Smith To Challenge Gillespie

By Too Conservative

Chuck Smith from Tidewater will run against Ed Gillespie, and has been calling around state central members.

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  • t says:

    Which one of these guys is the most pro-life? That is the candidate we ALL must support.

  • NoVA Rearguard says:

    I’ve heard great things about Chuck, and Gillespie’s reputation precedes him (although, like others, I cannot for the life of me figure out why he would want to do the job), but if it were up to me I would go for a longtime veteran more in-tune with all parts of VA, not just one. I mean, Gillespie is basically a DC insider although in NoVA, and Smith could bring a Tidewater perspective to RPV–but I might look for somebody like a Tom Garrett (who’s done a lot for several different candidates all over the state and is well-liked by all) if I were going to try for a new and effective E.D.

  • I just think Gillespie is some powerplay by the national party to make sure Virginia stays red in 2008. He has given no indication, in public at least, that he has the want to go into individual delegate districts, recruit candidates, raise money, and win at the lowest level on up. A guy like Chuck Smith, who has been doing that, would be far superior in my opinion.

  • AWCheney says:

    Did Kate, Mason Conservative? That’s only one part of the job. Getting the grassroots organized for ALL future races is the job imperative.

  • Chris Porter says:

    “somebody like a Tom Garrett”

    Cliché foul for using a person’s name as an adjective. It’s perfectly acceptable to just say “somebody like Tom Garrett.”

    BTW, I agree that TG would be a very good executive director. My question – why would he want to?

  • t says:

    Chris, this is TC, not “Nitpickers, Inc.”.

  • t says:

    Hi Tom Garret, er, NoVA Rearguard, welcome to TC!

  • NoVA Rearguard says:

    That’s funny ‘t’…I’m not the Great American Tom Garrett, Jr.–and if you’ll check previous posts you’ll find other comments from me on other topics. It is funny though that you didn’t manage to work a pro-life comment into your shout out to me…

  • NoVA GOP-er says:

    Has Garrett ever even run a race above the House of Delegates level? Wasn’t that the main issue with Sean Smith– he never had any grassroots managerial experience.

  • Walt Ball says:

    There are many who could perform well in the position of E.D. Garrett would do well, so would Rob Whitney. I have heard some names mentioned that would not do a good job too. But guess what? Doesn’t matter ’cause Gillespie I hope, will bring his own people with him, allowing for the job to get done without any strings attached. We need impartiality right now. The next E.D. will need to be loyal to to the Chairman, whoever that is.

  • I have Gillespie’s letter on my website saying Chuck Smith is on his team now.

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