Hounds Fall Behind And Add Two More Supervisors To Their Lineup

By Loudoun Insider

As expected for months now, the Loudoun Hounds announced that they will indeed not open for the 2012 baseball season despite plenty of assertions to the contrary by them recently.  Now they say it will happen in 2013.  We’ll see.  So far their track record isn’t very good.  For some reason the LTM hasn’t seen fit to publicize this, even though they went ballistic over WAGE Radio not meeting their announced on-air date, with two news articles in a month and an editorial.

After buying influence with donations by a baseball team to local Supervisor candidates Geary Higgins (their favorite at $1500) and $1000 each to Janet Clarke, Matt Letourneau, Ralph Buona, Shawn Williams, and Eugene Delgaudio, they have recently added Suzanne Volpe and Ken Reid to their dog pound with late September donations of $1,000 each.  For some reason they go Dem in their state level donations, with $1000 to Mark Herring and $500 to Shawn Mitchell.  Here’s the link to their VPAP donation list to see for yourself.  Do you think they may want to go before the next BOS for some kind of concessions or help with their stadium?  Hot diggity dog, I wish someone would figure this one out!


  • Wolverine says:

    Well, the way the Skins played today, we certainly do need some other professional sports franchise around here to take up the slack.

  • G.Stone says:

    From my understanding the delays are a result of incomplete infrastructure. They can’t build a stadium that they can’t get to.

    So I take it you have an issue with any commercial intrests giving money to candidates . First it was MC Dean and now it’s the Hounds.

    If candidates refused all donations and had no money, you would be the first to blast them for not being a vialble candidate due to their inability to raise enough funds to compete.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I have no problem with anyone giving out contributions (unless they are convicted felons or non-profits of course) but the problem this year are the huge donations to entire slates by businesses with big business before the next BOS. OpenBand and the Hounds are the prime examples of serious influence buying. It isn’t illegal, but it deserves sunlight and scrutiny.

  • Leej says:

    LI you are so close to reality 😉 In the beginning of Cliffs fundraising me and Dalyn was invited to bone fish there was liz miller being all niceness until her husband went stupid and alluded to my grammar and spelling was a bad side of education. Apparently he forgot there is the artist side of education. which can be more rewarding then being a two bit lawyer but one of the heavy weights of Kincora was there. This county should watch this if Cliff gets elected.
    I still want Cliff elected at the same token we don’t want government money thrown into this project. Again it is a great project if done correct. but building a road to nowhere for a zillion years just to get baseball, again a great project without involving government in this economy is the only way this will be good for loudoun tax payers. We have already thrown zillions with no major effect on the economy. Like that Obama backed bankrupt energy company. There is the right way and the wrong way with being green. And Loudouns energy plan that McG and Miller got passed sucks. Developers and builders know how to save and be green without the politicians being involved. The only reason they agree with politicians they may need them to get other projects passed.

    My point is the builders and developers already do a better job then the politicians do with energy money. I give a clue saving energy makes the developers more money at the correct time including the taxpayers then the politicians timeline. And politicians just spend tax payer money like it is a endless bank account because they are looking for something to think they are doing good only thinking of themselves and future elections not the taxpayers and that is coming to a end at the speed of light in this economy.

  • B. Fletcher says:

    You’re underestimating something. A professional team is actually doing it right for once and not rushing through this multimillion dollar stadium. Also for once we’ll see a new company get actually involved in the community. Plus you’re forgetting, you can’t build a stadium without roads leading to it!

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “From my understanding the delays are a result of incomplete infrastructure. They can’t build a stadium that they can’t get to.”

    If we just raise taxes, infrastructure would happen! Right G?

    And then all us taxed residents won’t have the money to buy a ticket.

  • G.Stone says:

    “If we just raise taxes, infrastructure would happen! Right G?”

    That would be proffered PRIVATE infrastruture. If you had scene the site plans of the development you would know what your were talking about.

    The project has delays, that is what happens when an economy comes to halt. That is what happens when you have a president and a congress who just after receiving a very bad recession do everything in their power to turn it into a depression. This is what happens when a nation elects a man not qualified to be president, a man ignorant of the private sector, a man who has nary a clue as to what makes an economy tick or expand.

    We elected an unqualified leftist community organizer and until he and his hapless group are gone, we will continue to fart, stumble and fall our way backward. But for you this is progress. Go figure.

    EB how is that economy working out for your hero ?

    You need to go back to beating drums in the parking lot of Solyndra, Inc.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Yes… the private infrastructure is… delayed. Who will be asked to get it going I wonder…

    Better numbers last report G. I know when the economy shows signs of life, that bums you out.

    Did you tape the last episode of Margaret Thatcher’s reality show?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Still waiting for the two articles and the editorial from the LTM about this. You know, the same treatment they gave WAGE Radio.

  • Leej says:

    “”””””””And then all us taxed residents won’t have the money to buy a ticket.”””””’
    ed you put a smile on my face today. 😉

    Fletcher get real they want a government bail out, and it is that simple no matter how you disguise it.

    Kincora is a great project if built as proposed. but it needs deep pockets to make it happen. Not government bailouts. And that ugly mess going up at the ashburn metro which is not being built as the original design. At least not what is going up now. Just a very ugly Hollywood front with big parking lots behind. and cheapo construction although passes code. When you see stuff like this, well that is why Reston and Tysons will get the lions share of economic development. in most of our lifetimes.

    Lesson,,,,, never make the rendering better then the actual built project. 😉

  • mosborn says:

    Ooof. And I was really looking forward to going to Hounds games. Too bad, I’m just not capable of supporting an organization that donates to Delgaudio.

  • Tom Parker says:

    What about all the union money being poured into Board of Supervisor candidates? How can they not be expecting some sort of influence on the BOS?

    On the latest reports, SEIU poured $2000 into Larry Roeder’s campaign and $4000 into Al Neverez. I am sure there is more and I don’t have the time to comb through each report.

    Following your logic for businesses we should wonder what they are expecting to benefit. This is concerning to me, why isn’t anyone talking about this?

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