Early Loudoun Predictions

By Loudoun Insider

Make ’em here.  Some folks asked me tonight about mine and I really haven’t had time to think about them much.  The biggest darn variable is the unbelievable level of voter apathy that everyone is noticing.  I am simply amazed at the general lack of interest out there.  Sure we political junkies are paying attention, but it seems like hardly anyone else is at all, except for being ticked off at all the road spam out there.

Feel free to make predictions or bitch about the appalling lack if interest in democracy by your fellow citizens.  And remember, all complaining about the PEC must be confined to the post below.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Anybody But Plastic Fetus Guy!


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Don’t forget, folks the new format cuts comments at 50 and sends new ones to a new page – you need to hit “Older Comments” to see the older ones.

  • Phil says:

    Maybe D-33 didn’t do too bad, at least until he hit the School Board races. Absolutely no way Godfrey, Andrews or a write-in candidate will win. Bergel has burned too many bridges, as for running for higher office – maybe in New Jersey. Stevens works hard at…. his hair, Marshall ties with Nuzacco for the Waffle King award. And Ohneiser’s Ashburn roots will give him the needed boost against the ubiquitous Mr. Insincere.

  • Loudoun Moron says:

    I predict the school bond will pass.

    I predict I will get 100% of my predictions right.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Phil, Ohneiser burned a lot of his Ashburn roots when he played communities off against one another in school boundaries and queueing in the out years for capital facilities. I wouldn’t count on the fact that he has a zipcode there to translate into lots of votes–why do you think he’s running at large instead of for a seat with some local constituency?

  • Fear & Loathing says:

    Bobby O actually said in a public forum that the reason he is running countywide is so that he is free to move to where ever they wish to do so. It was not about representing the county as a whole or any such thing. Kind of sad actually.

  • Phil says:

    I suspect Bob sees what a terrible job of representing citizens across the County that Reed has done. Finally a viable challenger to Mr. Insincere entered that race. Ohneiser is the only fiscal conservative on that entire Board. Shifting to the Catoctin SB race, Bergel incredibly defensive and frankly not making a lick of sense with her statement,

    “A couple of things that I bring to the table is as the incumbent working on the School Board I didn’t realize the economy was going to tank as I came in,” Bergel said. “So this has been a really difficult four-year term. Knowing what was in the school systems before versus what we’ve had to change since because of the economy and where we’re heading, I’m hoping to have another opportunity in order to make changes and at the same time move us back to where we were before.”

    So the reason to vote for her is because she can remember stuff. I hope she teaches English better than she speaks it. See it for yourself at http://www.loudountimes.com/index.php/news/article/lansdowne_candidates_focus_on_schools123/

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Bobby O wants to build a house on land he owns in northern Loudoun in the Catoctin District in the next couple years. If he’s elected At Large he can do that and retain his seat. And as an added bonus we get rid of Hatrick boot licker Tom Reed.

  • Phil says:

    This is where Bergel gets defensive. http://www.loudountimes.com/index.php/voters_guide_2011/article/jennifer_keller_bergel/

    Speaking on transparency, she says “I have found, though, that even though information is available, it is often ignored.”

    I guess that means she thinks the transparency problem is on the citizens side.

    She goes on to speak about the budget, “Continued fiscal responsibility is also something that is important to me. Unfortunately I have come to realize that though I can explain every vote I cast because there is evidence to support it, there will be critics.”

    So her vote (Reed’s too) this year to spend instead of save the budget surplus, shows her philosophy on fiscal responsibility. That is, her responsibility is to rubber stamp Hatrick’s extravagant spending machine.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Bergel has to go.

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