Don’t Take Lessons From Teacher Kelly Burk!

By Loudoun Insider

Unbelievable.  Incumbent Supervisor and LCPS teacher Kelly Burk just sent out a blast email from her email account with a re-election pitch at the end.  How in the world could she think she could get away with this???  I must say it again – unbelievable.  The full text of the email is below the fold.

Monday, October 31st the Town of Leesburg’s Halloween parade again will be marching down King Street!

The 55th annual Leesburg Halloween Parade is considered to be one of the “it” places to be on Halloween and has been called “the best area parade” by the Washington Post.  It is the longest running Halloween parade east of the Mississippi and some say in the country.

It was started by the Kiwanis Group in 1957, over a half century ago, whose sole goal is to change the world one child and one community at a time.  The parade is held in Historic Downtown Leesburg covering one mile along King St. going from Ida Lee Dr. to Fairfax St.

Kids and adults both come dressed in costumes.  Over 200 bands, police, and fire and rescue units, walking units, floats, animals and more are expected to participate in the parade.  Politicians find it is a must place to come to shake hands and solicit votes.  Everyone, from Governors to Board of Supervisors to Town Council Members, has marched in the parade.

Everyone is asked to bring a non perishable food item to the parade to donate to the Loudoun Interfaith Relief Food Pantry.  Come out and join in all the fun!  Come down, bring a bag, and collect all the candy you can grab!  If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Godwin at 703 737-7156,  The Town of Leesburg does not designate specific “trick-or-treating” times.  However, the community is reminded that the Town does have a midnight curfew for minors.

Board of Supervisor Kelly Burk offers a few Halloween Safety Tips:

  • Make sure costumes are well fitted and flame retardant.
  • Carry a flashlight or glow stick to see and to be seen.
  • Only approach well lit homes.
  • An adult should accompany younger children to the door of every home that is approached.
  • Do not allow children to enter homes unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Children should walk and not run from house to house.
  • Always look both ways before crossing streets.
  • Pack safe treats to eat in case child cannot wait to have treats examined.
  • Check to make sure every member of your group is accounted for throughout the evening.
  • An adult should examine all treats before eating.


Have a SAFE AND HAPPY Halloween!

Election Day is November 8th!  Supervisor Kelly Burk is running for re-election for the Leesburg District.  Please Re-Elect Supervisor Kelly Burk to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for the Leesburg District.  Bus rides will be provided for anyone that needs a ride to the polls.  Remember to go vote!  Your vote makes a difference!  Please see attached map for poll locations and bus routes.



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