Gillespie Calls State Central Members

By Too Conservative

Reports abound that former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie has been calling state central members asking for their votes, as well he should be.

It looks as though he will head into the Advance as the all-but-sure choice.


  • With Gillespie’s permission I recount our conversation on my blog, Deo Vindice.

    Spoke with Chuck Smith, Chair Va Beach committee, today. He is running. I told him he is too late. Done deal.

  • NoVa Scout says:

    What impact does this have on Gillespie’s business? Would he have to give it up or simply keep the firm away from Virginia? How does Gillespie get along with the Marcus/Allen machine? How much Virginia experience does he have?

    Just curious.

  • NoVa: Gillespie made a point of saying he has a contractual obligation in his day job through Dec 2010. No idea how his extracurricular activity affects his day job.

    I’ve asked (around, not Gillespie) if he checked out with the grownups. I got a yes – all second hand info – that he checked with Allen, Bolling and McDonnell. Dunno about Gilmore/Boyd.

    I think his political experience in Virginia is from the National level. He has lived here for 13 years.

  • GOPHokie says:

    JAB, dont we need someone with state experience though?
    My personal belief is that the last thing to “go blue” in Virginia will be our electoral votes.

  • FairfaxGOPer says:

    Does it bother anyone that his Partner at Quinn Gillespie is Democrat Jack Quinn who worked for Clinton?

  • 10th district republican says:

    Gillespie greatly impressed me about 3 to 4 weeks before the election when I finished his book “Winning Right”. If this guy can give Virginia half of his expertise our party will be in great shape in the coming years. I still have a hard time believing a guy like Gillespie would want this position. He appears to have won over staunch conservatives which is very important as well. All the people over the last several years with so called “state experience” have really screwed things up so I think it is a great thing to have an outsider come in and maybe get the party going again from the grassroots up. If he is willing to take the job I firmly believe Gillespie will attempt heal the parties wounds over the past several election cycles and begin working toward bringing VA back red again.

  • t says:

    Gillespie must address his fidelity to the pro-life movement before he is given this most important position.

  • GOPHokie: I don’t think hands on experience in VA vs vicarious VA experience as RNC Chair is that vital for RPV Chair duties.

    VA isn’t going to go Blue unless the VA Senate and some Delegates – and the national candidate – continue to provide an echo of the Dems instead of a real choice.

    FairfaxGOPer: I’d like to hear Gillespie talk about being in business with the Force of Darkness.

    1oth District: You can’t heal wounds until the fighting stops making the injuries. Get the tax and spend RINOs to get right and legislate like Republicans – then let the healing begin.

    t: Gillespie sold Russ Moulton with his conservative Roman Catholic creditionals. FYI.

  • 10th district republican says:

    I don’t think Gillespie’s fidelity to the pro-life movement has ever been in question.

    “Get the tax and spend RINOs to get right and legislate like Republicans – then let the healing begin.”- I cannot argue that you are wrong there. I think getting rid of these liberal senators is the most important aspect. These folks have no business being in the state Republican Party. But I also think a certain segment of Republicans at least up in the 10th are never happy with anyone. They would not support Jerry Kilgore and they would also not support our long time Congressman Frank Wolf who has a strong pro life background. Calling either Frank Wolf or Jerry Kilgore a RINO is both stupid and foolish.

  • NoVa Scout says:

    Which “liberal” senators are you talking about 10DR? I’ve always had the impression that the Virginia Senate’s insistence on sustainable revenue flows to meet project costs was a perfectly “conservative” fiscal stance. Maybe you’re referring to Democrats in that body, but I’ve certainly had the impression in recent years that the leadership of that chamber is more traditionally conservative in a fiscal sense than is the HD.

  • t says:

    Thankm you J.A.B., that is sufficient for me, as Russ Moulton is the real deal.

  • 10th district republican says:

    NoVa Scout,

    We will probably have to agree to disagree on the conservtiveness of the state senate. The problem with the state senate in my opinion is their project cost always seem to be rising. I am sick and tired of hearing the answer to everything in the state senate is tax increases. Why not take a look at the rising project costs? This criticism extends to the HD as well.

  • His Lordship Sir John Chichester, Williams, Norment and Stolle, Quayle are the problems near here.

    They aren’t Conservative. Raising taxes when revenue is rising to create a surplus is more stupid, big government, more spending than fiscally responsible.

    Fiscal Conservatives set priorities to fit into existing revenue. Conservatives don’t raise taxes to fit their wants.

    Sustainable revenue is a crock. There is one economy. All taxes come from the same pie. Name what tax is sustainable revenue and what isn’t.

    When you raise taxes and kill jobs ($150m = 5000 job loss), you don’t promote sustainable revenue.

    Any Republican who promotes the blather of the majority of State Senators is clueless about fiscal Conservatism.

  • -Disappointed LCRCer says:

    Gillespie is doing this because he wants to run statewide in the not-too-distant future.

  • t says:

    It’s sad that the GOP chair is such a lousy position, that the only people who will take it are those who want to parlay it into a run for higher office.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    JAB (#13): I think the real culprit is Virginia’s primitive budgeting and forecasting methods. The surpluses reflect both inadequate forecasting and the inadequacy of GA budgeting from scratch on a short-cycle basis. The surpluses either have to be applied against non-recurring, one-off costs and expenses or returned (don’t ask me how this would work, I’m not there yet) to the taxpayors. But the general point made repeatedly by the fiscal conservatives in the State Senate is that long-term, systemic investments in recurring state items have to be supported by a reliable revenue flow. If it isn’t taxes, it can be something else (tithe commitments from rich bloggers?), but it has to be there. This is a fundamental conservative proposition. I wish the national Congress had an appreciation of this basic point.  I think the GOP compnenet of the state Senate has largely been painted as a bogeyman by people who don’t like to have multi-syllable discussions about sound fiscal management. 

    Mr t (#15): Maybe the protection is ask the RPV chairmen for a non-candidacy pledge. Mr. Gillespie probably (and quite correctly) reckons that the only way for the RPV to go is up, so this is a good job to take at this point.

  • Thanks NoVa. I think the Republican Senators are buffoons, not bogeymen, for raising taxes instead of setting fiscal priorities.

    Again, what tax is a reliable revenue flow and what tax is an unreliable revenue flow?

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