Cuccinelli Challengers?

By Loudoun Insider

This was sent to me by a party insider, obviously not in the Cuccinelli camp:

With the 2006 election behind us, reliable sources, within the 37th Senate District, are noticing a ground swell of anti-Cuccenilli sentiment among strong conservative Republicans and constituents. The majority feel he is unelectable and fear they will loose the seat with him as the candidate. Republicans are asking him not to seek re election for the betterment of the Republican Party and to save the Majority in the Senate. He has proven, over the last five years, to be the most ineffective legislator in Richmond, unable to pass any legislation and unable to work with his colleagues. Further indication that Mr Cuccenilli is not a team player was demonstrated on November 7th when he failed to cover his precinct with volunteers.
Has anyone heard any potential names for republican challengers? NLS recently stated that Janet Oleszek, a Fairfax School Board member, will be Cooch’s likely Dem opponent.


  • t says:

    t THUNDERS!!! The fact that Cooch is “unable to work with his colleagues” is a true badge of honor. The State Senate is the biggest crop of do-nothing liberal pompous stuffed-suit RINOs t could ever fathom. Quayle and Potts tag-team to kill every reasonable pro-life bill in committee, including painkillers for unborn slaughtered babies. What kind of clueless reprobates are these people? Chichester, Norment, Hanger, Watkins, Stosch, stollee, et al are USELESS when it comes to pro-life and/or commonsense principles like teaching the true science of creationism in schools.
    We need MORE MEN like Cooch in the Senate. He is a light in the darkness.


  • I knew this would rile t up!

  • t says:

    Why are you fishing for challengers LI? We need to line up behind Cooch and carry him over the finish line. A primary challenge will siphon away critical resources that we need to fight the Dems. All hands on deck for Cooch!!!

  • t says:

    t will personally SMACK DOWN anyone in the GOP who tangles with Cooch. We have a true pro-life gem in Cooch. We need to appreciate him and keep him happy, lest we lose this Statesman.

  • Riki Bobby says:


    That is the most absurd amount of garbage I have read in a long time. Put a couple of names of “conservatives” who are against him other than Anna “I promised I would run for state central on a certian platform and have Ken campaign for me, then the first thing I do is break my promise then spew hatred for Ken” Lee.

  • NoVa Scout says:

    Mr. t: stop beating around the bush. Can’t you ever tell us what you really think? All these qualifications and circumlocutions keep us confused and in the dark when we look to you for guidance.

    BTW, if Cuccinelli is going to spearhead the debasing of religion by dragging it into government schools, then he really ought to be on your blacklist, friend t. But I haven’t heard him champion teaching creationism in pulbic schools. Did I just miss this, or is he that far out on the limb? I would say that he is indeed in trouble in his district if he has gone that far overboard.

    LI: Cuccinelli probably is an example of an endangered species in Northern Virginia. But never underestimate either the value of incumbency or Cuccinelli’s adaptability. He has been a kind of caricature candidate in the past, but he’ll make some effort to show a more moderate look this time around while doing some winking and nudging to the VCAP-pers et al. He has excellent name recognition in the district. I’d be surprised if he got a challenge in the GOP primary. Any replacement would have all the same demographic issues Cuccinelli has but would have trouble getting nominated when so many moderates and real conservatives in Fairfax are moving away from the Republican party.

  • Calm down everybody! As I stated in the post, I realize that the emailer isn’t a Cooch fan. What I’m wondering is, does anyone have any hard info on potential challengers? He would be very tough to beat in a primary situation but could be very vulnerable in the general based on recent trends.

  • bobby says:

    This is a load of BS. What good is a LIBERAL GOP majority in the Senate? He’s one of a few that have stood up for conservatives in the Virginia Senate.

  • Judge Smith says:

    You’re right. Cuccinelli shouldn’t run for State Senate. He should run for US SENATE against your RINO boy John Warner. Time for Ken to get a promotion.

  • Cuccinelli for U.S. Senate is a great idea in 08.

    Not getting anything passed because you opposed tax increases and earned the ire of His Lordship Sir John Chichester means you are doing your job as a Conservative.

    Let’s see a ‘moderate’ challenge Ken in the primary. Maybe we will have closed primaries by then – that’d make it more fun indeed.

  • Sophrosyne says:

    This is absolutely absurd. Cuccinelli is widely known for his stellar constituent services and has wide support among Republicans across his district (i.e. those that matter). James hits it head on when he points out the only reason many Cuccinelli bills don’t pass is b/c the liberal Senate Republican overlords don’t like his commonsense approach to issues such as raising taxes on the people of Virginia.

    Liberal Republicans obviously love to try and put Cuccinelli in some box as if he is some “right-wing wacko” when in fact he is a very decent man who simple doesn’t sell out his commonsense conservative principles for personal power. It will be pathetic to watch the Dems (with some apparent help from “Group B” liberal Republicans like the one who sent this message) try to smear the good Senator.

    Come on LI, this nonsense doesn’t deserve a place on your blog.

  • 10th district republican says:

    Unforunately I have heard the same about possible challenges to Cuccinelli. It will NEVER happen. Mr. Cuccinelli is a GREAT conservative but possibly in the wrong area to maintain his seat permanently but I do wish him the best of luck in 07 because he is one of the few real republicans who is willing to call it how he sees it instead of constantly claiming the need to raise our taxes. If he can get his message across he should be fine but in this ere of NOVA politics that is difficult to accomplish especially when the liberal news media takes everything the democrats in nova say as the truth.

  • tobias jodter says:

    I fail to understand where the above analysis is coming from (i.e. that he’s in danger of losing the seat).

    He’s a lock to win the district because of his reasonable growth stance which makes him very attractive to the moderate to liberal crowd. The real reason he faces opposition from the mainstream GOP is they still resent his defeat of their chosen candidate (M. Thompson) a few years ago and his commitment against raising taxes.

    He’s got my support and that of my real conservative friends and colleagues – and I hope he does run for higher office.

  • Renz says:

    I wish all our northern Virginia Republicans were as ineffective in Richmond and such a bad team player in the last five years…

    In 2006 alone Cuccinelli

    -Served as the Commonwealth’s lead defender of property rights and tag teamed with Del. Joannou (D-Portsmouth) to oppose any watered down bill

    -Worked with Sen. Deeds to pass legislation regulating the sale of the ingredients for meth

    -Passed a bill increasing the penalties for those who exploit illegal immigrants for their own economic gain

    -Passed a bill that exempts new cars from emissions tests

    -Worked with Sen. Janet Howell (D-Fairfax) to pass regulations that protect consumers of halal and kosher foods

    -Worked with Sen. Janet Howell to increase salaries for Fairfax nurses who care for the mentally retarded

    -Worked with Del. Tim Hugo (R-Clifton) to get money for youth ball fields after vandals destroyed existing ones

    -Opposed new taxes not legally dedicated to a purpose and any new discretionary spending

    -Worked to oppose liberal efforts to weaken gun rights

    -Sponsored legislation on issues like the Kings Dominion law and disclosure of admission factors at Virginia colleges to ensure northern Virginian legislators had to go on the record

    -Donated his own campaign funds and campaign staff and volunteers to go door to door with lit for Allen, Wolf, Davis during the hot summer months before even Allen’s own staff really got going

    There really is a need to challenge this kind of GOP office holder in a primary. Please tell us who will save us? Jim “23%” McIntyre?

  • LI,

    It looks like you are trying to recruit a primary challenger to a sitting Republican state Senator. Is that where this blog has sunk to after all TC’s noise about not primarying Republicans in potentially difficult districts?

    I suggest that before you post such rumors that you at least make an attempt to verify them. Cuccinelli has been very successful at passing bipartisan legislation. The assertion that he hasn’t passed any legislation is patently false. Look it up.

    Who exactly is it that is asking him not to run, anyway? Someone care to put a name with that?

  • Boy, everyone’s mighty testy about this! I am certainly not trying to recruit anyone. This was sent to me from someone who has provided good information and seconded by at least two others. Obviously these are folks more on the moderate side of things. I don’t know alot about Cuccinelli since he’s outside of my area. This was simply a post to get feedback on the material sent in, and obvioucly he has plenty of fans. Has anyone heard of any definitive names for challengers? I’m not advocating, just looking for more info.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    To some extent, LI, the feedback reflects awareness even among supporters of candidates like Cuccinelli that there is potential vulnerability to Blue-Creep on the part of the GOP’s more brittle candidates in Northern Virginia. 2007 will probably be a more meaningful barometer of where things are going than was 2006. No end of grist for the mill.

  • Greg Letiecq says:

    You may have noticed that Cooch has earned a lot of respect among activists who are ready to go to war for him. If he gets challenged in a primary, even though I’m outside of his district I’ll be lending a hand to him as well to the best of my ability. I imagine it’ll be a big uphill battle for anyone who wants to take him on in a primary, and plenty of folks like myself will help to make that hill as big as possible.

    Free advice to anyone who might challenge our friend the Cooch: ensure your past is free of the sort of opposition research gems that bloggers get so much amusement from digging up. If you appear to be a source of vast amusement, the spotlight will be bright and unyielding.

  • va says:

    Ken Cuccinelli is my senator and I am madder than hell that he has not dropped that stupid appeal of the Tenth District Convention. He has insulted 61% of the delegates to the convention and many of us live in his district. Instead of wasting valuable time on the appeal, he and his “friends” should have been working FOR the Republican candidates. Oh yes, I saw his door hanger…one side all about him as though he were on the November ballot…and I read McHugh’s email bashing Frank Wolf…and P.Heehan’s letter with no return address to all the delegates calling us Democrats.
    Mad…you bet. What do I care if I have another Democrat representing me? I already have one thanks to the right side of this party so… what does it matter if I have another one? I am still so mad!!!!
    “t will personally SMACK DOWN anyone in the GOP who tangles with Cooch.” I’m in the GOP and is this a threat?
    I suggest you take that remark back or I’ll put another check by Ken’s name. God knows he has enough check marks without another one caused by his friend t.

  • tobias jodter says:

    I would only reiterate my comments that Cuccinelli is in fact the perfect candidate for the district. He has the conservative based covered (the email assertion that it’s the conservatives that are anti-Cuccinelli is absurd) – I believe it would be the pro-tax/developer wing of the GOP that is spreading such garbage.

    In case no one has noticed there is an overwhelming backlash against the pro-tax/unrestrained growth candidates in NOVA (in Fairfax as well as Loudoun and Prince William). Cuccinelli already has established his bona fides with the slower growth moderate and liberal groups so I think he is perfectly positioned to win the district in 2007. Put a higher tax-pro developer Republican in his place and it’s a guaranteed loss of the seat for the Republicans.

  • sibyl says says:

    I agree #19, you should be outraged, what a waste of time and resources, its disappointing even for those that support Ken.

    I think Ken is positioning himself for the 10th Distrcit Congressional seat, hence his strong “alliance” with everybodys girlfriend Heidi Stirrup.

    Those who are trying to beat him down arent worried about his Senate seat, they want him gone so that his opportunity to run for Congress is diminished. Jim Rich has someone else in mind, it isnt Ken.

    My opinion, Cooch is fine where he is, but we could do a lot better for Congress. Besides, who will run the LCRC?

  • Tobias, you are one of my favorite Bacons Rebellion posters – can you provide some more details on Cooch’s stance on growth and development? He certainly seems to be my kind of guy on the issues, I think most people’s troubles with him relate to his style. The LCRC comment is pretty funny, Sibyl – for those not in the know, Eve Marie Barner, Vice Chair of the LCRC is one of Cooch’s aides and some joke that the LCRC is run from that office.

  • I just got a very nice email from Eve, and I would encourage her to post it here for everyone to see.

    Based on what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look good for any prospective GOP challengers, which apparently won’t make my source too happy! It will be interesting to see how this Janet Oleszek squares up against him, she’s been labeled a lightweight by many. See NLS for a more indepth discussion. How were the US Senate and House races in his district?

  • I can’t believe I’m posting again, but check out NLS for a huge post on Cuccinelli calling for divestment of Sudanese interests in State contracts. Good press! And smart to tie oneself to Frank Wolf after Frank’s impressive electoral showing. Now would be a good time to drop that convention appeal!

  • Mr. Ugly says:

    Well, maybe t & the other ‘commonsense conservitives’ have a point about religon in schools. I believe we should close schools on my religous holidays & observe my dietary restrictions in the cafeteria. As a Jew, do you think Cooch is going to be my candidate? He doesn’t support a specific faith does he?

  • tobias jodter says:

    Cuccinelli is a supporter of Del. Marshall’s efforts to tie land use and transportation planning. Admittedly he hasn’t headlined his views on the growth issue but from what I’ve heard him say on the subject recently in public forums it would appear he has sensed which side of the fence will garner the most (and passionate) voters (.e.g. against LC CPAM’s, against the Dulles rail boondoggle, etc.).

    Since you mention Bacon’s Reb, for some history of what I referred to previously read:

    If you look carefully, your emailer appears to be rehashing what was being said back in 2003… ” [tax hiker’s] have openly mocked the freshman and predicted that he would accomplish nothing in the General Assembly.”

    i.e. SOUR GRAPES

  • Bwana says:

    I should note that in a discussion at, brother NLS noted that Wolf/Davis carried Cooch’s district…and also that Wolf carried the Herring Senate district and Wolf/Davis carried the Colgan district.

    It would seem that there are some reasonable hold/pickup spots in NOVA for the GOP, and Cooch is one of them.

  • We all know it is Anna Lee, she is the only person to spew hatred like that and claim to be a conservative. For that reason and the tone of the post VA earlier I bet that was her too.

  • Not Cooch says:

    Cooch doesn’t seem to have been that effective a representative for NoVA in the Senate. I mean, if you own party is blackballing you, you got a lot of people against you. Maybe he is a true conservative, but if the art of governing is about compromise and getting things done, then he isn’t doing a good job. Perhaps the people of NoVA don’t want Richmond to do anything, but that seems unlikely. Just how effective has he been in getting more NoVA tax dollars spent in NoVA, the conservative mantra we always hear? Oh, not that effective. And gun control – sure Fairfax is the HQ of the NRA, but Fairfax County isn’t the best place to be if you are a 2nd Amendment junkie. That issue resonates a little more out of the suburbs.

    I’d say Cooch is at risk due to the increasing blueness of NoVA. He is a good campaigner and adaptible, so he could well survive, but next the Jeanmarie, he has to be #2 on everyone’s hit (on) list.

  • va says:

    Astro, you obviously don’t know the differenc in being mad and spewing hate. I’m mad but I leave the spewing of hate up to the Democrats and the radical Islamist. I also suggest you stop blaming Anna for everything because you are dead wrong. There are many of us who are not happy with Ken and his attempt to define who is and who is not a Republican through the courts and then this appeal.
    Ken, don’t make the women mad…not a good idea.
    Drop that appeal and we can talk…you have a week.

  • Sorry, not Ken. But you have not denied my claim as to who you are. Many many people know about the 10th district convention. When you had Ken campaign for you and say that “Anna Lee will keep our primaries closed”, and you then stood up there and did not deny it and then went and voted against that bill it made a lot of us mad. Both sides need to back off, but going after Ken and talking bad about other Repubs who are doing what they can to help the party is not the best way to as Tim Kaine would say to “Keep Virginia moving forward”.

  • va says:

    Astro, I will put this as simple as I can….I am not Anna Lee! You vented on the wrong person. Ken pushed himself into Anna’s campaign for State Central and, without her permission,ran her name with Schmidt and Gunter as a slate. Yes, she agreed to closed primaries but after reading the particulars, decided she could not support the bill.
    Closed primaries are a good idea but very complicated and should be worked out in the General Assembly. Oh,and by the way… I’m not hiding behind a made up name.

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