  • One correction, Fed-up!, Susan Buckley lives in Sugarland Run district.  Tamar Datan, who serves on several county committees, is the likely Dem candidate in Catoctin. 

    I also don’t think that Mark Smith is too tied into the Black wing. He was one of those held out from the LCRC for separate treatment and barely got in after reading the pledge and making a statement. Tulloch has lots of bad history with him, which should only boost his credibility outside of the LCRC. Of course that makes him less likely to prevail among the LCRC crowd. The latest name I’ve heard in Catoctin is Robert Bruton, current Catoctin district chair for the LCRC, who is apparently from the religious conservative wing.

    That’s the first I’ve heard that Hidy may consider running as a Dem, and that should allay Beres’ fears of an independent slate. He would fit right into the Webb mold as a disillusioned Republican running as a Dem, and Webb won handily in Sterling district.

  • BlackOut says:

    If the LCRC had any “potatoes”, they’d defeat Delgaudio in the primary/caucus before anyone else got a chance at him. That would truly be a cathartic moment for the future of the LCRC.

    Unfortunately, I think LIs observations are correct. The purging is not complete, for true reform. AP#12’s use of fratricide is a good term.

  • Anon2day says:

    I’ve heard other Dem names,

    Jeanie West in the Sterling District.(A very attractive candidate and active in Sterling)

    Bob Moses or Phyllis Randall in the Broad Run District
    (I think Mrs. Randall could give Waters a good run and can beat Andrews).

    And they do have a candidate for Tullcoh, I can’t remember her name.

    Anyway the Dems are getting organized, I think the LCRC has reason to worry.

  • sibyl says says:

    Well the LCRC is a-buzz tonight with the RUMOR that a small group of super special people (i.e. a few executive committee members) met for a top secret meeting to decide that we will have Convention style primary at the new Huge Evangelical Church on Rt. 7 the first week of June, Sunday afternoon of course, for the small fee of $5,000 (donation, Im sure).

    This will not be firmly set until the LCRC membership meets to vote on it Monday, after the Turkey holiday, at a new place and time (confusing and inconveniencing the general membership helps the leadership win these battles, a common LCRC strategy).

    Folks, this will result in a meeting NOT to be missed. Anyone seeking political entertainment should attend. Commentary appreciated.

  • novamiddleman says:

    k so what is the TC ticket going to be 😛

  • t says:

    t has endorsed Eugene. Every election, it’s the same story. The RINOs underestimate Eugene, and end up losing to him. Same old same old.

  • Interesting comment by Sibyl at #20 that I just rescued from moderation purgatory. I’ve confirmed this elsewhere.

    I think the TC ticket (or at least the LI ticket) will have to wait until the prospective candidates sort themselves out a bit more.

  • Ben Dover says:

    t, t, t, t, t, t:

    Over the past few months we have had many interesting, respectful, and pleasant exchanges – I hope these continue.

    I must say, however, that your endorsement of Eugene can only mean one thing: You’ve been hitting the bottle a wee bit too hard. I have long held that you are an individual who periodically has a nip here and there. Given your endorsement, I now speculate that on an average day you must have progressed to a post-work cold beer (or three), a pre-dinner merlot (with brie and crackers), a couple of glasses of cab sav with dinner, and perhaps a nice glass or two of brandy (or Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey or whatever else is in the liquor cabinet), while you sit next to the fireplace where you post on this and other blogs.

    What I’m suggesting, t, is that an endorsement of Eugene can only be attributable to a habitual, and deeply seated alcoholic haze that reduces one’s faculties and diminishes one’s reasoning ability to that of a common toddler.

    I know that you are a person of conviction, and you yourself have frequently commented on the fact that elected officials who don’t reign in growth, traffic, and taxes should be cast aside. Eugene is the poster boy politician for the development community, and he’s never voted against a development of any sort. In fact, as far as I can tell he has done absolutely nothing of substance in the 8 years that he has held office.

    Yet, you offer him an endorsement? For God’s sake man, where’s your pride? Eugene’s not a conservative – if anything he is a sham, a rogue, a charlatan, a maroon, and a quack. Real conservatives know what Eugene is and will work to banish him from elected office.

    Giving Eugene an endorsement, let alone perceiving that he will again win office in the wake of our most recent election results can only point to the ravaging and delusional effects of a heightened blood/alcohol level.

    Please, t, get help before it’s too late!!


  • BlackOut says:

    t and I are going as a couple to the up and coming, convention style meeting. I can’t wait, we both look so good in orange.

    Ben Dover you are a man of impeccable prose and perception.

  • t says:

    O.K. Ben, I have a hangover, but I’m at least sober now. Yes, Eugene has failed in reigning in gluttonous insatiable developers. Eugene has been wrong on growth issues. And Eugene’s “accomplishments” over the past eight years are…. well, I’m not sure what they are.

    However…, and this is critical, Eugene is a genuine Northern Virginia pro-life incumbant – a rare breed these days. Pro-lifers like t and Eugene need to stick together even when the rest of the world is coming down around our ears. Now pass me the Romulan ale. It’s time for a night cap.

  • t says:

    Blackout wants t to dress in orange and accompany Blackout while he is in drag?

    Ben, you better pass me the whole bottle.

  • Fed-up! says:

    t #26

    That is the most intelligent thing you have said about Eugene. If you say that to his face, he will say, you are wrong about his BOS decisions and that you do not belong to the LCRC principles of blindly being led by a few people who know better then you.

    By the way, what the heck does being pro-life have to do with a BOS position? That is a state and federal issue not local.

  • t says:

    t is a pro-life protester. My pro-life colleagues and I were harrased by a city council “moderate” who championed an ordinance resticting our rights of protest. I returned the favor by running against the “moderate” council person as a conservative pro-lifer. While I did not win the election, I siphoned enough votes from the moderate, to allow a liberal democrat to take her place. This was a victory for me. Even local elections are crucial.

    Besides, if I can’t trust someone with a baby’s life, then I can’t trust that person on ANY issue.

  • BlackOut says:


    Consider this, when Delgaudio loses his re-election bid he’d have more time to spend with you and your noble efforts.

    It’s a win-win. So if you really think about it, we’re on the same side of the Delgaudio election. Both of us should be working for his defeat.

    Another reason to attend the convention together.

  • Fed-up! says:


    Your #29 does not make sense. So you sabotaged an election of a moderate and allowed a pro-life person to be elected. All because you had your protesting rights restricted? Talk about compromising ones values!

  • Independent Republican says:

    Anon2day #19

    None of my sources have heard of Jeanie West in the Sterling District or any intentions to run.

    Where did this name come from, who is she and what are her Sterling activities?

    On google – nothing comes up.

    A lot on Hidy and his involvement in Loudoun Couty activities in the schools and community activities. A lot on his letters and comments to the editors, his postings and points about all the building going on as well as the current board of supervisors activities in relation to the builders.

    I think this is what the people of Sterling will want to see in the alternative to Delgaudio.

  • Smokey Joe says:

    Can’t believe what Sybil Says pointed out in 20. Have we all gone crazy? If Sybil is correct, this is an LCRC that’s resolved to defeat, but feel good about thier principles. Problem is that those principles are not the principles that the Loudoun electorate will care about come November. I’m tired of losing because a vocal minority in the LCRC doesn’t want to compromise at all internally. An out of touch party means our incumbents are outta here in November!

  • JTR says:

    Smokey Joe
    I guess now that the developers have had their unbridled path yanked by their hand picked candidates from the ’03 convention, the LCRC wants to create a nomination process that will be even more tailored to only the “purest” of candidates. I agree that they are only looking to protect “their” principles which do not reflect the majority of Loudoun Republican voters.

    This committee is being operated by a minority that refuses to wake up and smell the coffee. You see to do that means they would have to examine the views of their candidates that have lost the past few elections, as well as their openess, or lack of to welcome all Republicans to committee membership.

    BTW Sybil, where can one get a ticket to watch this action take place? It would worth an admission fee, especially if the CPR crowd will be there too!!

  • Fed-Up! says:


    Just remember “Paybacks are a Bitch”. The FAB 9 Delgaudio would not allow to join are going to haunt him and the LCRC. Especially Robert Hidy, George Hidy’s 20 year old son.

    What joke from the joker and the joke will be on Delgotago!

  • Dean Settle says:

    many of the original 11 are haunting the LCRC as I type this. The LCRC would have been better off allowing them in and controlling them. But outside of that organization, they are free to work against the small party inside LCRC.
    Odd how little that small group knows about Chess…..

  • StormyWeather says:

    Sybil – what you describe sounds more like a religious rally rather than a political event. The LCRC needs to pick good candidates that will encourage the voting public to vote Republican. It seems the LCRC has gone out of their way to set an isolated, extremely partisan, unwelcoming environment for their convention. I guess this all about keeping control.

    Ronald Reagan would not be proud of this LCRC. What a shame. The LCRC could be the best Republican organization in this state – but the wrong people have taken over and they have a strong grip on all that happens.

    Maybe when they lose every election this fall they will all go away and all the excluded good Republicans can start this thing over – from scratch. What a powerful organization this could be. Loudoun County can’t wait much longer – for good, responsible, ethical leadership. There are countless Republicans sitting at home – who are waiting for all this “nonsense” to be cleared up. Everyone talks about a Repbulican Party that has a big umbrella and includes, rather than excludes. But it’s not on the LCRC’s radar sceen now – not even a blip.

  • Another Moderate Republican says:

    Count me among those waiting on the sidelines for the LCRC to return to being an inclusive and powerful organization. The Black, Del-gotta-go, Dale P-M, Volpe et al clan have to be stripped of their self-promoting power. If/when this happens, I’ll again be a loyal Republican working tirelessly to elect moderate Republicans. And as long as this extreme group runs the LCRC, we will see more and more Dems taking over and maybe that won’t be so bad. I’d rather have moderate Dems than extreme right wingnuts running Loudoun County.

  • Independent Republican says:

    With Delgotago, Black-Lite, Blackout and Patrick Henry College running the LCRC, the lCRC will be a party of exclusion until after the defeat in 2007.

  • Stormy, you mean to tell me that Delgaudio, Tulloch, and Snow aren’t great ambassadors for the Republican Party in Loudoun County? You must be a RINO – watch out or Jack Shockey will get ya!

  • BlackOut says:


    BlackOut has no influence within the exclusive LCRC super secret committee. Obviously.

    I’ll take it you mistyped.

    I agree with the essence of your post.

  • Independent Republican says:

    #41 “Blackout”

    I was referring to “Black-Lite’s” Father-in-Law, under the name used for his ouster in 2005.

    Sorry, did not intend to include you.

  • BlackOut says:

    No worries, keep up the fight!

  • NVa lifer says:

    A friend in the LCRC forwarded the call to convention this weekend. Whoever told you it cost five thousand to go to church and vote is full of it. There is no filing fee for delegates, and the top fee for prospective candidates is $2500. This does not seem unreasonable.
    If this a really a northern Virginia Republican site why not do northern Virginia Republicans a favor and spend a little less time on crazy rumors from Loudoun?

  • Independent Republican says:

    Gee, the LCRC is holding its convention at a right-wing church and one that supports the odd behavior of the LCRC leadership. Just a co-incident? I do hope the LCRC is making “a donation” hate to have the non-profit status of the church jeopardized by allowing the LCRC to use the church for free.

  • Lifer, Loudoun County Republicans need to seriously take stock of where they’re at and why they keep losing elections. This site is a vehicle for such discussions. Why don’t ED, the Shockeys and others do us all a favor and quit with the ridiculous RINO hunts?

    The $5,000 is apparently what the rental charge will be to the LCRC for using the church, not a charge to participate.

  • BlackOut says:

    Sometimes a BIG church does not equate to a BIG tent.

  • Another Moderate Republican says:

    Is there a reason for a political convention to be held on a Sunday and in a church? Or perhaps “weekend” (#44) means Saturday. If the LCRC wants to be inclusive and start winning elections again, it needs hold its conventions at a secular venue and on a day that doesn’t smack of “religious right.” Sound to me that Dick Black is still pulling the LCRC strings.

  • It will actually be on Saturday, June 9, 2007, so no Sunday.

  • Sterling Insider says:

    More that a rumor, Jeanne West, a well qualified candidate and grassroots Democrat will be challenging Delgaudio and/or Hidy with the full support of the Sterling Democrats, Independent Moderates and the LCDC. Jeanne will be a formable foe in 2007.

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